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  1. Lucky egg

    Also pickup around the eighties can give you some.
  2. Unfinished sidequest?

    You mean Charlotte and her sisters? Eve/Lumi? Either way, those are mostly cleared I think. I was referring to Noel and Anna
  3. Through the games I usually took the mons I mostly used and remained with me with no intent on raising a conscious organized team, but in Reborn I took the time inbetween episodes and the high level cap vs the hi-level trainers of the grand hall and actually put effort into that. So now I'm half an actual intent of a team, and half mons I just kept using. And I'd like to get it improved to a whole organized team. That's how it is: My find attractive the Sandstorm weather (What I actually find attractive is Tyranitar, but you know, availability...) so I tried to make a Sandstorm team (or a Sandstorm-inspired team). Swampert (Damp) is obviously the lead, with Gliscor (Poison Heal + Toxic Orb) powering up be it Atk or Spd (or both) for [Moldbreaker] Excadrill to sweep down teams. Other than that, Noivern is Sp. Atk with dragon coverage (And Hurricane), Greninja (Protean) is Protean and Gourgeist is kinda my mandatory Pickup mon/Leech seeder (Life-saving when facing mons twenty levels higher lol).
  4. Unfinished sidequest?

    That was my thought haha but I had to check first if only there was an obvious hint I was missing.
  5. So while waiting for the episode 17 to roll in, ep 16 still has its sidequests and I think this is the last one I have left for now, so better than writing, I'll show it: So I just hit a dead end right there and don't know if that's a sidequest we were supposed to solve or it's just ongoing for the next episode... Thanks!
  6. Pulse ideas

    We already had a Steelix boss digging holes. If we go by environment: - PULSE Hippowdon: Massive sandstorms - PULSE Golurk: Mega Centinel, some colossus theme? And if we wanted to take Gen VII into consideration, PULSE Vikabolt: Also a Cannon, I know... PULSE Shiinotic: Faerie themes, for example a forest area with a recurrent map when "lost", something like that. Also would get it a PULSE Trevenant for the same reason.
  7. Are gyms needed in a fangame?

    I think gyms serve a purpose: Level cap, serve as a main quest line between the evil-stopping business, setting guidelines (city orders, level caps...) But I don't think they are an absolute need. Open world pokémon rpgs focusing on sidequests and with leveling trainers along the player, for example (or simply the toughter mons crushing you if you go the wrong neighbourhood), or even a fixed questline game with different control points to increase the level cap. Besides, pokémon games could focus on so many things besides battling (Catching, breeding, contests, exploring...) that expanding our views, the gym system is only a very specific one. But it's the one we're used to, so there's that.
  8. Gym Leader Help Thread

    So I'm sorry to write after myself but I may or may not have encountered another obstacle in Angie... And seeing how easy is for her to sweep through my team made to counter Ice types I thought I could use some help... If only, about the choice of the team components... Mons in team: In the box: Again, thanks a lot!
  9. Gym Leader Help Thread

    Thanks! I already did crawli anyways, with the help of the magcargo and underleveling a level my mons (I hate-love that weird thing when they go easier on you bc you have lesser levels lol) but I think I'll do the thing with Swoobat. Thanks!
  10. Gym Leader Help Thread

    Oops, nevermind, I did evolve the slugma and with a big bunch of luck did win ^^ Lately crawli has been having the annoying habit of 1HKOing my whole team, even when I started training specific mons to counter him... So now I've got: On team: And on PC (Actually all in one bc I've changed everything trying to beat him...) What can I do? Thank you in advance And well I obviously have other underleveled mons on the pc but I'm not going to put here two full pc boxes whith mons under their forties... Unless my team is hopless, that is.