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  1. Well, I'll be blunt. Andracass, you beautiful being, come here I'm gonna hug you hard a couple of ribs are getting cracked. You solved my main pain, really. thanks a lot. And also I'm into easy mode team, have a bunch of friends that love the story and aren0t much into battles, so this would let us all play together. So yeah, you rule, we love it.
  2. First of all: Good morning Second of all: we love you to death. Third of all: We will most likely curse you and 3 generations of your family while battling. We still love you and this lovely box of suffering you made for us to play in.
  3. Ragxenak

    an apology

    I may or may not have cried Finally, we are free, we will see the wheel and it isn't even april fool's Thank you, you beautiful kamikaze madwoman
  4. Hey, don't sweat it everyone is struggling and being a dev is a hell of a job. So we will be sitting like good lads and gals and comrades making merry while we wait. Also I'm leaving this song here so you can get 1d12 bardic inspiration dice
  5. Ragxenak

    Mudkip Event

    So I used all the keys and waltzed through all open houses I could find but I still can't find the last damned key. Any possibility there is a missable key somewhere else (outside the lake)?
  6. Did you remember to talk to Aster on Tanzan base? If not look for him
  7. So, since in my home we're all blanketed in snow and all looks poetic and romantic I come to ask the opinion of the fandom. Do you think we get to romance reborn characters in the next episode? And which are your fav ships? (MC related or unrelated)
  8. Captured a shiny Lapras but the game crashed while i was naming it and now its nowhere nor team nor pc Game.rxdata
  9. Aaaaah, so our devs are still alive and as nuts as ever. That is good to know
  10. Lately I've been keeping two songs on replay (videos are cool too):
  11. Ragxenak


    Can't wait, but also we need to know if this is turning to Dragon Age BECAUSE A BOY NEEDS SOME ROMANCE, SOME LOVIN' Can live without the Hanky Panky time though, BUT DRAMA.
  12. Oh? Thanks, then I'll delete the previous post
  13. I have to apologize, my computer just decided to update without asking for permission. It may last for a while, sorry. May I ask for you keeping me a charmander? While the computer puts itself together again?

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    2. Ragxenak


      Thanks a lot, also don't bother with the skill, Blaze will do just fine

    3. Dan82


      thanks again for the shiny gloom

      also tell me if you need any pokemon

    4. Ragxenak


      Will do, it's only fair giving you some cool poke in exchange

  14. A few friends and I have a bet on beating Reborn with the catch of only playing while hammered and no guides. So bring it on, you absolute madmen/madwomen/madxem
  15. Beating the game with preevs, boy we've all been there, no one is prepared for it the first time (I still remember my terrifying Magikarp) You've brought back memories
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