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  1. Thanks! It seems like I might have overlooked it by activating too much at once... Is it the big construction that can be seen buried in the sand when not, well, active? Edit: I just got to it! after several hours of searching (maybe wrong searching but the Max. Repels were wasted anyway), thank you Also, how would this item be gotten? I searched but, after finishing the quest in that area I don't seem to be able to go through there...
  2. Regarding the first one: And, the another one... I post the save just in case someone could help me with any of these (mainly check if I messed up or if the place is wrong in the first) Game.rxdata Thanks!
  3. Spoiler: (Maybe) All new sidequests E17

    There's a side quest in EP16 in restored Reborn City just like that in which you have to use Dive.
  4. Spoiler: (Maybe) All new sidequests E17

    And, well, I've got another question on my own:
  5. Spoiler: (Maybe) All new sidequests E17

    I'm not sure how to navigate that, but sooner or later you'll find a ladder out.
  6. [Spoilers] K

  7. Titania's Mega

    I can remember the debate in Obtainable List Changes' thread but I have to say I think that in that field it would be Scizor.
  8. Saphira.

    I began training my noivern frenetically after hearing about Multiscale Dragonite and then I just remembered: I have a Mold Breaker Excadrill. This can and will be fun. (Ha, not even I believe it)
  9. Vs Amaria

    I am actually seeking to introduct Palossand just for her in my sandstorm team. Although a well placed/supported Freeze Dry HydroRest Lapras would do some good if she takes advantage of the rain.
  10. I also think this Hydreigon is a powerhouse of Sp. Atk. It will probably blast rains of OHKOs...
  11. I mean it's not that there was a Gastly at that point, considering what a force Gengar can be...
  12. I remember a canon Big Nugget maybe at the Fortune Teller's? Or maybe in the Lake, I can't recall. I know it wasn't in any restoration project. The rest of them (Like 8 or so) I got them the same place I got the Sacred Ashes, an OP Linoone with pickup
  13. I have also great stocks of shards, money and useful objects, but I'm saving Big Nuggets for when money in EP17 might become scarce (Or maybe for sponsoring the other city projects)
  14. What are you most excited for in Episode 17?

    As I have never played seriously with Gen VII mons (bar a couple battles in Showdown) I'm pretty excited about them! Also I think the desert/Scrapyard is going to be a good place for my Steel and Ground mons