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  1. "Don't evolve it before Julia" is actually terrible advice- rowlett starts off as Part-Flying, so not evolving does little more than deny you valuable base stats.
  2. Oh, this is interesting: the school computer still has my original Reborn file. Unfortunately, it's only in the 1R253 Scrapyard with Taka following along, so all of my suffering leading up to the Amaria Battle and throughout the Glass Workstation Gauntlet (and much of my pokedex completion progress) is actually gone, but it's nice to reclaim the file at all~

  3. Actually the Seed has nothing to do with it- that changes the pokemon to the Bird Type if activated in the Glitch Field. Said Glitch Field makes it so that all silvally become the ??? Type regardless of held item or external effects as long as the battle stays on the Glitch Field (similar to how silvally is always Dark Typed on the Holy Field). This might be a bit nitpicky, though, since I'm not sure that there's a functional difference between the ??? and Bird Types, but seeing as both are exclusive to an extremely uncommon Field Effect, it really isn't that much of a big deal in the long run.
  4. "At long last, I have garnered enough Reputation to earn the Altruist Rank! Now none shall oppose me in my quest for even greater power!!! ...Wait, what do you mean that that's the exact opposite of what 'Altruist' means? Fine, I guess I'm stick being a decent Samaritan still..."


    Seriously, though, I'm not really sure what I did to earn half of these points. In any case, thanks for the support, guys~!

  5. Yep, the Crest turns Cosmic Power into Calm Mind+Harden. Your Sp. Attack stat might as well not exist while the Crest is equipped~! ...Which also means that Calm Mind itself is just a Sp. Def. increase. Whoops.
  6. Hapu Fini, huh? Does that mean that Reborn Evolved is gonna be the Seafolk Village's next stop...? Anyway! Welcome to these somewhat darker lands! Be sure to read up on the rules, feel free to check out all we have to offer, and above all else, enjoy your stay!
  7. that aside, this is quite the curious find indeed. Pretty sneaky, Dev. Team~ Edit: I seem to have been accelgor'd. Whoops.
  8. Without Debug shenaigans? Yup, you're very stuck. Sorry.
  9. At some point, Mr. Luck leaves to visit the Terrial Subregion, and consequently become a useless NPC (even after you find him). I hadn't expected that to happen quite so early in the game, but given what's about to happen, it does make sense....
  10. Regardless of what you choose, the quest ends there. The reward, however, changes based on your choices. Your decision matters more in the long term than than in the now, however.
  11. I haven't used the Meganium Crest personally (or even bought it, or obtained a chikorita... ), but I don't see why it wouldn't be useful. Leftovers healing combined with a damage reduction effect that extends to allies in Doubles (presumably 25%, since based off of Friend Guard), as well as the hidden buff of having a Held Item that can't be knocked off? Seems like both a bump in its durability and a way to more reliably facilitate its clerical or SD sets. I have used the Oricorio, Relicanth, Zangoose, and Cofagrigus Crests myself so far. Of those, I can say: Lastly, I want to give a quick shoutout to the Claydol Crest. This thing changes its Sp. Attack stat to be the same as its Defense (thus reducing how thin you need to spread your EVs), and increases the power of Beam Attacks by a 1.2x multiplier. More importantly, though, it also completely negates the charge-up tun for Solar Beam regardless of the Weather, and the recharge round of Hyper Beam. That's right, it can spam Hyper Beam with impunity! The only other time you can off something like that off is if you're fighting in the Glitch Field, and that has the caveat of needing to actually kill the foe! This seems like a best-of-both worlds sort of buff for the sapient masonry, and I think it's an honest shame that I don't have a remotely decent baltoy at the moment. Oh, well.
  12. Unfortunately, SWSH don't seem like they'd be getting any delays, period, so setting them as your deadline's a pretty strict one. On the other hand, you're not GameFreak, so you actually have room for error! ...Anyway. Welcome to this strict-deadline-less, kinda nutty land we call the Reborn Evolved Forums! Feel free to check out all we have to offer, and above all else, enjoy your stay~!
  13. Hey, I ain't the one who said it. Or even one of the three I've seen so far, for that matter. Turns out that folks are to busy looking at like Magic Bounce- that they fail to see that it's actually White Smoke+. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Other people in response to today's trailer: Me in response to today's trailer: "WEEZING THAT"S A HARD NONBO WITH A. MUK, NO!" "Hey, G. Weezing can make Fan Rotom's Flying Type actually do something!" ...I think I may have different priorities than most.
  15. The Move Relearner on checks for your current species, so you'd have to get the move on the eelektrik before evolving it. On the plus side, it's more useful than tynamo was, right?
  16. Type:null can just be run from and re-encountered, assuming it hasn't been changed from V9. The biggest problem with it is that it has the minimum possible Catch Rate, making even that method super risky- as you seem to have found out the hard way. Sorry.
  17. The building is in the building where the signups for the tournament were, and where the Help Center resides. However, it has been completely remodeled as of V12, which throws stuff off. The receptionist that handled that wasn't there when I visited the building, though that may have been during night hours and she's always been daytime-only. If she still exists, there will be two receptionists at the front of the building before 8:00 pm/20:00; otherwise, you may have to temporarily revert to V11 to redeem the code.
  18. Seeing as Narcissa is oddly missing from the list despite not having her own theme in the base game, I'm gonna guess it's hers. The title and her Type specialty line up, at least.
  19. Huh. wasn't aware that the entire city was completely closed down. That's entirely my bad, then. Given the circumstances, there really isn't a lot of options available. I suppose you could save scum some mining rocks, though I'm not sure if the Xen Grunt that sells Blast Powder is still available at that point. This is quite the conundrum, huh?
  20. While you can't fly to GDC directly, you can stop by either the Rose theatre, or the Ranch, both of which are very close to it. Fly also allows you to maneuver around the city itself really easy (and without having to spend cash on the subway! )once you're within its bubble, making it less of a hassle to find the shop you're looking for that way.
  21. There are not any shiny locks in the game. This does lead to an odd instance in Ch. 13, where you don't get to keep the 'mon if it comes up shiny, but it's otherwise pretty smooth sailing.
  22. Some days, getting the most Reputation can be taken as an agressive competition. Other days, you kinda just win out of nowhere.


    ...I keep winning out of nowhere, and continue to be surprised whenever it happens. 😅


    On a slightly different note, 600 Content Count get!

  23. Uuuh... You seem to have found a bit of a sequence break- you're not supposed to be able to leave the past until you're done with the story for that period in the first place. I believe I know a way back, though: there should be a fully functional Timesplicer Crystal in the cave system on Route 9. If I remember correctly, it connects to the mansion just south of Hiyoshi, so it's probably your best bet. Hopefully that helps?
  24. Gastrodon and eelektross, eh? Those are some real nice pickings you've got there~! Seems a bit odd that there isn't a single Steel Type in your list after you made the claim you did, though. Unless your trying to predict GameFreak's future design choices...? Anyway! I see that you're a Vet, so welcome back to the Reborn Evolved Forums! If you need to, be sure to read back up on the rules. Feel free to check out all we have to offer, and above all else, enjoy your stay~!
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