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  1. So I'm currently lost on what to do next. I unlocked the elevators and broke through two glass walls that lead to TM Outrage and I believe the other room was where I unlocked the Elevator, however I don't know what else to do. I know Espeon's Future Sight gives me hints but I literally cannot understand what I'm looking at in the hints. The picture is way too dark and I don't even know what it's telling me to do. If anyone can make out what this is telling me, please tell me because I am completely stuck and I don't know whether the image is supposed to look very dark like this or if my game is just bugging out a bit.
  2. I haven't played this game in a few months and forgot what else to do after beating Amaria. Um, can anyone tell me where to go next?
  3. During the Tournament and while fighting Adam, an error keeps popping up during my battle with him. And then after fighting him, my game crashes right when Bladestar sabotages the Tournament. I had noticed during the battle that the error happens when I take my Pokemon out and they get damaged by Stealth Rock, so I made sure to one shot that Crustle before he sets up Stealth Rock, which stops the error. But no matter what, my game crashes right before Bladestar comes in and I don't know why it does that. Is anyone else having this kind of problem? Here's a video of one of the many battles I had with Adam. I kept trying to find ways to avoid the errors, but no matter what, my game crashes after I battled Adam. The error starts at around 2:22 in the video.
  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. ~Nezuko~


      Thank you so much! I totally forgot to reply lol, but thank you!

    2. LykosHand


      It's ok 😄 and you're welcome 😉

  5. Damn, man, I really wanted TTAR to actually enjoy this game regularly like his Pokemon Red Adventures LP. I've been waiting literally a year for this guy to play Pokemon Reborn and I was slightly disappointed that he's doing a nuzlocke on this game without even knowing anything about it. No matter how many times everyone is telling not to nuzlocke this game, he just ignores them and continues to play it. Like I love TTAR, one of my favorite Poketubers besides MunchingOrange, Poketips and a few others, but what he's doing kind of frustrates me mainly because I don't want him to quit the game even before he actually gets deep into it. I just want him to sit back and enjoy the game honestly. I hope he at least make it to the first PULSE Pokemon so that I can see his reaction. I loved his reaction when he saw the latest Pokemon SWSH trailer and I'm kind of hoping his reaction to the Pulse will be similar to the trailer. Maybe not, though. Might just be similar to his reactions to Pokemon Insurgence's megas. I also hope he plays Pokemon Uranium and Pokemon Glazed soon. Doing a nuzlocke in those won't be as hard as Reborn.
  6. I don't know if anyone else mentioned this but I just noticed that the menu changed back to it's old form. Why's that? EDIT: I also noticed that my Shiny Primarina has a different shiny now. I really like the new shiny but now I gotta change her name from Mintfoam (was suppose to be Minty and Seafoam together because of how her shiny looks) to something else lol Double Edit: aw man, now that I took a look at old Shiny Primarina, I kind of like the old shiny one better than the new one. I liked the fact that Primarina looks like the little mermaid.
  7. alright! thanks for telling me that. i was just about to move the mods in the new version but something told me to ask around to make sure
  8. Awesome! also, so I'm guessing we can't use the modular modpack in this new version?
  9. What's the progress on episode 19? I can't seem to find the progress bar thing anywhere on this thread even when I'm on a laptop.
  10. Uh, how weird. You linked me to a YouTube video but when I quote your post, it shows me a link to another thread. Either way, thanks! Edit: this only happens when I'm on my phone. On my laptop, it shows the link to the thread instead of a youtube video.
  11. What's the Shiny Rate in this game and is there any way to speed up the game? It's sorta slow when battling and such.
  12. So I decided to play this game and I wanted to soft reset for a shiny starter. Usually when I shiny hunt, I always watch videos and such so I won't get easily with shiny hunting. But it seems as though I cannot lower the volume of the game at all. I tried to go to the options, but it doesn't have the Volume thing where I can lower the music. It's no where to be seen. Is there any way to lower the music without having to mute my computer volume?
  13. Sorry for the 18 day wait, but since the user you were talking haven't replied back, I can answer those questions because the same thing has happened to me whenever I try to hatch all the eggs using the Egg Hatcher. Once I get a party full of eggs, I go to the other PC device thing next to the egg generator and try to hatch all of my eggs in the party. This appears before the game crashes: I'm using the current version of Pokemon Reborn (E18.1), I have the current version of the mod, I guess?, and I'm using the Weather Mod, Itemradar mod, and the Type Battle Mod. Are these other mods the reason why my game keeps crashing like this?
  14. Is there going to be a weather mod added in here anytime soon? Just curious ^^
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