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  1. In addition to what Seal the Deal said (ESPECIALLY ABOUT QUICK CLAW), I don't usually recommend having two of any pokemon of the same type on a team., unless it's something like Sap Sipper or Water Absorb. So replace Gallade with a mon with these types: Grass, Ice, Flying, Poison, Fairy, Psychic, Ghost, Rock, or Electric that doesn't already share multiple weaknesses with your team. I would probably use a contrary Serperior because it's broken but that's just me. Also, you have one special attacker. I think that's very bad if your Greninja is KOed and the opponent sends out something like an Avalugg that is extremely physically bulky. I would replace Scizor's Toxic with U-Turn and Flash Cannon with Bullet Punch. Please never run any special attacks on Snorlax. You can replace Tbolt with Crunch for some good coverage. On top of that, Giga Impact is really bad compared to Return or even Body Slam. Heck, Curse is a good move too. I completely agree with what Seal said about Flygon's set. Greninja has a decent set but I think it needs Extrasensory. Maybe that over Water Shuriken (I mean, you don't have Battle Bond). I don't like Sky Uppercut on Blaziken because it's inaccurate. Superpower or even High Jump Kick would be better. Replace Blaze Kick with possibly Swords Dance or Bulk Up because you already have a fire STAB. Next I want to talk about EVs. I'm not sure if you have your mons EV trained but if you haven't definitely do it. It will make fights a lot easier. For items I think Greninja should have Expert Belt, Scizor could have maybe Choice Band (if you replace Swords Dance with Knock Off) or just give it the Scizorite or Leftovers, Blaziken could take Life Orb, Flygon holds Groundium Z, and then do something with that sixth member. I would make it bulky and maybe give it Assault Vest.
  2. I agree with what abyssreaper said, swalot is just bad this late in the game, and meowstic is very useless if you also have gardevoir. If you haven't already, I recommend ev training your mons. Although it's not super necessary, if you are having this much trouble with all the pokemon that we have available to us, this may help you a lot. Also, getting a steel type would definitely help your team. If you still can't win, just buy a bunch of x items. They are broken and can easily win you that fight.
  3. Are you a sadist?
  4. julia - kpop or maybe mainstream pop kiki - native american music blake - definitely mumble rap ciel - classical terra - hardstyle or any high bpm dnb samson - for some reason I think old school rock and roll
  5. Agreed. Now all we need to do is make wavedashing good and Fox will be top tier
  6. wavedashing is cool theonlythingweneednowisLcanceling imo if you play mostly defensively you are lame
  7. So I completed the stuff in the Garufa ruins with the groudon. When I went back to Tesla's villa no event triggered. It seems I didn't trigger an event properly or something. I think the problem may have to do with the Magma surf board that I bought. I'm not sure though. Any help would be appreciated. Here's my save file. game.rxdata
  8. I love the irony when everybody is rubbing it in Mo's face that they only have to battle orderlies and then proceed to get fucked up by Sirius. I agree with everyone else as well. It is too bad that Mo didn't choose to go upstairs.
  9. It's a good thing they ended the nuzlocke rules before pulse abra because there would be a lot of deaths there. I also wonder how well they're going to do vs Noel. I always thought he was really hard, even with Cincinno not being his first mon.
  10. You missed an item on Beryl bridge! There is an X speed on a rock (Forgot which one).
  11. Can you get axew and ralts from the random starter generator? I've been resetting for a while now and I haven't seen anything other than starters.
  12. BIG BOI TWIT CARRYING THE LOCKE AS USUAL Big ups to Nappy for acknowledging that he spoke his demise into existence. It's funny how Nappy complained about all the crits but doesn't acknowledge the luck he got to win the Archie fight. If they're getting bodied by shade like this, I don't see them even beating Kiki unless they can sweep with something. +3 with meditate is broken.
  13. If they're having this much trouble with a spritzee puzzle (bar Nappy and Jay), imagine how much trouble they're gonna have with timburr... jesus christ
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