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  1. Its past my ban time yet I'm still banned on Discord.



    @Dragon God Goomy unmuted; also mute = / = ban

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      just ask a mod.

  2. Is there like, difficulty select on this game? Please remind me because I think my game difficulty got switched after I updated the game..
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

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  5. International Police Agent Name: Seeker Log: Day -1 "I am en-route from Unova to Aevium onboard to S.S. Oceana. I was assigned to investigate a team called Xen for suspicious activity on the said region. I got briefed by the chief to meet up with the Aevium League manager, Jan, to give me initial information about the said team. I'm about to arrive on the region shortly." As he was done typing on the X-Transciever of his logs, the man stands up from his desk, stretched his legs and looks outside. "I hope this is only a short mission, but given the scope of it, maybe that's not the case.", he mumbled while going back on his bed to take a short nap. He is not interested to go to the banquet. As he does so, he remembers the briefing about his new assignment. 1 week earlier. A man on a brown trenchcoat entered the InterPol Chief's office and saluted to the man who is sitting on a chair while looking at a pile of documents in front of him at the desk. The man salutes him back as he takes a seat. "You called me, sir?" The man on the trenchcoat asked. "Yes, I called you here to give your new assignment. Its straightforward, but it could be dangerous." The man on the desk said. "What is it, chief? Something happened?" The man on the trenchcoat asked. "I received a report on our field agents that there's an increase of criminal activity on Aevium Region. I want you to look on this immediately, Seeker." The chief replied to him as he drinks his coffee which was waiting on the side of his desk. "Any information who's behind the criminal acts?" Seeker asked as he leans back on his chair. "According to our intellegence reports, its a criminal organization called "Team Xen". Unfortunately, we have little to no information about this team. That's why I need you to go to Aevium and gather more intelligence about this said team, and put a stop whatever are they doing." the chief said as he looks at Seeker seriously. "I don't get it chief. Why not send Looker instead of me? This seems to be a big mission. He's more than capable to handle this kind of things." Seeker stressed to the chief. "Unfortunately, Looker is currently doing a small assignment somewhere. However, he will join you as soon as he's done. For now, you are the only person who is qualified to take on this mission. I have trust that you can do this. Are you willing to accept this mission?" The chief asked Seeker, hoping for him to accept the mission. "...Fine. I accept the mission." Seeker replied as he let out a sigh. "Thank you. You will leave via S.S. Oceana from Unova to Aevium on 1 week. upon arrival, you should go straight for Gaeren Immigration and seek out Jan. Good luck." said the chief. "Yes, sir." He said as he stands and salutes. "Permission to leave, sir." The chief nods and Seeker leaves the office with his new mission.... Back to present day..... BANG! His sleep was suddenly got interrupted by a loud bang and a huge shock on the ship. He quickly jumped up from his bed and checked outside. "What is going on now?" He asked on bewilderment. He grabbed his things and his trenchcoat, along with 3 Poke Balls, and proceeds to go outside, where the people are trying to scramble their way to outside. Trying to think calmly, he decided to look for the captain of the ship. He ran upstairs to the banquet hall and found the captain sitting on a chair. He rushed to the captain and check if he is ok. "Are you alright, captain?" Seeker asked the shaken captain. "Just a little pain on my back, but I'm alright." The captain replied. "What happened? I heard a loud bang." Seeker said as he is looking around the damaged ship. "Some men on black attacked the ship. They threatened to blow up the ship if we don't comply to them." he replied. "Could it be....?" He asked to himself as he faced the captain again. "You need to get out of here, sir. Its getting more dangerous. "Don't mind me, young one. Leave me sink with my ship." the captain sadly replied. As much as Seeker wanted to argue, he decided not to, to respect the captain's decision. He decides to leave the captain without saying a word, and left the banquet hall when he heard a scream. "What now?" He asked to himself as he looked and saw a bunch of black things flying and darting the passengers into the water. Getting the sense of danger, he brings out one of his Poke Ball. He was concentrated on the black things, He didn't noticed a kid that ran past him. "Selene! Standby for battle!" he throws the Poke Ball and a shiny Gardevoir popped out of it. One of the black things noticed Seeker and charges towards him. "Use Shadow Ball!" The Gardevoir fired the attack at the black thing and it crashed on the ground. Assuming to got knocked out, Seeker inspected the thing to confirm what it is. "Is that a Deoxys? But why color is different?" He was surprised at what he has seen. But he has no time to investigate further as more of them appeared and surround him and his Gardevoir. "Shadow Ball, wide spread! Let's go!" he commanded, as the Gardevoir spins and fired Shadow Balls on all directions, hitting the majority of them. But it was proved fruitless as more of them are coming out. "Ugh, there is no end on this. Plan B" He said as they got surrounded by a horde of Deoxys. "Time to skedaddle! Teleport, now!" he shouted as the horde charges at them. The Gardevoir and Seeker got engulfed by a light and disappeared on the spot as the Deoxys horde bumped to each other. He manages to escape the capture, somehow. However, this is only the beginning, as he's about to step on Aevium region, and its dark secrets and mysteries, buried by the calamity that is looming to destroy the region once again. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading this little fanfic I made. I'm working on Chapter 1 currently and might not come out in a few days. I appreciate any kind of feedback. Again, thank you.
  6. And before you guys ask, yes, I checked all berry patches and Terajuma, and there's not a single Occa Berry tree. Am I screwed of not getting any?
  7. This game will be the cause of my death. Thanks, Marcello.
  8. I cannot download this for some reason.
  9. Reborn - The OG edgy storyline game Rejuvenation - Reborn but less edgy and has more mystery Desolation - the least edgy game of the edgy trio. It revolves around the concept of dreams. Full Moon - your typical teenage angst story with a twist. Zeta/Omnicron - story is shite, but still playable. Insurgence - Similar to Zeta/Omnicron but much better. The rest, I dunno.
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