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  1. Lesson learned: never stand between Dimitri and his food. And now, for a stream of thought! "Wait, is that Kido?" "...Could be a coincidence. It's not like earphone-print hoodies are the most spectacular of fashion choices." "Oh, hello Konoha. Nice to see that your weird face circles are as prominent as ever." So, uh, I hadn't expected to encounter another Kagepro fan over on this side. Though I'm not sure how reasonable an assumption that was to make in retrospect...
  2. New vid! And the corresponding article on the main site: here Pokemon, you confuse me. First, you say that Dragons are the pokemon dealing with lifeforce, then you have Fairies steal that away from them. And now you have a pokemon that actively thrives on the lifeforce of others, and you go and make it pure Psychic Typed? When what it actually means to be "Psychic" is already muddled to begin with? On the flipside, I now feel a bit justified in holding my ground with Shield even after the Sirfetch'd reveal.
  3. "If I draw chibis this time, maybe this drawing will be done quickly!"


    *Several hours later*


    "...Guess the person doesn't matter so much if I'm just gonna go ham on these crystal formations, huh?" 😅

  4. I noticed it as well. It's starting to feel like Galarian Zigzagoon was only added so that people couldn't say that Regional Variants have only been Genwunner pandering, which... Well, I don't like it when colleges pull that nonsense, and there's no reason to excuse GF from the sentiment just because they aren't an post-secondary learning institution.
  5. They'll likely claim impidimp as well, since that wasn't technically revealed officially quite yet, but aside from that... You're correct. There's still a little under 8 hours left for the stream, though, so a third 'mon could still crop up before the end.
  6. "Alright, everypony, does anyone know where Borea Ember is?" Help, I might be taking the joke too far! Hey, at least that shot wasn't obscured by impidimp deciding it was a good time to breathe on the camera lens again. That wasn't exactly the nicest play, GameFreak.
  7. "If we give it a ton of alternate wing designs, maybe it won't feel so lonely!"-someone trying to pitch vivillon to Sugimori's design team On the plus side, it's certainly quite a good 'mon despite its 'Early Route Bug" status- and without needing to resort to an HA, at that!
  8. "Bug Types have become too strong. We must nerf them somehow!" "Uh, couldn't we just put that bad ones in and leave it at that?" "No! They must be made non-existent!" "...Not even butterfree's allowed?" "...Fine. But only because it's from Gen. 1!" Yup, seems like a ridiculous prospect to me. Surely they've got something chitinous in the works, right?
  9. I somehow failed to figure out that it being October means that it's also Inktober until earlier, so I'm only now getting around to working on Day 2: Mindless. Whoopsie~!

  10. There was a galloping sound when a vague pinkish blob passed by the top-right corner, so it does make some sense. ...I do find it a bit odd that they brought slurpuff back when they already have alcremie, though. Helps out the folks who want to run a bakery-themed team, I guess, but ther's almost enough dual-Typed Fairies to make a reasonably balanced Mono-team without having to double dip on the Single-Types at this point.
  11. Honestly, I misinterpreted this stuff as dataminers somehow managing to get into the game a month and a half early when I first saw the story yesterday. Granted, I wasn't exactly thinking the straightest in general at the time, but that was a bit of a shock regardless...
  12. Okay, so I'm probably not the most qualified to help here (this a single battle back in V9, and I mostly cheesed it with Minimize grimer at the time), but I did a little research to try anyway. It's recommended to keep the scraggy alive for a bit since it's largely non-threatening (Paralysis makes it even less so, of course), and chimecho messes up a large chunk of his team despite its coverage against Psychic Types. Chingling can be found in the villages grass at night, and evolves through Happiness (also at night), so it'll take some effort to actually get. I've also heard a lot of how natu breaks so many of the early Gyms, though I remain unconvinced. If you want to give it a try anyway, they can be found in the Amethyst Cave. Edit: Well, guess I got a bit accelgor'd on that last one
  13. The second part of the sidequest doesn't become available until you beat the Steel Gym though that does mean that your levels should be enough to handle the trainers involved. Go forth and sweep the last three Gym Leaders* with your newfound power! *When the game is completed, in the last one's case
  14. Our very own Amethyst made a tutorial video series a few years back, so maybe that'll help you out? Here's the first vid (along with the whole playlist, of course). Happy spriting!
  15. Welp, this day went much, much worse than expected. Sudden short-term family drama cost me too much time and left me having to travel six miles on foot, and thus caused me to show up far late to orientation and potentially to lose my one legitimate chance at getting the stable income I need to attempt (potentially in vain) to break out of the long-term family drama. I'm friggin' tired of this BS! 😠

    1. Clutterfunky


      bruh SIX MILES WHAT

  16. The absol appears as a wild battle during one of the Void-related Help Quests in Sashila Village; as such, it's pretty late into the game at the moment.
  17. You're not the only one struggling to find motivation at the Circus, GreatFawn- a few folks that frequent the Status Updates section can attest that I've kinda dropped the ball there, myself. I've found that the issue extends a bit before the Circus, itself, however- the Exp. Curve gets seriously janked up once you hit Route 1, gradually making you fall more and more behind both the level cap and the Gym Leaders' levels, but it tends to get noticed very much since Luna is unusually easy for most people despite it. And then Samson shows up actually having comparable difficulty to his team's levels, on top of his ace being a full 6 levels stronger than everything else he has. Seeing as I showed up at the Circus already 6 levels lower than most of his team this time despite having already spent hours grinding before Radomus and Luna this time, and remember not being much better on my first playthrough either, and yeah. I think this part of the game is definitely a major stopgap against further progress. Sadly, knowing why I've stalled out doesn't mean that I have any advice legitimate against it for my fellow players. If I did, I wouldn't be stalled out, ya know?
  18. Piloswine technically gets Ancient Power at Lv. -, so the Move Relearner in the Onyx Ward will get the job done in this case. You'd be amazed by how much weird stuff is hidden away at that unattainable level...
  19. In this case, it's very likely that the in-universe reasoning for the name and the reasoning from a design perspective are very different; my previous post outlined the latter. In the scene itself, she basically had to come up with the name on the spot (she knew was going to be different, but certainly not that much so), and the situation meant that she didn't have much time to really think about it. Her mind was largely split between being in all of her new form and focusing on the immensely powerful enemy before her, so she probably did just throw two relevant words together in a hurry. The divide between name design and in-universe reasoning is actually present in delphoxes as a whole, though. The species' English name is derived from Delphi, which was the name of a very specific shrine in ancient Greece. It's a reasonable choice for us, players, since we can use that knowledge to extrapolate the fact that delphoxes are closely tied to prophecies; in-universe, however, it makes no sense. The Pokemon World doesn't have Greece (it may have a Greece-like place, but not the nation specifically), yet alone that one particular shrine! And that's not even going into the ambiguity attached to pokemon whose names are derived from real world animals that's just as present in this case. ...I should probably stop analyzing the names of fictional creatures.
  20. Okay, let's see what I can do for this... >Lacking EVs is definitely a major restriction on a pokemon's power, but it's also possible that it doesn't have spectacular IVs+Nature as well. It's a bit difficult for to gauge this particular case without seeing the charizard itself, admittedly. Charizard's a bit of an interesting case among pokemon, since it's mechanically opposite (and similarly powerful) Mega Evolutions means that it could run either offense. >Common Candies exist primarily to give players a way to work around Reborn's level cap system, and really don't have much use beyond that. As for the Friendship system, the mechanics behind it don't actually matter for the vast majority of pokemon, so I wouldn't worry about it too much unless you really want to use Mega Pinsir or raise a budew. >A pokemon does indeed get EVs just for participating in the fight; and unlike Exp., it isn't split between all participating pokemon, so if three pokemon help take down a blissey without fainting, they'd all earn 3 HP Evs. EV training without assistance of any kind is extremely tedious, however, so I'd recommend earning enough Department Store stickers to unlock the 4th floor. This will let you buy the Power Items, which add an additional 8 EVs to their related stat for each foe the holder participates against (so if a pokemon holding the Power Anklet were to take down a machamp, it would get both +3 Attack EVs and +8 Speed EVs). The second floor also happens to carry the "Friendship Berries", which have a "side effect" of removing 10 EVs from their respective stat, which is handy for doing stuff like getting rid of useless Sp. Attack EVs from a scizor. If you haven't done any of the Department Store Sticker Quests yet, this guide should prove most helpful here~ >It's not possible for us players to get a full 252 EVs in every single stat, sadly, which is why it's recommended to focus on just two. In Reborn, however, you don't need to level up in order to have your earned EVs take effect- they just do so automatically. This does mean that even pokemon obtained at Lv. 100 can gain benefits from them, so save your Common Candies! >I personally soft reset for event pokemons' IVs to be good, and would suggest doing that yourself when dealing with them due to the relative ease of doing so. Getting the most important stats at a minimum of 14 is a pretty reasonable goal, I feel, since trying get everything at their maximum value is ridiculously tedious and uses up a lot of extra time that could've been used EV training the pokemon, or continuing the story, or doing sidequests, etc. Of course, keeping one that did manage to get absolutely amazing IVs is an ideal you should definitely take advantage of if given the opportunity. Randomly encountered pokemon, on the other hand, are... a lot more difficult to work with here, since they aren't guaranteed encounters. If it's a common species, catching a few specimens and taking the best among them is certainly a fine strategy, but you're hunting for a pokemon with 5% or lower encounter rate (I'm looking at you, dunsparce), then... Well, I hear that the Daycare couple could still use some assistance repairing their financial situation after what Team Meteor did to them.
  21. Resetting the save file deletes all save data, including limited-time events. Adding to the fact that online functionality for Nintendo DS/DSi games went kaput a while ago, and most of the PWT download events were expired a bit before that happened, and yeah, they'd be gone for good.
  22. ...Come to think of it, the player is (usually) a lawful criminal in this game- we are guilty of an awful lot of pokenapping, are we not? Though I doubt that Adam and Valerie are quite so guilty...
  23. ...That doesn't exactly work, seeing as this thread is in the Rejuvenation subforum... Given that information, your only option for Types that don't have any early game representation is to gen something in. For the other Types, this thread should be helpful for planning out your team throughout the game.
  24. Okay, so let's go through these one at a time, all right >A pokemon's stats are a combination of a collection of mechanics: Base Stats, Nature Modifiers, Individual Values (IVs), and Effort Values (EVs). The latter three mechanics are complex enough to get their own tab, but base stats are pretty important on their own, since these are what shape a pokemon species' intended purpose in battle. For example, charizard's base Special Attack is 109, while chansey's is at a much smaller base 35, so charizard is much better suited at spewing out Flamethrowers all over the place. Chansey, however, does have base 250 HP, compared to charizard's base 78, so it's better at surviving said Flamethrowers. >Abilities are one of the more substantial parts of the game, since they are almost as varied as the attacks themselves. Most Abilities do very different things, ranging from granting immunities (Levitate, Motor Drive, etc.), raising the user's stats under certain circumstances (Moxie, Moodie, etc.), or inflicting status effects when touched (Effect Spore, Flame Body, etc.). Every species of pokemon only has a small list of specific Abilities they can potentially have, however; charizard, for example, can only choose between Blaze (increases the power of its Fire-Typed attacks by 1.5x when at low HP) and Solar Power (raises the power of all Special Attacks by 1.5x while Sunny Day is active, at the cost of some HP). The Ability Capsule lets you change the pokemon's Ability from this list in case you don't like its current one. >As mentioned earlier, the term "EV" is short for "Effort Value". These are a collection of points toward specific stats a pokemon earns when defeating another in battle, with the type and number of EVs being determined by the enemy defeated. Chansey and audino, for example, will always give 2 HP EVs each on defeat. Collecting 4 EVs in a particular stat gives an actual point in that stat. As such, if you had two otherwise identical pokemon whose only difference was that one had earned 12 EVs in Attack, the one with the EVs would have 3 more Attack than the other. A pokemon can earn up to 252 EVs in a particular stat, for a total of 42 additional points in that stat, and can achieve this number in two different stats; it's highly recommended that one focuses on two stats like this when dealing with EVs, as the game's major opponents do the same thing. >The items giving enemies stat increases upon entry are Seeds, a collection of four items that are all tied to a particular list of Field Effects. The Synthetic Seed, for example, will activate in the Factory, Short-Circuit, and Glitch Fields, but will be completely useless if you attempt to use it on the Fairy Tale, Desert, or Forest Fields. Using these properly requires extensive understanding of the Field Effect system, which is much more complex in Reborn than it is in the main games, so I wouldn't worry about these too much quite yet. >...I'm gonna assume that by "pokemon with big, dark eyes", you mean the PULSE Pokemon. These are basically artificial Mega Evolutions (temporary super forms introduced in Gen. 6) that, in Reborn's case, act more like raid bosses than standard enemies; as such, we don't get them. >Since I mentioned them before, I should go ahead and explain Natures and IVs as well. A pokemon's Nature is a modifier the pokemon's base stats, usually adding 10% to one stat at the cost of 10% to another. The ideal way to use these is to have increase go to a stat you really want more of, and the decrease to a stat that's... completely useless to the pokemon (pinsir's base 55 Sp. Attack isn't exactly doing much compared to its base 125 Attack, ya know?). Note that unlike EVs and IVs, a pokemon's Nature will never affect its HP. This can be changed by an NPC on 7th Street for 3 Hear Scales, so don't worry if your pokemon don't have great ones at the moment. Here's a list of every Nature and what stats they affect. IVs, or Individual Values, are a bit more straightforward than EVs and Natures, but in return aren't changeable in Reborn (and are notably invisible in the main games for some reason). In short, when a pokemon is generated by the game, a random number between 0 and 31 is generated for every single one of its stats. As the pokemon levels up, it slowly gains more and more actual points in its stats until it's gotten to the generated number at Lv. 100. As such, a pokemon with 0 IVs in a given stat would be substantially weaker in that stat than an otherwise identical one with 31 IVs. As IVs are completely random in most cases, there isn't a reasonable difference between wild pokemon and those obtained from in-game events (like picking the starter, in charizard's case). The following is an image of the the EV/IV page in the pokemon's summary: >The enemies in Reborn are indeed on the upper ends of power. In most cases, they have 31 IVs across the board, ideal Natures, and from Shade onward, full EV focused allotments (and even the, the bosses before that still have some assigned). There's even a boss towards the end of the current build that but the game is at least kind enough to warn you when that's about to come up. This game is designed to be harder than the main games, and maximizing stats is one of the ways they go about doing it (I mentioned elsewhere that Reborn's Fire Gym Leader would utterly wreck Kalos' Fire Elite Four Member -even if she lost access to her ace- despite being slightly lower leveled, and I honestly don't think that's an exaggeration). Hopefully, this will have helped clear some things up a bit without making you even more confused than before. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions!
  25. Well, guess that checks out well for ya, then! Keep in mind that the cave needs to be in "light" mode for you to actually find the TM in question (though "dark" mode's TM Dark Pulse isn't exactly a bad find either).
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