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  1. Zygarde cells

    What? In v.10 of Reborn? That is older than XY, was Pokemon Rejuvenation? If is just go to Rejuvenation Subforum, and Revujenation even isn't at V.10. .-.
  2. Why Eelektross doesn't learn Dragon Pulse?

    @M4RC its also learn in ORAS.
  3. I was in the move tutor thing on Peridot Ward, trying to put Dragon Pulse on my Specs Eelektross (Without HP ice I need something to hit dragons) and when I will put was speaking that Eelektross can't learn Dragon Pulse, but in main games it can...
  4. Can be any nature, with any evs and with decent ivs , preferably shiny and/or low speed ivs, I have this to offer
  5. Where is Ampharosite/Mawilite?

    I just think that a Mega can be useful on my TR team, so these mega stones are avaliable in E17?
  6. Who can replace my Togekiss (Yes I again...)

    Now I beated Adrienn , but we can still have team suggestions
  7. Who can replace my Togekiss (Yes I again...)

    The problem is that gardevoir and granbull every time focus on amoongus, OHKOing it
  8. I'm in the Fairy Gym with my Trick Room Team and I have a big trouble because I need a strong special attacker to OHKO Granbull and Mawile (Fcking Intimidate) and the Togekiss is 85% useless, so for what I can change him? ( I think Magnezone should be good, but Granbull has EQ) My Team:
  9. How I beat Team Meteor Boss?

    I'm in the part after PULSE swalot and water treatment center, in Titania's house, and I have to fight 3 double battles, in the last i can't pass, help!(The principal problem is Ttar and magnezone) My team Rhyperior @ Rock Incense (The guy that almost won,but got haxed...) -EQ -Stone Miss -Ice punch -Sr A-marowak @ charcoal Thick club Flare blitz Shadow bone Bonemerang I really don't know what I can put in the last moveslot(It is false swipe) Amoonguss (Another haxed ;-;) @ Black sludge Foul Play Clear Smog Spore Giga Drain Slowking @ Mystic Water Tr Surf Psychic NP (I think i should give flamethrower) Togekiss Aure sphere Air flinch Np Dgleam Porygon 2 @ Eviolite Tri attack Tr Discharge and recover (Rip ENTER button 2018-2018) EDIT:Also one of the principal problems is the level cap all my pokes are level 74 with two 75 and at the 2 battle end everyone useful is already level 76...
  10. Meteor of Hax

    Game.rxdata also I'm trying to beat, again... (Maybe I can)
  11. Meteor of Hax

    I'm in the part after beating the PULSE swalot after rescuing the water girl , in the Titania's house that was attacked by Team Meteor (And also has Julia and the grass gym girl)(and the signature team is the team The Rhyperior was 1 level after the limit (75) and didn't attacked, later he missed 2 Stone miss in Gyarados and died, later was flinched and hit by critical hit by A-Sandslash, the only who can do something was Amoongus (A-marowak also was level 76 and didn't attacked) and it got paraflinched for days.
  12. Meteor of Hax

    I'm after cleaning the water treatment center and I can't pass the Solare/i ONLY because of hax, the magneton and ttar couple of paraflinch always sweep my team ;-; (85% of turns I can't even attack)
  13. I just wan't know if has a specif thread for this..
  14. (Closed)

    (I wrote shit, pls admin delete this)
  15. I should reset my Togekiss speed evs?

    I have a decent Trick Room team (Look at the signature sorry cellphone users) and I have a Bold Togekiss with 4 def evs,252 in spa and speed, np,air flinch, dgleam and aura sphere, It's working well on the team but I should reset the evs on Speed, and if i reset what I can Putin?