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  1. Wishing every player of Pokemon Angels a happy Navratri
  2. V.6 includes: ●Calkata gym accesssible ●Route 19 power plant event ● HM waterfall available Files PKMN ANGELS V.6.rar
  3. Title screen update launched today, nothing xtra in today's update other than new title screen, If you wish to get it plz update.
  4. We have updated the game, tge glitch on route 18 is fixed. The guard will tell you to go to north and there's only one way to the north i.e route 18
  5. Yeah, he will block untill you go to route 18. Onve you have done it you can access the gym
  6. Its at Kalighat area, You find a yellow tree there, it will show you two options, enter gym and exit. If you select enter gym you will be teleported there
  7. You can get it from a man at the Thimptan Royal palace ie the pink mansion to the northern part of Thimptan
  8. V5 update includes the following important changes:- ▪︎Minor Snorlax event changes. ▪︎Legendary valley is now accessible. ▪︎Pokemon post league tournament can be fully completed from. now. ▪︎All the three starters now have a dual type final evolution. Tirean-water,dark Floreden-grass,fairy Pangerno-Fire,fighting ▪︎Poorly league hall conditions applied. ▪︎day/night encounters in some routes. ▪︎Other minor events and accessibilities in main as well as post. game.
  9. V4 update mainly includes the following: ●Gohail Gym Warp tile glithch fixed. ●Change in pattern of gym puzzle in Gohail ●Drastic gym can be more easily accessed ●New accessible areas in Drastic city. To all downloaders before 23rd September's 10.30pm or more casually before 24th September download newest version of game.
  10. To all downloaders before 4:00pm of 21st September download the latest pokemon Angels V3 file. Whats new: ■ The lady at the gate of trekkers road will now ask you whether or not you want to battle the champion or fo to trekkers road. ■ You no longer need to rebattle elite 4s to reach Kathemendum, You can fully access Trekkers road to go Kathemenum ■You can now use any HM without any certification of particular badges. ■ Gohail city and Chekpost Cave can be accessed and the gameplay has been extended. ■ Some moveset has been changed.
  11. V3 of pokemon Angels comming tomorrow, hm strength problem fixed
  12. 8 gyms+pokemon league+ post game, sorry for the delay, I haven't checked it out
  13. For any further information ask on discord or visit our wikia page-( https://pokemon-fan-game.fandom.com/wiki/Pokemon_Angels )
  14. Join our official Discord:https://discord.gg/C4Dyz42
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