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  1. I have 2: Save file 1:Garchomp, Galvantula, Gallade, Absol, Primarina and Salazzle Save File 2: Scizor, Greninja, Gallade, Mamoswine and either Regular Chandelure and Florges or Aevium Mismagius and Ninetales
  2. The battle can be cheesed by using a seeded shedinja. Since it's typeless it doesn't have weaknesses. With this strategy your only problems are Bastiodon and Corviknight. Corviknight has to be Will-o-wisp stalled for tens of turns, I recommend buying some Leppa Berries. And thanks to the Crest Bastiodon will kill your Shed unless you Will-o-wisp stall it. It's not as bad as Corvi, but still bad. After that assuming you are at +6 attack thanks to Hone Claws you should sweep everything with Dig
  3. I'm starting to think Clear was justified in doing what she did.
  4. Pretty good review, looking forward to part 2. Glad to see I'm not the only one dissapointed by the Regices.
  5. They remind me of Ryland for some reason
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