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  1. kithas

    Blacksteam Factory help (closed)

    Fun fact is, you won't sleep if you can't hear the song, so maybe you could bypass that sleeping thing.
  2. kithas

    Scraggy HELP

    The scaggy event doesn't happen when you get throught the slums the first time, is the key thing in here. You have to find a key to the locked door and come back later. But I think you could get Pancham (or maybe Pangoro, I don't remember evolution details) and achieve similar effects (It even can have scrappy)
  3. The fact is that not all Team Meteor is full of evil people as not all MC's side is full of nice people. Eclipse was sure on Team Meteor, but she wasn't true evil as she was just wrong. And the same you could say about TM grunts who were offed by Sapphira or Titania, or Sigmund's orderlies or even actual Sigmund. The actual point is that I don't think Anna would be somebody to let sides define people as people's inner side (or soul, or whatever) defines them. About the Bennett/Laura thing, I hope more plot-changing decisions come in EP18!
  4. She could be, but she didn't beat the E4 before, so she shouldn't be the official champion, would she?
  5. I'm fine with that, although I don't see either Benett or Laura representing Love, it could be Serra's love for her child or we could get to know about the sisters in what's left of the story. Is Anna a "hero" in this story though? Even she's with the good guys, I think she's pretty neutral and would get along with Taka or Lumi, who are with the villains but are pretty nice. I don't think E4 was supposed to be a team in main pokémon games either. And Lin wouldn't be Reborn's Champion, because MC is, that's what DJ Arclight and Victoria said at the end of previous EP16.
  6. Well, this is, by far, the best university year I've had with a full pass ^_^ now let's have an equally good summer and the same next year

    1. CodeCass


      Just wanted to say congrats! Great work and hope you have a great summer and equally great coming year! 

    2. kithas
  7. Yes, we all have haha, I guess it could remain a Noodle Incident, but I think not, if Ame wants her to have her arc as Amaria and Titania had it... And I think She and Julia deserve it as well as the other two!
  8. kithas

    Wormadam different cloaks

    You have to battle with the burmy in the place, so it gets the sandy/trashy cloak, and then level up so it evolves while having the type you want. I evolved it in one of Peridot's Alleyways, can't remember which one, but both of them gave it sandy cloak. Remember it has to fight itself so it gets the cloak.
  9. kithas

    Wormadam different cloaks

    I got a Sandy Wormadam by fighting with Burmy inside an Alleyway and making it level up, and for the steel Wormadam, it would be inside a building or places with heavy urban environment? Building for sure.
  10. I think we will discover why Florinia became "Flobot" as we discovered the truth about the Titania & Amaria thing. Traumatically.
  11. kithas

    TAKA!!! (spoilers for Titania's badge)

    Yes but it was a great character. Anyways, I'm not sure because we still saw the nameless knight Titania Killed in Zekrom's path thinking it was Lin, but Lin was alive afterfwards so...
  12. kithas

    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    I think there has been said that both Gym leaders (Hardy and Saphira) will be fought during EP18 but I could be wrong. I could also get the split into how the MC assaults the Meteor Base near Calcenon, with Onyx' people (Florinia et al) or the Orphans (Saphira). It would be great.
  13. kithas

    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    I think we'll be able to clear the map (if only, victory rd onwards will be left) and end with Team Meteor but the last PULSE mon will be left to EP19, Meteor!Arces.
  14. kithas

    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    Well, even when there's still testing to be done, I'm glad we're near the end What are you more excited about EP18?