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  1. I will probably forget some but here we go I don't know your forum name but S_G you're an incredible guy that always cheer people up and is always good to have you near that is almost always there @Pikaclone God you're most of the time a fun and enjoyable person that either start a good convo a place or put a place chaos @MintMan KYLE, nothing much else to say that everyone hasn't said yet tbh @Cerise supportive cute person that gives "a happy aura" and a sort of inspiration to what I could be with this whole non-binary thing @Mu7e VELVET WROM, overall wholesome person and I like you idk what else to say @IronboundIt's always good to have someone with the same topics of interest such as walrus dongs to talk about since I really don't have much else to discuss them, ik you have taken a break from the discord but its just to show my appreciation @Kurohada Raiga Brave you are a very helpful dude and always a good person to have, specially with the somewhat accidental support you gave me with this gender thing @Aeilac Also helped me with the gender stuff I guess and a great/enjoyable person I don't know what to say about you besides that I like yall and couldn't think of a way to say something im tired @andracass @ZEL , @Falirion and Sage and that I don't know the forum name
  2. It's nice to see a guide so that people have a better idea of what to run on crested mons, but I also have some suggestions for some of the crests that may be helpful You could also run swords dance Ariados for even more power instead of sticky webs, surely ariados isn't that fast and against offensive it struggles to set swords dance but after one or 2 boosts with either screens or sleep support is definitely devastating, plus you always have the option to run tspikes or webs in another pokemon Recover is an amazing move on crest beheeyem, since it pairs perfectly with the crest and helps you beat foes with super effective moves after you disabled that move, giving a lot of longevity to it, I personally used it over terrains since beheeyem can't hold an amplified stone and I don't like terrains but still recover is great on it and should definitely be considered Deddene could run volt switch for people that play on set mode, I know they aren't the majority but its definitely an option Empoleon has the bulk and typing to do a double dance set with sd and agility, probably running liquidation and power trip since steel stab isn't that useful Fal just said that but magcargo crest doesn't pair well with shell smash since it makes you slower by lowering your defense Oricorio definitely can use roost in their sets due to its passable bulk, specially electric and fire ones with their good typings Hypno gets nasty plot which is definitely a viable setup option, signal beam could potentially take down dark types but most of them are fast physical attackers which hypno hates Stantler gets sucker punch by RM, which can potentially be better than throat chop due to its average speed and most slower targets being put to sleep This is all I had to help, I hope I wasn't being rude
  3. Well, I'm doing a Dragon Run and I just want to switch the Mystery Egg to Axew and change the Pyrous Mountain Event to Turtonator, if isn't already of course Game.rxdata Edit: http://prntscr.com/jzaoq6 Wonder Trade OP (but I still want the Turtonator as event)
  4. Is possible to make a Rejuvenation version of this?
  5. The Scripts.RXdata is bugged and everytime that I try to use it my game crashes ;-;
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