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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. A¹¹

    Regarding Intense Mode

    This might be more of a rant about the community than Jan's decision but whatever, as most of the discussion both here and on the Discord were just people saying "OK" and ":(", so I thought it was a good thing to explain what I see of the situation not just as a whole but even beyond it. People should stop glorifying this was good thing. Nobody won this day, from the people that loved the mode to Jan feeling forced to choose this decision or even the mods that had to explain the situation over and over, there was not a single good thing to come out of this announcement. Although this is not saying there were any good options (with Jan definitely looking like he had to choose something to sacrifice), for example, if Intense mode had been kept, the toxicity of people complaining about it thinking it was somehow Jan's fault and the pressure Azery would be through, specially since he had already decided to axe a lot of future things from the now gone next Intense battles due to this bad behaviour. Which, speaking of Azery, how does he feel about all of this? Intense mode was like his "baby" and it was definitely responsible for the big A.I revamp and hours of hours of his life working with it, this honestly looks awful, and while he accepted the decision, did he agree with it? (2 different things) And about Intense, it has already been discussed the question about Elitism, but what else did it bring? Intense definitely attracted a lot of people and honestly was very interesting, including me (which might make me stop playing this game but it's irrelevant to the discussion), although as said before, the limitations meant things like Azery resorting to Saki having 2 megas with items, even though it was by far the funniest V13 fight to me, I can see why people hated the Intense version of it. And another thing that Intense did was show a new "genre" of way to play Pokemon battles and the birth of "hardcore" mods such as the currently being revamped Memeborn made by Azery himself, so yeah, while Intense isn't available, it's definitely not gone as far as its impact goes. Which leads me to the other topic, about modding. While there is definitely the potential for good mods there is also the fact others won't be as good, in which I won't enter in details, everyone has different abilities and experiences, but there also would be a pressure of the community to create Intense 2.0, which is a bit of an uncomfortable topic as a friend of Moto and he somewhat felt weird with "having to have the Intense baton passed upon him", even though it obviously won't be the case, Moto's mod is his mod and Intense is Intense. Anyway that leads to the last part, the community. The Rejuvenation Community is infamously toxic and while the Intense Elitism definitely was a part of it, it extends much more than that (with even an example in this exact thread, although I won't specify it is easy to see) from people that despise characters and want the entire planet to know to the Moderators themselves, being overcharged with the situation, accidentally making the situation even worse and resulting in a big mess with a lot of circlejerking. So, will removing Intense make the community better? I have no idea, I am not a fortune teller, but I assume it's just like cutting weeds on a farm, but not removing the roots and as Falirion said, using Intense as a scapegoat does not make things better regardless. Although reminder, even with all my points against it, this is Jan's decision and while I have the right to politely challenge it and show this side of the situation, he is free to keep his decision if he believes it is the right choice as I won't and can't change it.
  3. After reading all of this I honestly say, what a shitshow. So I would like to explain a few things all of it seems too confusing, my apologies if I somehow end up being rude. Ah yes, that very slow extremely powerful boosted by a seed Shadow Sneak from Aegislash with precognition about when to use King's Shield and when not to. Understandable. You know its still Shadow Sneak, it won't OHKO all neutral targets, also the AI is static and will always do the same thing, so you can simply predict the King's Shield and use for example Substitute or Bulk Up. Furthemore, you have been fighting Melia over and over for chapters now, its surprising that you can't manage her team. And about Spiritomb, a regular Intense rotation usually consists of 9-20 members, if you don't have anything that can at least check Spiritomb then you might have some struggles with team building Furthermore, I have seen a considerable amount of people doing Monotype runs or simply using the Pokemon they like and managing to beat the fight, even if with some struggle, so you are definitely not restricted to the same 5 Fairy Pokemon to beat it And why manipulating Fields, which is a MAJOR mechanic in the game and is one of the advocated focal points of the entire experience, is a lesser option than abusing them? Why not give the player an option to either be prepared to directly abuse Haunted Field and counter Spiritomb, OR give him an option to be prepared by having a fitting team in the box that can change the field to YOUR advantage? I do not understand this advocating of "less options = better difficulty". It doesnt have to be a singular solution. I am a player that prefers counters and deflects in fighting games and i like to play chess with black, and in the same vein, as a human, in pokemon i much prefer ruining advantage of the opponent instead of abusing it myself to a higher degree. And now forced fields like Misty Terrain and moves as such dont even override existing Field, which was, again, another viable strategy to counter a spot in the fight you had troubles with before. (Which i understand now that Indeedee and such are in the game, but still). You don't need to be manipulating fields, and you are in the same field as him and you have access to most of the things he have and more, fields are supposed to be a mechanic to make the battle more dynamic, not simply something that you need to kill like a cockroach. This is an equal fight on the same ground. Removing the field isn't a clever strategy, its just cheese because you put the AI in an extremely disadvantageous situation, that is one of the reasons the field overlay was implemented. From what I can see you simply are ignoring any argument that defy your point, this is not a smart thing to do, you are just being toxic and childish, if you don't like the new Intense you might have fun in Normal with the improved AI, or simply learn from your mistakes to see how you can succeed on Intense, but please stop arguing, you are literally saying the same thing over and over, escaping any argument that might contradict what you said and flee to another, it would be healthier to simply admit that people can make mistakes. This is not saying that either Intense or me are perfect, it definitely needs some changes and kinda agree that some fights need changes, I myself have complained about some things that made Intense less enjoyable, but always trying to give feedback in a positive way and being respecful, which has worked, things are definitely changing due to your comment and it will definitely have some repercussion which could definitely be controversial due to the many different opinions, from developers and players alike. It's ok to have opinions, but as I said before you should try a little better while arguing.
  4. Member of the Year : Brave Rookie of the Year : Arnie Comeback of the Year : Brave The Carmen Sandiego Award : I really don't know anyone that fits here The Sugarpop Sunbeam Award Candy The K-K-K-Kawaii Award : Ceri The Auspicious Auth Award : Ceratisa All of them smell so idk lol Most Helpful Content Creator Award :Bluetowel Memer of the Year : Ame2 Dorkiest Dork Award :Soloclus Emoji Excellence Award : Punch Smollest Bean : Ceri (shh don't tell anyone we are about the same size) Archbishop of Banterbury : Newt Biggest Grumpy of the Year : Cass The Pointedest Poindexter Award : Kyle The Hippest Himbo Award : Kyle Coolest Clown in Town : Bibs Most In Need Of A Hug : Nicki Supportive Cinnamon Roll : Bluetowel Most Likely To Be Madame X : Azzie Most Likely to Become Auth : Bluetowel Most Likely to Become Champion :Bibs Most Likely to Take Over the World : Bibs Wonderfullest Wallflower : Ama Most Likely to Start a Religious Cult : Bibs Most Likely to Have Just Been A Dream All Along : Mercury Most Likely to Win the Reborn Hunger Games : Zumi the game is RIGGED Most Likely to Be Impostor Khrona Most Likely to Win Third Place :Posty Member Most Likely to Never Give You Up : Cad I-it's Not Like I Wanted to Win or Anything Award : Ceri Cna't Spel Awrad : Nckcik Award Award Award : Arnie
  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

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      Forgot to say yesterday but thanks pal

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      Don't worry and you're welcome 😄

  6. I will probably forget some but here we go I don't know your forum name but S_G you're an incredible guy that always cheer people up and is always good to have you near that is almost always there @Pikaclone God you're most of the time a fun and enjoyable person that either start a good convo a place or put a place chaos @MintMan KYLE, nothing much else to say that everyone hasn't said yet tbh @Cerise supportive cute person that gives "a happy aura" and a sort of inspiration to what I could be with this whole non-binary thing @Mu7e VELVET WROM, overall wholesome person and I like you idk what else to say @IronboundIt's always good to have someone with the same topics of interest such as walrus dongs to talk about since I really don't have much else to discuss them, ik you have taken a break from the discord but its just to show my appreciation @Kurohada Raiga Brave you are a very helpful dude and always a good person to have, specially with the somewhat accidental support you gave me with this gender thing @Aeilac Also helped me with the gender stuff I guess and a great/enjoyable person I don't know what to say about you besides that I like yall and couldn't think of a way to say something im tired @andracass @ZEL , @Falirion and Sage and that I don't know the forum name
  7. It's nice to see a guide so that people have a better idea of what to run on crested mons, but I also have some suggestions for some of the crests that may be helpful You could also run swords dance Ariados for even more power instead of sticky webs, surely ariados isn't that fast and against offensive it struggles to set swords dance but after one or 2 boosts with either screens or sleep support is definitely devastating, plus you always have the option to run tspikes or webs in another pokemon Recover is an amazing move on crest beheeyem, since it pairs perfectly with the crest and helps you beat foes with super effective moves after you disabled that move, giving a lot of longevity to it, I personally used it over terrains since beheeyem can't hold an amplified stone and I don't like terrains but still recover is great on it and should definitely be considered Deddene could run volt switch for people that play on set mode, I know they aren't the majority but its definitely an option Empoleon has the bulk and typing to do a double dance set with sd and agility, probably running liquidation and power trip since steel stab isn't that useful Fal just said that but magcargo crest doesn't pair well with shell smash since it makes you slower by lowering your defense Oricorio definitely can use roost in their sets due to its passable bulk, specially electric and fire ones with their good typings Hypno gets nasty plot which is definitely a viable setup option, signal beam could potentially take down dark types but most of them are fast physical attackers which hypno hates Stantler gets sucker punch by RM, which can potentially be better than throat chop due to its average speed and most slower targets being put to sleep This is all I had to help, I hope I wasn't being rude
  8. Heliolisk is a monster Vs Valerie, just remove Lanturn (maybe Floatzel) and you can sweep with Thunder and Parabolic Charge (you can get one at the casino
  9. Just like amplified rock in reborb is this forum still alive?
  10. Stats changes: Spa 75>95 HP 60>70 (maybe 95 spa would be too much) Abilities: Sand Force --> Levitate Here is, everyone's favorite Pokémon! Probopass is just another Pokemon with really good defensive stats, but suffers with no-reliable recovery and a bad-defensive typing. Probopass also has a decently offensive movepool/typing/ability that is almost perfect to trap steel types, but why isn't perfect? Simple many physical steel types have ground coverage, normally Earthquake, so why not giving Levitate to it (Fits very well with it)?Even it couldn't trap steel types if it uses Levitate it would make it a generally better mon, walling so many things that relies on ground moves to hit Steel/Rock types, and if you still want to trap and kill steel types Magnet Pull still is available, and with a good Spa boost to make it more reliable. (I think giving reliable recovery would be also too much, and there isn't any that fits well) However not everything is good, a weakness to the common Fighthing and Water moves, and a ground weakness Vs Gravity, Mold breaker or Zygarde (and Zydog) and the fact that it cannot much against grass types also hurts. And in monotype would be a excellent choice to mono rocks, looking for a sand rush excadrill check that actually can hold a iron head. Trapper Bulky Levitate Pivot Both sets could use 0 speed IVs and a Quiet nature to (check) Trick Room teams
  11. Wasn't supposed to Cloud Nine remove the weather in Sky field? Because Vs Souta I tried a cloud nine swablu and it didn't removed the strong winds...
  12. That gardevoir pic is unconfortable to my eyes for some reason FINALLY!!!111
  13. @Tacos actually I found one in Celestine Cave B2 for some reason ( I thought that was B1...)
  14. Well, I'm doing a Mono Ice and I'm searching for a Delibird just to beat Sampson in a very fun way and I want to get one before that Agate part, so I got to the Locations Guide and it said that is possible to get one before Randomus in Celestine Mountain BF2, but I'm really not finding a way to get to BF2, the only entrance that I see is the one from North Aventurine Woods(The place with the Glaceon Icy Stone and the Ice Stone), but its impossible to reach the BF2 right now...
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