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  1. Flying Crocodile

    What mono run should I do?

    Well Bug sounds funny because the early game is great with many fully evolved mons and volcarona/venomoth quiver dance later and even later m-pinsir
  2. Flying Crocodile

    Request-A-Mon Thread! (Pokemon Reborn Savefiles Only)

    Well, I'm doing a Dragon Run and I just want to switch the Mystery Egg to Axew and change the Pyrous Mountain Event to Turtonator, if isn't already of course Game.rxdata Edit: http://prntscr.com/jzaoq6 Wonder Trade OP (but I still want the Turtonator as event)
  3. Flying Crocodile

    Doing a Dragon Run and I need help (maybe)

    @GriffinO1 in-battle altered forms aren't allowed in Monoruns and Char-Y Isn't dragon
  4. Flying Crocodile

    Doing a Dragon Run and I need help (maybe)

    @St0mpa yes I know, but I wanted to know what Dragon are essential to a Mono Dragon (Like Dragalge for Faries)
  5. I just need to know what I really should have in a Mono Dragon My team is now: Goomy(ChooseStarter mod) and Noibat And I intend to use: Dragalge, Exeggutor-Alola, Drampa Any suggestions? And also: what would be a good EV spread for him? (The power lens is from my other save)
  6. Flying Crocodile

    A E12 compatible save

    I was trying to make the "TM breeding" thing but all saves files that I tried were incompatible , so I'm here waiting to someone gently gives me a Game.rxdata compatible with E12 I WILL DELETE THIS POST IF THAT ISN'T ALLOWED OKAY?
  7. Flying Crocodile

    Life orb?

    Is still possible to get a life orb from absol? if isn't there is any way easier that doesn't need strenght and waterfall?
  8. Flying Crocodile

    SpeedBreed [E17.1]

    Is possible to make a Rejuvenation version of this?
  9. Flying Crocodile

    Rejuvenation Version of SWM Modpack [V10 patch 2]

    The Scripts.RXdata is bugged and everytime that I try to use it my game crashes ;-;
  10. Flying Crocodile

    V10 - Rejuvenation Bug Reporting Thread

    I was making a Shiny Hunt for Qwilfish in Sheridan Village, I saved, and now this error occurs everytime that I try to load the game http://prntscr.com/jomwpf Edit: The problem was with SharedPC mod and I had to delete it
  11. Flying Crocodile

    Underrated pokemon in Reborn?

    Alolan Marowak, seriously, that thing is a nuke with Thick Club (sadly needs support to be useful) It has a extremly good coverage with shadow bone,flare blitz and bonemerang, it even doesn't need a 4th slot, just put a HM That monster sweeped at least 10 important characters in my Trick Room team, its along with Porygon-2 the "Trick Room Starter Pack" But also isn't too bulky in the special side,has many weakness to common types and without Trick Room/Sticky Web Support it almost useless too many times If you need a Wallbreaker for Trick Room or if you team has Sticky Web, JUST CATCH ONE
  12. Flying Crocodile

    More help on the rain team...

    Hi(I again...), just like I said on the title and also in my signature I'm building a Rain Team and I need help (Don't ask about Croconaw, I used the SharedPC and the EggRelearner mods to it be useful) I'm in doubt between 2 paths: I will choose Ludicolo as special swift swimmer that kills electrics heliolisk is frail as hell or I choose Armaldo as a Physical Swift Swimmer with Extreme Coverage Just to advice: I love using only 6 mons as a "little challenge run", so no more than 6 PLS SOMEONE HELP ME!!!! My proposed team is: Feraligatr,Seismitoad,Pelliper,Helioptile,Beartic,Ludicolo/Armaldo
  13. Flying Crocodile

    Any Move Tutors?

    @Angelkitsune that is a pokemon rejuvenation thread, not reborn...
  14. Flying Crocodile

    Any Move Tutors?

  15. Flying Crocodile

    Any Move Tutors?

    This game has any move tutors? Because I really don't want my Helioptile without Hyper Voice as secondary stab...