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  1. Rejuvenation / Reborn gets their infamity in their writing, but it still didn't stop them from from being popular. While a lot of their praise comes from the gameplay, I find it interesting that Rejuv in particular gets a considerable amount of attention to its story, (more specifically its characters.) While there's a lot of critics for this game's writing, there seems to be also a lot of attachments to several characters (Melia, Ren, and Aelita) And for a game that is mainly comprised of the narrative, the fact that many people stuck with the whole thing tells me there's some good parts to the story. I haven't gotten far into the game, I do find a lot of characters endearing (mostly because of their designs), so I'm wondering what else do you guys think makes the story in Rejuv worth reading through.
  2. Is it possible to copy-paste the old game.exe onto Rejuvenation? Or does it crash? Your problem is certainly because the game uses MKXP, which is a program made to run on newer computers. tbh I do think it's better for the game to have what Reborn has currently, by having both the old game.exe and the new game-z.
  3. I noticed from the gameplay so far lots of the assets seem to be from another fangame, Pokémon Jade. (the trainer sprites specifically) Did you credit the original creator?
  4. Do you know specifically where in the code you yeeted it out? Just like to know.
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