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  1. Holy cows!!! Rejuvenation is still getting stuff !?!?!? Yay! More content!!!! (obviously, site maintenence has allowed me access once more to this beautiful game)
  2. *looks at scoreboard* You've got your work cut out for you, huh? XD
  3. Username: Sennaton13244 Trainer name: Sennaton
  4. Online username: Sennaton13244 available mostly sun-thu usually 12pm-10pm Random field, I play competitively and casually
  5. awesome! now I can enact my grand scheme to get an egg from the slums area(and not mess with my party when getting eggs from the daycare man)
  6. darn, now i might just restart (again) just for the train bit XD
  7. hate to ruin your day.... but i caught a bug using WINE where if you revive a fainted pokemon during a double battle while already on your last Pokemon(singular) then the newly revived pokemon won't appear on-screen
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