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  1. Gonna give in my thoughts, too. Reborn has always been a memorable game to me. It did what no other fangame did at the time (and many still don't), and that is having a story worth a damn. The fun cast combined with unexpected plots + field effects makes for such a great experience compared to the things we've already seen done in pokémon games. Reborn uses all the potential things a fangame can do and more. It's simply more than just a pokémon game now, and it spawned a community and opened up a wave of a new era of fangame potential. Can't wait for e19!
  2. I just noticed that we joined the forums on the same day. We're also both Fan Game creators. What a coincidence...

  3. Seems like a good thread to talk about my game. It's too far away from release to deserve its own thread and I've only made the assets and not the game so I'll just talk about the plans I have for it: - Takes place in a school. - Strong emphasis on characters and story. - Persona styled calendar system, dungeons, and social links. - A mix of classic and life sim style adventure.
  4. I noticed from the gameplay so far lots of the assets seem to be from another fangame, Pokémon Jade. (the trainer sprites specifically) Did you credit the original creator?
  5. Do you know specifically where in the code you yeeted it out? Just like to know.
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