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  1. ok but- Fr though, based af post and it's all good. Life is life, money is money, interest is interest, hobby is hobby, ... It comes, it goes, some of it you need, and it's good to know that you're a) alive, b) focusing on what's important, and c) like tinkaton
  2. l0seeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr also i promise i'll be playtesting soon, just, minecraft
  3. I can't believe my Dedenne idea was just stolen like this Jk do what you want lmao
  4. What could it be? Hm.. My thoughts is a battle arena for starlight.
  5. Ayo, been a bit - decided to try budew run. Pretty easy, but fun (also eggmove mons are broken lmao - murkrow with bravebird is hilarious, since, well, now you have a brave bird budew) Points of improvement - Budew can currently evolve into roselia (and later on Shiny stone) Oh, and also, the budew thing.. dies in vanhanen castle. After beating radomus, you're hard stuck in this scene And there's nothing you can do about it Correction: It fucks up when you have speedup enabled, I think. Tried without it and now I can progress Also, the run is now done
  6. Petition to make each mod downloadable as its own seperate thing y/y Also smh memeforms isn't that bad -Pyuku was here
  7. Out of curiosity, would it be possible to get the character pictures in this as an individual thing? If not, I fully understand, just thought it'd be cool. Awesome final results picture, surprised to see where some things ended up! Looking forward to the future artwork, and the full illustrations! You have my utmost respect for your amazing work, Zumi, have a nice day!
  8. Looks great! Some are surprising, like Cassandra. Then there's Anju, who I had depicted as having a smoother appearance, since my perception of her is that she's still quite young. Overall, super nice work as always Zumi, keep on surprising us! May the truck daddy memes commence, if you end up making truck guy.
  9. Interesting concept, I'll think about it! Thanks for the suggestion!
  10. Hi there! Have you ever wondered if a run would be possible in Reborn? Is there a particular run, with a set of specific mons that you would like to see be done in record time without the use of potions, using set mode, and trying to avoid dupeclause as much as possible? Have you ever wanted to see a playthrough being beaten with only tropius, haunter, cherrim, exeggutor, trapinch, porygon, chikorita and an inkay? If you're one of those people, then I have a good deal for you! I'm a crazy idiot who likes to fool around, doing the silliest runs imaginable, and making the seemingly impossible possible through use of strategy and AI abusal! Runs that're banned: Mono little cup (has been done before, has too many mons, too much cheese, and is generally meh to be super difficult), Mono babies (the pokemon seen as being babies. Azurill, pichu, igglybuff and the likes) All classic mono types Solo runs Everything that involves an illegal pokemon (i.e unobtainable legandaries) Runs that have been done: Mono pikaclones Mono butterflies & moths (was done in altforms for alt venomoth) Mono dunsparce (was done in altforms) Eeveelution only run Pacman themed run Minecraft themed run LC bug types (this was apparently not done in altforms, because I like 18.3. It's fast, don't judge me) Runs that're planned for the future: Mario themed run LC starter only run Mono generation LC (so I can only use LC from, say, gen1) Runs that are up for consideration: Mono letter run (For example, everything has to start with the letter N) Rules of all runs: Items are banned Unless the run cannot under any circumstances do this, it will always be on set mode Dupeclause is activated, and will be follow once I can actually get 6 individual pokemon. Instances of it being lifted may occur, but that's to my judgement Every run is done in base reborn OR in altforms. Which version it's done in depends on the kind of run it generally is, as well as how many mons I generally have. This means that it will usually be done in runs with lesser mons or lesser versitility Evasion clause I stand by the word that almost nothing is impossible in reborn, at least up to episode 18, and I will do whatever I can to prove that that is the case! If you think a run is theoretically possible, then by all means, please suggest it to me! Don't be afraid to test your creativity, and my own skill! If it has a limit on pokemon, that's just fine, I'll work it out! If you want to see a 16 year old no life make the game that you might have struggled for weeks on end look like a complete joke? Well, then I'm the person for you! I hope to see some crazy ideas on here, Take care and remember the gamer glasses
  11. If you died, you'd still be working on Rejuv god dammit Take care of yourself, much love from the pikaclones
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