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  2. That being said we are almost at the phase change and I don't really want to see Nicki getting eliminated just yet so [Eliminate] L'Belle
  3. god dammit fuck how did that take so long to realize Okay yeah that's fair definitely no reason to doubt for now.
  4. Huh, whaddya know. Of all the roles I could have attributed restraining to, it definitely wasn't the Storyteller. I thought the "restraining" moreso happened forcefully due to the wording. Might still be the Vagrant trying to cover for himself but I don't really have any reason to doubt you on that for now. Also I must have not picked up on that last part.
  5. We've heard about someone being restrained twice so far, but we've not heard about anyone getting roleblocked in another way. Restraining doesn't sound like the Storyteller's cup of tea. @CrimsonDragon21 Have you roleblocked so far, and if yes, who did you roleblock?
  6. The role reveal that happened after Jace's death may have also had something to do with an item, as I seem to remember the crystal ball exists. So I wouldn't rule multiple roles that can gift items out. As for my thoughts about the current players. 2. Captain Breakfast: Has helped out quite a bit by giving insight on what roles could possibly be, but I'm a bit suspicious about how I've been able to win him over with rather obvious arguments (at least to me) twice, and almost instantly to boot. 3. Purplecicada: Like Breakfast, given quite a bit of insight on roles, and has generally been helpful throughout the game. I wouldn't count anything out, but for now I'll lean more towards town. 5. L'Belle: Literally haven't seen anything barring like one message, which was admittedly a relevant one. Gives me a bit of a lurker vibe because of that. I'll give the benefit of the doubt for now. 7. Seal: Literally haven't seen anything barring like one message, take two. However, this one was much less relevant, meaning I'm also much less inclined to give the benefit of the doubt. 8. Andracass: Role got revealed, but it could still go either way. I don't entirely trust or distrust Cass- I'll leave this one neutral for now. 9. Alistair: Active player that has mostly taken a neutral stance so far, but I'll lean more towards town since his insights have been pretty helpful. 10. Walpurgis: I really just don't know, sorry. 11. LykosHand: Can't help but to wonder why he chose to only mention the received item one day after actually getting it, but that's not too important in either case, I suppose. Barring insights I've seen him mostly parrot. Very neutral atm. 12. Kabs: Obi-Wan Kenobi? Well of course I know him, he's me! 13: CrimsonDragon21: Made a strange hunch with the Vigilante thing towards Breakfast amongst other things. I think I'll have to agree with Nicki and Ali's doubts for now.
  7. I kind of doubt your claim of Jace being picked off by a Vigilante (if we even have one to begin with). Jace was the original Worrywart, who swapped roles with Bean (now revealed to originally have been the Conversationalist). As stated before, in order for the Worrywart to be able to switch into an "evil" role, the Marauders would have to not know the identity of the other Marauders. Otherwise a Marauder-turned-Worrywart could just turn against their former allies, join up with the Ballgoers and snitch on their former friends. If anything, this confirmed to us that Jace was very likely a Ballgoer (Neutral at worst), which may be why the Marauders decided he had to go. In either case, on the off chance it was the Vigilante (which I once more doubt very much), I don't think it was a very wise play.
  8. I don't think we have anyone (barring @Seal?) that hasn't spoken yet, though.
  9. I would have thought their wincon was to Worrywart-swap into a Ballgoer role as soon as possible, as I believe they ought to inherit the win conditions of the Ballgoer. Which is also why I believe it's in the best interests for the Worrywart to work with the Ballgoers rather than against.
  10. To confirm that @Jace Stormkirk is indeed a Ballgoer, all we need is for @Psychic Sheep to confirm that he was a Ballgoer before becoming the new Worrywart, but he doesn't have to reveal the exact role. As I said before, unless we missed something, the Worrywart kind of needs us to win, so there shouldn't be any reason to distrust the Worrywart either. I do hope that we can hear from Bean before this phase ends, though. @CrimsonDragon21 If my reasoning is correct, the Worrywart is indeed a confirmed Neutral party- however, if the mechanics work as described (aka Worrywart can't change roles with a Marauder), this Neutral role is effectively nearly 100% on the side of the Ballgoers, unless the Worrywart for some reason decides to bank on winning as another Neutral, but those chances are so low that it is in both the Worrywart and the Ballgoers' best interests to work together. With that in mind, we are about to lynch a role that isn't theoretically Ballgoer-aligned, but might as well be.
  11. Can the Worrywart also switch roles with a Marauder? Because I think the Worrywart can be a very powerful weapon in favor of the Ballgoers. From what I've seen so far, the biggest argument in favor of eliminating the Worrywart is reducing chaos. But in my opinion, the Worrywart can achieve the complete opposite effect. By keeping tabs on who the Worrywart is every day, we can not only deduce who is on the side of the Ballgoers (or the Neutrals at worst), but all players gain an equal amount of knowledge. Considering the Ballgoers are the ones that need knowledge rather than the Marauders, I believe the Worrywart will work with us more than against us. With that said, I also don't believe that the Worrywart has much reason to play against the Ballgoers rather than with us. The only circumstance they would want to play against us is if they can become Marauders as well, which would in turn mean that the Marauders don't know the identity of the other Marauders, because otherwise a Marauder-turned-Worrywart could easily expose all their former allies. So assuming the Worrywart can only change into Ballgoers and Neutrals, they literally need to eventually become Ballgoers (or take a chance with becoming a Neutral) in order to win the game. Thus why I don't see the Worrywart having much if any incentive to not work together with the Ballgoers. I'd like to hear other people's thoughts about this as well, but first I'm gonna be pinging @Walpurgis, @Captain Breakfast and @Jace Stormkirk to read through this and potentially rethink the elimination of the Worrywart day 1.
  12. I thought the "informed minority" would be the Marauders only. Also, we don't know for sure what the win condition of the Worrywart is. @Jace Stormkirk can you elaborate on this?
  13. @L'Belle According to @DigitalAmber, restraining is "more or less roleblocking". This means not only that we have a roleblocker other than the Distracter (if the Distracter is even a roleblocker to begin with), but also a potential evil-aligned one, as the Vagrant and Disgruntled Patron are really the only ones that come to mind when thinking of "restraining", and the Vagrant is a confirmed guilty role.
  14. I'd like to add something to this. Last night, I was restrained. The wording implies that this couldn't have been the Distracter, thus I'm assuming I got paid a visit by either the Vagrant or the Disgruntled Patron. No other roles really seem to add up to this description. Maybe the Doorman but I very much doubt that. Other than that, a theory about the Everyman. The description states the following. "He is willing to put the extra mile into anything he does. As a result, he can accomplish things no one could have dreamed he would be capable of, being as good as the best at times. But he's not a master of it by any regard." Maybe the Everyman has multiple "powers", but is able to use them only a select few times in the game. For example, he may be able to roleblock, but only once or twice a game, and he may be able to heal, but once again, only once or twice a game.