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  1. Persona, SMT, and final fantasy aren’t canonical or related to each other. So you can literally start anywhere. Only reason why you would start from earlier entries is to see how the series improved (or unimproved) with each entry. I recommend Final Fantasy 6, 7, 9, or 10 and Persona 3, 4, or 5. SMT 3: Nocturne is cool if you can find it, I think it is on PS3’s store. Persona 3 FES, and OG persona 4 are a little weird to play, I recommend P3P or P4 Golden. Both are on the Vita. And final fantasy 1-10, 12, and 13 are on ps3. In Persona 3, FES, and 4 atlas thought it would be cool if you couldn’t control your party members. It’s lame. They changed that in Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, and P5.
  2. Roy is lame, He’s a weak unit from a poorly recieved Fire Emblem title who sakurai added in out of hype for the newest entry and made him a contridictory fanfic character. Pokemon of choice, Either Sableye or Haxorus. I would say Machamp, but Incineroar is doing his job for him. Sableye would be a cool floaty trick and trap character and Haxorus would be a really aggro powerhouse with mobility.
  3. G'doots

    ITT: Post a Smash Ultimate Tier list.

    We did this on the Discord. This also has been a popular thing on twitter. I'll share mine here. Main Mains: Characters I plan to play the most. Incineroar channels that inner King/Alex that I enjoy so much in Tekken and SF3, his bravado and manliness also amuses me so damn much. Same goes for DK, I recently have been trying to get really good with him. He is usually my main in most mario spin offs and have really good memories of playing DKC1 as a kid. His cargo set ups and taking advantage of his limbs is just a blast when playing this character. Luchador/Wrestler style characters in fighting games always amuse the hell out of me. I'm somewhat looking at Incineroar and DK as a bit of a "two sides of the same coin" lens and plan on putting a lot of time into them. I'm going to be playing them and Flexing right along side them as I takes some nerd's stocks. (Flexes) I am also really looking forward to Red/Pokemon Trainer. I really enjoy playing all three pokemon, and the change pokemon buff is something I always wanted and got. I am also someone that likes flexibility and doesn't like to commit to a single play style. Squirtle Combos are fun, Ivysaur spacing and set ups are fun, and Charizard is Diet Bowser/Ridley, and I am ok with that. I am really looking forward to playing as this team! Other Mains: Characters I may main instead of the category above depending on how good or fun they may or may not be. I also have strong character loyalty to these guys. Fox is a character who I always land up gravitating towards. His ability to perform combos, play hit and run, bait, and play footsies always caters to my competitive needs. Also Star Fox 64 is my jam. Samus is my girl, even though she lost her dash attack combos, I am going to play the hell out of her. She's been one of my top picks in every smash game, I also love me some Metroid. Dark Samus/Metroid Prime is another flavor of a character I already love. Ridley has been one of my most requested characters for several years, I have been begging for him, Isaac, and Little Mac ever since the melee days. I am so glad we got Mac in Smash 4, and now my boi Ridley. He's a big, bad ass, Ridley-Scott-Inspired, purple space dragon who also has that image of "smart heavyweight" and that's my jam. Seeing how Firebrand played in MvC3 and MvCI made me want this character even more. So hyped to be all like rawr and stuff! Bowser is a character that I grew to love from the RPG games. He also channels that inner godzilla fanboy in me. It also doesn't help that in smash 4 they reworked bowser to feel a bit "wrestler-y" which is my jam. I also love his manly drop kicks and his whole "being surprisingly fast despite being big and heavy" thing. Like previously stated I really really wanted Mac in the game, but honestly I am not a huge fan of how they gave him the whole "sucks in the air" and "can't recover worth shitza" thing, but all in all I will prob use him like how I do in Smash 4 and be a strong counterpick character. He does a lot of what I like about Fox, but with more manliness and bravado. If he wasn't so risky I would have played him over Fox anyday. Ike is a character I always loved, but he wasn't too hot in Smash 4 with how slow and predictable he was. I am loving his smash Ultimate buffs and prefer his RD design. Depending on how improved he is, he may be my power character of choice over Incini, Ridley, Bowser, or even DK. Wolf is a character that looks fun, he may also be my alternative to playing Fox or Mac. He's not as quick as them, but his technical play and mind games sound like my cup of tea. Pikachu is my first ever smash main, and I almost completely dropped him for the longest time. I recently picked him up as a major pocket main of mine for a big reason. He does things I like about speed characters while also filling a role I need in a counterpick character. He is someone who isn't easily juggled or a glass cannon. Every character I play is either a Fast Faller, a heavy who can't land, or a big body who can't Nair and can be easily be beaten to a pulp by select members of the cast. Pikachu's small body and "randomly pops out of sticky situations" characteristics helps me deal with the match ups where I absolutely need to avoid using my usual mains and can't properly counter play around it. Secondaries: I am not going to spend as much time here as I did above, but these are characters I also play and may occasionally counterpick or graduate to main depending on how good/fun they are in Ultimate. Duck Hunt Dog, Megaman, and Robin. I considered maining all of these characters at one point and landed up thinking "why play them when I can play Samus instead?" I mostly play DHD for fun and never got amazing with Megaman. Robin on the other hand has always been a solid pocket for me, but when I try to take him to the next level, his flaws tend to shine through and screw me over. Kinda wish he didn't have those flaws, because I absolutely love how Robin plays. I love me a good spacy zoner character with mind game shenanigans, and despite how flawed these three maybe, I will def play them and consider even maining them depending on how they are designed in Ultimate. Cloud and Sonic. I was always hesitant picking these two up in Smash 4 due to them being seen as toxic "oh, you are one of those guys" characters. So I never got amazing with them. I do enjoy them and they do scream my personal aesthetic and playstyle. So who knows, I may actually main them not entirely sure. Snake, Lucas, and Richter. These characters also are in the "They are really fun for me and I enjoy the hell out of what they do" category. They are only not in my "main" category due to me having stronger bias for the characters above them. If I devoted myself I could be a total nightmare with those three. Friendlies: I like these characters, but I don't love them. I plan on only picking these guys up when playing with friends in FFA or casual play environments. I don't ever intend to pull these characters out in a tournament or practice them enough to become a main with them. Das Kremling, Das Rival. I am so happy that K Rool got added, and playing K Rool vs. DK is just a dream match up I am going to have way too much fun with. He also looks really fun and I wanna play around with him. His Up Throw is my life Blood. Richter has cooler victory poses then Simon, but Castlevania 4 is still cool I guess. Inkling, Olimar, Roy Koopa, Zelda, and Rosalina are all still cool, but they aren't Samus, DHD, Megaman, and Robin levels of cool. I still plan on playing them. Inkling's ink mechanics and splat bomb set ups look hype, Punk Green Inkling is my bread and butter. Olimar's pikmin are fun to mess around with and manage, I also enjoy watching people panic when the white and red pikmin are pummeling them. Roy Koopa is best Roy. Rosalina is fucking rad as all hell, but I don't have the willpower to get great with her. And as for Zelda... Shiek and Zelda used to be one of my mains in Melee and Brawl. But when they got separated I found them to be not as interesting. Zelda always makes me feel "why am I playing her when I can play Samus or Robin?" And playing solo shiek really annoys me. Her inability to kill reliably is something I just can't handle. I prefer racking up damage as Shiek and finishing off the stock as Zelda. Unfortunately since they are unattached, I just think "why am I playing Shiek when I can play Fox?" I am so glad that pokemon trainer is back because I thought the same for Charizard. I dropped charizard in Smash 4 because he felt like a lesser version of Bowser. I still like these two, but their flaws just annoy the hell out of me. Ryu, Bayonetta, and Lucario are all hella cool and I know their basics, but I don't have the dedication to want to master them. I love watching good players play them and seeing them being played makes me go "I wish I master them enough to do that" but at the same time, I have more fun with other characters. Nether the less are so cool. Yoshi is a complicated character for me. He is a character I really really really work well with and resonate with. But I kinda grew bored of him. I still play him from time to time, but his kit just plateaus in places that makes me lose interest in him. I still enjoy using him, I just don't have any interest in mastering him. Once in a Blue Moon: These are characters I will play when I'm in a casual environment where we played like 50 games already and are still going. I really really like all of these characters, but you will rarely see me playing them. I have no issue with these characters, they just aren't my favorites. I love Ness, and he barely makes it into the "once in a blue moon" category, but if I ever have a choice between Ness and Lucas, I am going Lucas 90% of the time. Mario, Young Link, and Kirby are all just pure simple fun characters. Greninja, Ken, and Palutena are characters I think are cool, but don't have any intention of mastering in any way. Villager, Isabelle, and Pac-Man are all fun as hell troll characters, but most situations I can think of that I would choose them in, I would prefer either Duck Hunt Dog or Megaman over them. Team Swordies, Chrom, Marth, and Lucina are all cool. I do enjoy them and know how to play as them, but I just don't favor them in any way. I also think Roy is a lame contradictory character. What kind of swordy is based on close range? That's just gross... Captain Falcon? More like Captain SWAGGIN (dabs) Piranha Plant? More like Swaganha Plant! (420 dabs) Falco, Shulk, Mewtwo, and not-as-cool-as-regular Samus aka zero shame samus are all fine, I just don't love them enough to play them a ton. Link is Link. He is ok. Rarely Ever: I don't really like most of these characters. Nothing more to add. Pichu has swag alternate costumes. Doctor Mario is Swag Mario. Game and Watch is a cool character, but I suck with him. Ganon is a character that could be so cool... but they just don't know how to get him right in smash. I want to like him more then I do. But I just can't. Roy is ew, gross, bleh. He isn't even from a good fire emblem. People only like him because Fiya Sward! His character design and kit is just so... bleh... He was also designed in a "Fan Fic-y" manner. Why? Why do so many people like him so much? He's so lame... bleh.... He is only in this category because he is being carried by his Echo, Chrom. I HATE fighting Luigi and Dedede... but they are cool characters I guess... I just don't like playing as them... or even worse playing against them... thank god Luigi got hit so damn hard by the nerf bat. Everyone else exists and I don't hate them. Nope: I honestly hate that all of these characters are in the game. Corrin is a character I honestly hate the least out of this group. One reason why is that I really really don't like fighting them. They are really popular for being really brain-dead easy to play and win with. It's also feels gross to lose to them. I simply just really don't like them, and the game they come from is okay at best. Fates isn't bad, but it's not great either. I also dislike Corrin because he just doesn't feel fire emblem-y. I love Ike and Robin because of how Fire Emblem-y they are. Corrin isn't aweful... but I still hate them. Jigglypuff just isn't a good addition. I like having Lucario, Greninja, and Incineroar in the game because they function as time capsule characters that celebrate the generation they come from. Jiggs also fits that function but she wasn't put in for that reason. She was put in because she was easy to make. I also hate how people only want her in because she is one of the OG 12... but she's... so... gross... and toxic... and I hate playing against her. Everytime I hear "buff the puff" I cringe... if only people knew what they are asking for. Ice Climbers are the worst character addition to smash ever. They were the most disgusting and toxic character in both Melee and Brawl. I hated fighting them and watching good players play them. I hated them more then I did seeing Fox 20XX Memes or Brawl Metaknight shenanigans. They are just the worst. They don't look nearly as toxic in Ultimate, but god... why do they exist. Miis are lame. Mii Gunner is somewhat okay and the least lame. But why would you want to play them when you can play a real character? Mii Brawler is diet Mario/Captain Falcon, Swordsman is diet Marth/Link, and Gunner is diet Ness/Samus. They really are just whatever additions. The only people I know of that love them are trolls and people who wish their OCs could be playable in smash. More power to them I guess? But I rather play an actual character. And... that's my rough thoughts on the roster. If you want to know what my "tastes" are, I like three types of characters. Macho Manly Man characters who flex and inspire me to flex IRL, I also like using power characters who play aggressively rather then "wait and punish" passively. I also really enjoy grapplers. Really Cool and Stylish characters with strong footwork, combo game, and combo reset and vortex potential. I like doing flashy combos that make me feel accomplished. Characters who are based around controlling space, limiting my opponent's options, and sometime have a little bit of Micro Management in their kits. Gimmicks are fun. These characters make me feel witty. There is also the fact that this is an all star roster game, so I favor character I like for their personality or come from games I love.
  4. G'doots

    Balancing Smash characters.

    I don’t entirely agree with that. Samus, Bowser, and Lucas’s nerf was that they had a major part of their character completely taken from them, not adjusted. They were given other things to make up for it. But what they got was not enough. What they lost was what made them high tier counterpicks. They did it so that they wouldn’t be Dash Attack/Up Throw/Down Throw the character and strengthened their other options. But it’s lame that they went the route of complete removal rather then tweak and buff.
  5. G'doots

    Balancing Smash characters.

    Samus, Bowser, and Lucas didn’t deserve their nerfs. I understand why they did it, I just don’t agree with it.
  6. Uh, Rosalina and Zero Suit. And Bayo struggles in neutral, its not terrible. Her advantage and disadvantage is through the roof.
  7. Most of not all ladder combos were nerfed.
  8. G'doots

    Observing my Smash Bros mains and Secondaries.

    1. Mewtwo is looking about the same in power levels, if you wanna see a great Mewtwo in action observe SDX and Abadango in action. Here is some match footage. Most of what Mewtwo can do in Smash 4 seems to be kept in tact in ultimate.
  9. G'doots

    Putting Music in Latest Smash Bros Commercial

    These two are my favorites.
  10. G'doots

    Bias, my last Ultimate rant (I promise)

    You say that like that the previous game did.
  11. G'doots

    Bias, my last Ultimate rant (I promise)

    Smash doesn’t need online to have strong multiplayer.
  12. G'doots

    Bias, my last Ultimate rant (I promise)

    The most important thing about smash is the roster. Not it’s single player content. People are going to play World of Light and be done with it in a week. Same went for Subspace Emissary. Single player content should never be a priority, it’s an afterthought. Characters are chosen with certain people in mind. Some of these characters are aimed towards fans that were let down in Brawl or Smash 4. Metroid, Donkey Kong, and Heavyweight fans kept getting the short end of the stick until Ultimate. This is probably what type of people are interested in the new reps. Most of the Smash 4 newcomers were Zoning/Spacing, Camp heavy, or Gimmick reliant characters. Power focused characters haven’t been getting well repped until ultimate. Most of the roster is flooded with speed or spacing focused characters. Inkling: Splatoon fans, stylish, people who like “set up heavy” or “big brained” characters. Ridley: Metroid Fans, Heavyweight fans, people who like monsters. Simon: Castlevania fans, goth/mideviel aesthetic, people who like “long range” or “big brained” characters. K Rool: DKC fans, Heavyweight fans, people who like goofy characters. Isabelle: ac fans, people who like “cute shit”, people who like set up heavy or defensive characters. Incineroar: The first ever character designed with grappling in mind, manly man character, people who are fans of “strong” or “hard hitting” characters. you may not be a person that cares for any of these things, and that’s too bad. Chances are you already have at least 10 characters you like. So why not let others have something good for once? At the end of the day, all of these “rant” threads come off as petty, selfish, and annoyingly under reasearched. I’m also going to be blunt, people are looking at these threads and seeing them as a joke.
  13. G'doots

    Let's have a discussion about the feather.

    That is a racist stereotype making reference to an old game that featured villains that were a racist stereotypes. Just make the sprite not racist and we’re good.
  14. G'doots

    To be fair, I did like Litten.

    1. Shadow is literally evil Sonic. You could argue about "ultimate life form" and "aliens" and "Shadow is older then sonic canonically" but in the end he is still a dated concept that people still like to this day. "Everything has to be edgier because Edgy is cool." 2. No the lamest character additions in smash history are Jigglypuff, Ice Climbers, and Roy. Jigglypuff was only added in because she was popular in the anime at the time and "easy to make" she is also toxic as hell when she is good. Ice Climbers were a "because why not" thing that landed up being the most toxic character in smash history. And Sakurai included Roy because he is a big fire emblem fan and wanted to include the next character from the next game in the series. Roy's game landed up being considered one of the worst Fire Emblem games in the history of Fire Emblem. Roy's playstyle is also incredibly flawed and contradictory and makes him a horrible character in a design sense. People mostly like him because "he is a guy with a fire sword." 3. Snake is not a Grappler, sure he is a master of CQC, but the concept behind him is that he is that he is based around Stealth and Espionage. So he is a "Zoning and Spacing" character who is designed around controlling the battlefield by setting up traps and pressuring people with his explosives. 4. The only character in smash Ultimate that counts as a Grappler outside of Incineroar is Donkey Kong. His mechanics are based around his cargo throw and how it has been retooled, that is what makes him unique in the cast. Hawlucha is a wrestler, but he doesn't really add variety to the roster that people who enjoy characters like Donkey Kong are looking for. Decidueye, Hawlucha, and Shadow wouldn't add variety to the game. They would get lost in the sea of Speedy Characters and Zoning/Spacing characters that we already have. People who are fans of that character aren't looking for "elegance" they are looking for "bad ass". 5. Incineroar didn't take Shadow's roster spot. That honor goes to Richter and Ken, make a thread being upset about them instead. 6. I don't think you understand how character design works... Here is a tl;dr thread on what exactly the alolan starters are. skipping Primarina because she is irrelavent atm. First of all gen 6 and 7 starters are designed with a theme in mind. They are based on RPG classes. Chesnaught is a Knight, Delphox is a Wizard, Greninja is a Rogue, Decidueye is an Archer, Incineroar is a Fighter, and Primarina is a Bard. Gen 8 starters might follow a similar theme. Also, the gen 7 starters were designed with the idea of telling a bit of a story as they evolve. Decidueye: Rowlett line is pretty much Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow from DC comics in pokemon form. Oliver was a rude rich kid who went on a trip, was presumed dead, found himself on an Island, learned archery, returned to the city reavealing that he wasn't dead, and goes around at night being a green hooded archer. Rowlett does similar things. It starts innocent, evolves into a cocky jerk, and it's final form is an extinct species of owl that does hooded archery. Incineroar: The Origin of the Litten line is also heavily inspired by comic books. His inspiration comes from a japanese Comic Series known as Tiger Mask. In wrestling, there are two types of fighters, a Face/Santo and the Heel/Rudo. The former are "heroes" and the latter are "villains" for short. Tiger Mask was a Villain Wrestler who was from japan and made a name for himself in America as the scariest of all the villains. Upon returning home he met a young child who was a huge fan. The child told him "when I grow up, I want to be a Bad Guy just like you" and that changed Tiger Mask's outlook on life, and decided to change his ways and be a "hero" of some sorts. Incineroar's evolution is similar. He starts out as a jerk of a cat, evolves into a bigger badder bully cat, and his final form is a giant muscly tiger who tries to undo his past and going from a jerk/bully to the guy who protects those who get bullied and inspires hope. And Primarina is a songstress inspired by pop idols, singers, and a creature called a selkie. Her evolutionary line tells the story of the Ugly Duckling. So yeah. Decidueye is an archer Owl in a hoodie who was supposed to be dead. Incineroar is a Luchador Tiger who is trying to overcome his past by winning the hearts of others using his charisma and ability to entertain. And Primarina is a pop star with the power of BUBBLES!!! Long story short. Incineroar doesn't seem to be a character for you. He is a Stylish, Manly, Charismatic character and obviously, you're not into that stuff. If you don't care for that aesthetic that's fine. Just don't be weird and make 50 threads complaining about how you didn't get a character that of which didn't really didn't have an absolute chance of getting into the game's roster to begin with. It's getting annoying and entering the line of Needless Posting, which I'm technically supposed to act against. As for those wondering about DLC. My Guesses are... 1. Microsoft Rep, either Banjo and Kazooie, Master Chief from Halo, or Steve from Mine Craft. 2. A Namco Rep, I am putting my money on Solaire from Dark Souls. 3. A Capcom Rep, either Phoenix Wright from Ace Attorney, a Monster Hunter, or either Jill Valentine or Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil. 4. Rayman 5. A rando Square Enix Rep, either Crono from Crono Trigger, Slime from Dragon Quest, or Edrick also from Dragon Quest. No Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts rep. Edit: Actually some info about the dlc dropped saying that Nintendo picked the dlc characters, and Sakurai made the movesets. I'm expecting some potentially disappointing choices, as Ninty probably focused more on marketing then selecting highly requested charcters.