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  1. I was looking through TM's that Chandelure can use and to my surprise, thunderbolt isn't one of them. I don't know if that's intentional or not but just in case it isn't I'll leave it here
  2. Update, badge is also gone when I lose to Geara himself
  3. Good afternoon! I was enjoying a brand new rejuvenation run when I reached Geara and the Giratina killed me. Destroyed me. Absolutely tarnished everything I stood for. Though it didn't only faint my pokemon, apparently it stole one of my gym badges as well. I was furious, furious I tell you. I went to the pokemon menu to check up new strategies and what do I see? A team full of level 30 pokemon unable to be leveled up further. So not only did Giratina steal my gym badge, but also sucked the literal life force out of my pokemon. Not cool Geara.
  4. Yooooooooooooooo! hyyyyyyyype! So ecstatic this is out! There an obtainable list, or have I missed it?
  5. If e5 gets enough traction do you think a seperate tab (like reborn or rejuvenation) for pokemon desolation would be possible? I am aware that it might be a bit too soon for that but it might be a good idea to give this game some more publicity, plus it would be much more convenient.
  6. So glad this project is continuing, it has unlimited potential! Question is, with some starters being axed, does this mean that other obtainable mons will also be axed? I recall reading something like this previously but I just want to make sure since there are some real stinkers in the game rn deino, scyther, sneasel
  7. I love you, you beautiful man. And I love desolation just as much. Take your time with it, make it as exquisite of an experience as you can.

  8. What have you lost hope for...? The game is still coming you know. The loss for hype is completely understandable but losing hope is a bit too much
  9. yeah but i only get 1 each time, am i unlucky or is there more to it?
  10. There's one, but how do you get more than that?
  11. Just had the same problem with the stuck in the scholar building, it autosaved on top of it. Game.rxdata
  12. Heya, I was walking through . I decided to go in the other one but I got trapped in a dark place.... and it autosaved. Can anyone help me? Game.rxdata
  13. Hey guys, having a bit of trouble actually having a 'mods' option in the main menu or in game, but I have copied the scripts and the mods folder to the Data folder. Anyone know what might be the problem? EDIT: nvm I'm dumb lol.
  14. Not sure if this has been reported or not, but the golden claws are really useless. They don't work more than they do. I don't know if it's intentional or not but some examples i can think of are the forest of time, crawli's hideout and the sidequest with the three ampharoses. Again, not sure if it's intentional or not but it really does kill the convenience the golden claws have.
  15. Game.rxdata hey so uh, kyogre isn't appearing at all. idk what cold cause this, can someone help? i really need the ralts i read the tablets as well
  16. my my, this guide has been wonderful for the mono playthroughs i've been doing! it's really informative! hope it's not too much to ask for you to do one for rejuvenation, since you were so thorough with this one. i completely understand if you can't, or don't want to, these stuff take a lot of time and i doubt you wanna go through the hassle of researching another game to make another list. anyways, thanks for this exhaustive guide, again, it's been really helpful
  17. @Tomek did you somehow fix your problem with the blocking trainer in icefall cavern? because i got the same problem and conveniently, am stuck. Game.rxdata
  18. Hey, I got stuck in the police department in GDC and it autosaved just as i was gonna reset it :x Game.rxdata
  19. Jan -> Janichroma -> Google Chrome -> Google -> Google is an American Company. What else is an American Company? That's right, EA. Jan works for EA confirmed.
  20. Bad luck most likely, the game has fixed chances of you receiving an ability.
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