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  1. Oh no, I've only recently started my intense run *gulps* Spirit keta is as far as ive gotten as of the moment, took a little bit of strategy to beat thanks to his assortment of stupidly powerful fully evolved mons. Seriously why the fuck does he need a Donphan and a frigging Gallade?!
  2. Lost a very important member of my team today - my Kricketune thanks to Fern's dreadful Dartrix.




    I was cocky and was sure I'd OHKO with my 5th Fury Cutter, but it still held on and demolished me 😞


    I wanted to take on Florinia today but no longer in the mood for it...

  3. Get Detect on your Yanmega so you get a free speed boost. It's too frail to take hits, unless they're resisted. As a general rule I only switch in to Yanmega when I predict a move that is 4x weak to it I.e., Grass, bug, fighting So switch in, detect and watch it wreck havoc
  4. Hello again, fellow Rejuvenation enthusiasts! I originally decided to document this because I have the memory of a sea crustacean and wanted to keep track of the story. Rejuvenation is such a big game with so many characters, heavily dependent on plot and yadayada, most of you already know this - so one way I could ensure that I could be up to speed with interesting. My original purpose is for myself to look back at this thread one day while playing V15 in 2030 and go "Ohhhhh, killing the player was actually an act of true love" or "Ohhhhh, no wonder Venam is a little bitch". Anyways... Let's get this thing going. - - - - - - - 6: Keta-genic
  5. Defeated Pulse! Tangrowth with 1 mon, with more than half HP.

    Person who guesses the mon correctly gets this little guy I personally bred here:



    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. RedAlert


      That's a sweet gesture, thank you very much.


      Saves me a lot of headache training that Lvl 30 Gible I have in my PC 😛

    3. Candy


      Lol I meant tranquil xD but in any case wow! Who would've known gulping was the MVP!

    4. HellBoyOnEarth


      Well u can also defeat it with an Bronzor(when you get one from the egg somwhere(Can't remember where)),

      I did it in my psychic run 🙂

  6. My Reborn Nuzlocke is doing pretty well!


    I've defeated Julia and lost four mons so far... one to the Rollout Minior which I had to kill off to prevent Marshtomp from dying.


    I lost two others to wild encounters which was agonizing after the fuckton of training I gave them...


    I'll make a thread on this if I am able to make it past Corey without any severe casualties...

  7. Attempting to nuzlocke Reborn again.

    Let's hope I do better than last time.

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    2. Candy


      mudkip is def one of the best starters for nuzlocke in Reborn but beware of sonic boom 😛

      and will you be changing your poochyena's ability later on? moxie mightyena is god-tier good

    3. RedAlert


      Doesn't run away become moxie? Because that's what I thought...

      If not, there's an ability capsule hidden somewhere that I'll use.

    4. Candy


      I think it's rattled (HA) that becomes moxie 🙂

  8. It's difficult to effectively critique Rejuvenation without citing Reborn as the latter was the inspiration for this game and several others. There is an unconscious expectation level for the player when told "here's a game that is similar to Reborn!", and reflexively Reborn is the yardstick set for rating it. It'll be even more difficult for me to do so as I finished E18 of Reborn very recently (which I wrote a little review about here), but I'll do my best to see it as a stand-alone game. But first I will say that to some extent, Rejuv is on par with Reborn - even surpassing it in certain aspects. It has stellar graphics, outstanding music and the work done on the animation is sometimes outright gorgeous that I cannot believe that it's a fangame. Yet, somewhere along the line it just fails to deliver the quality and satisfaction we want. WARNING: Spoilers ahead for V11! (spoiler tags aren't working for some reason) I finished the latest release (V11) of Rejuvenation earlier today which was very plot-heavy, involving a lot of the major cast. The sequences which gave you control over Ren and Melia were a great touch, and it was refreshing to walk around with a perfect Greninja OHKOing everything. The lore is more mystic-centric, and a lot of the work put in the game tend towards the visual side. Stories are told extremely well visually, which is something I have to give a lot of credit to the devs for, as there are many fangames that attempt these and fail miserably. It's when it gets to the actual plot where my views shift. My first issue is that I feel a lot of the characters are dull and poorly developed. It's widely agreed that the reason for this is because of the sheer number of characters that are brought into the story - which leaves little room for development of said characters. Many characters are assholes for the purpose of being assholes. The player is constantly belittled and made fun of and told that he/she are weak. We whoop that character's ass and it's an excuse of - "Hmph. This isn't my true power. You're laughably weak." The recycle of that formula and application of that to many characters is irksome and provides no benefit positively. And even the ones that are made out to be good people are so stuck-up and self-righteous that it adds another level to the irksomeness. In addition to this, tragedy in this game is forced into the story just so a plot exists. It's an explanation as to why a certain character has a motivation or behaves in a particular way - but it's often poorly executed. Erin plays the no-nonsense girl who keeps away from people because she was bullied. It's an understandable outcome, but the other kids made fun of her for reasons I just find hard to fully justify as reasons to be made fun of. For one, because her mother died. Now I realize that kids can be immature and insensitive assholes, but it's over-the-top things like these that make the game off-putting. Rejuv attempts to victimize many people who have it somewhat difficult - which I can understand, it's not all their fault - but making the environment the sole reason for the creation of a disaster of a person is something I do not agree with. Simply put, it is my firm belief that the story needs more polish, several layers of it. And I'm not saying that it's because the devs aren't creative enough to come up with a good story. I'm saying that I feel it's because of a lack of effort on their part towards the story aspect of Rejuv, because most of their effort has gone to the game design rather than the world-building of it. And it's not even necessarily a bad thing, because touching upon these things can really transform this into something amazing. That being said, I still can't deny that Pokemon Rejuvenation is a game that is very enjoyable despite these glaring faults. It has some genuine gold content to it that make it... urhem... rejuvenating. (I'll walk myself out) And that's why I'll still keep playing, because after all, let's be honest - we're here to assemble mons to beat the shit out of other mons. _________________________________________________ Two new party members on completion:
  9. @Commander it has to be 1 since I don't use mods at all (uninstalled and deleted all mods or anything that can tamper with the game, including RPG Maker). All the fonts are installed as well. I'll test out option 1 and see if it works.
  10. Just tried this out, the moment I pressed "synopsis" on the main menu the game crashes. Unfortunately I did not check what kind of error it displayed, but if anyone wants to test this, it's right after you're given your starter and battle Cain and Victoria, inside the Grand Hall. Edit: Just to clarify, the game shows the synopsis completely, but crashes once we've read it through.
  11. The Rotom-Wash is still on her team in E18, although only in doubles, if I recollect. And you don't really get a chance to set up much in doubles, do you? Unless you have a baitmon
  12. Spent three consecutive days with zero regards to personal health to finally catch up to the latest release.

    Now to catch'em all.

    Or probably complete Rejuvenation V11.

  13. I literally finished E18 5 minutes ago (well probably an hour and five minutes by the time I finish writing this), and I got to say, what a roller coaster of a ride it has been. Now to critique this game is impossible for me. I would love to write an entire review on it one day, but I'll keep it to when the game is completed. For now I will say this: It's flawed, but that's what makes this game great. It doesn't always have the best visuals, but that's what makes it beautiful at the most unsuspecting times. It's so dynamic that I have trouble keeping up with it. Whenever I played the original games I always used to double check every trainer, every location, talk twice to some people to see if the dialogue changes and was almost always disappointed as everyone seemed so... static and boring. Reborn solves that problem entirely because people overlap activities at will, walking around, talking in the background (for example, beating the Meteor grunts [or technically, aces] at Agate City causes the other gym leaders to progress through the area as well. If you check Sierra and Florinia, they won't be battling the same grunts once you've defeated some yourself). Going back and forth from area to area, the incorporation of countless puzzles that give you the satisfaction of completion along with a reward that seems well received. In essence.... the official games spoil you. They give you too much without any effort or strategy. They hail you as a hero for utilization of simple battle tactics revolving around mere type effectiveness. I have to say that despite the increase in quality of the visuals in recent Pokemon games, they have highly diminished in quality with poor storytelling (aside from a couple I needn't mention), forgettable rivals and characters. Reborn on the other hand, laughs at you at the start. You're a paltry, insignificant outsider who has nothing of value, outside of admittance into the Reborn League. The build up, the transition from this beginner who has to crawl through the slums, walk through lava and numerous other seemingly insurmountable obstacle to the very pinnacle of strength that causes everyone to look upon you with wonder, and hail upon you phrases such as: Oh Ame, you smooth-talking puzzle-crazed sadist, you have no idea how I blushed when I was referred to as "the golden child" Thank you The Glass Factory was honestly the best thing that happened to me in this game. I was so overprepared for this and used my best team and it honestly felt like I was leagues ahead of everyone at the end of it. And guess what? I get the corresponding level of praise. You know the best part of this, aside from the compliments thrown at us? It was REALISTIC. AF. If you notice the third consecutive battle (the one against Radomus and Serra) you'll notice that your Pokemon will have healed up, but the moves have the same PP as from the last battle. Bennett threw Full Restores at you, but doesn't do anything about power points, which reflects in the battle. It's little things like these that make me swoon at the attention to detail on these things, in such a massive game. ... However, it isn't without faults. I've wanted to throw my brand new laptop across the room because some battles are just startlingly unfair. Now the fact is, I am a bad Pokemon player. And I admit it. But there are times when I have saved before a battle and Rock Slide has caused my Pokemon to flinch 32 times in a row despite my Pokemon using Double Team and having a Lax Incense to reduce accuracy and Rock Slide's lower accuracy - that's a probability of (0.3x0.9)^32 = 6.3626854e-19 (0.0000000000000000006362854) happening in 1. Obviously the fairness compartment of the game has been tweaked somewhat to increase the difficulty - something I dislike a lot. I would prefer if the natural laws or powers that be would resurface so as to make this game enjoyable overall. Also not a big fan of the field effects. I get it. It's Reborn's thing and it makes sense that certain moves would have varying powers in varying locations. But I would prefer if a gym leader would use strategy to counter the trainer rather than use absurdly overpowered powerups that have to be adjusted to always. The very advanced Pokemon trainer would find counterplays to this, but most of it was the utilization of the same field effects against the opponents or other pokemon that straight up wall or brute force their way through these. (Of course the satisfaction of watching Acrobatics demolish everyone on Samson's team is second to none, but I think I've made my feelings clear) About the area themselves - I hate the desert. Hate it so much. I dropped the game at E17 for around a year because of this danged thing. I know it's a necessity ('coz what's Pokemon without every type of area?) but gah it was so agonizing. Eventually I lost all hope and had to resort to YouTube for these puzzles. ... And that's my take on Reborn. Here is a list of the members I used ingame. I know it's more than the average person would use, but I've always loved being a builder and catching as many interesting Pokemon I like, or haven't used. There is no single best Pokemon in my team, but if I have to give someone that title, it goes to my ace, Serperior. I took 30+ hours breeding and training her to get the right set of IVs and EVs, plus the HP Fire down sometime around last year; the Contrary + Leaf Storm combo was amazing from the start. I have used her in every gym bar the Ice gym and never ever has she disappointed. (I should really get some more finishing hits in here as proof of victory) Noteworthy mentions: Bronzong - what a champion this fella is. Tanks hits and sets up Light Screen and you got one indestructible motherfucker. Steelix - I've always been a favor of the glass cannon type , till I met this boi. Got him from the hiker in Peridot ward, and served me faithfully up till now. My first Mega Krookodile - Do you know how fast and hard this Pokemon hits? I thought he was overrated but I could not be more wrong Walrein - Nearly always survived a hit from the deadliest of foes. My personal favorite moment is when he tanked a hit from Solaris' Mega Garchomp and anhilated it with a single Blizzard. Golurk - The champion of champions. Also was one of my tankiest builds, yet still hit like a truck. Was responsible for the win against Charlotte and Titania Not the finishing hit but he tanked a Swords Dance boosted Shadow Sneak with around half HP to spare, which let him deal the final blow with ease. (Have to mention that Swords Dance is a +3 on this stage) Megas (used in this run): 1. Steelix - The wins at Glass Factory were sealed thanks to three Pokemon - Serperior, Bronzong and this boi 2. Aerodactyl - Used at Agate vs Solaris final battle 3. Manectric - Used vs. Hardy I am proud to say that I have used zero mods (not even the weather or TMX mods) and this game is as clean and cheatfree as a... well, you get what I'm trying to say. Now, to complete the Pokedex, and to finish off any pending sidequests so I can satisfy my inner perfectionist
  14. I did it! Strategy: 1. Starmie - Lead with Bronzong - Light Screen, switch to Serperior, Leaf Storm + Giga Drain - KO 2. Ludicolo - Switch to Jellicent - Toxic, Hex, Recover, Hex, Ultra Potion Bronzong (I hated doing this ) 3. Swampert - Switch back to Serperior, barely tanks a Dive and Giga Drain - KO 4. Wishiwashi - switch to Bronzong, Light Screen, switch to Umbreon, Wish + Baton Pass to Serperior - Leaf Storm - KO 5. Kingra - Switch to Manectric (holding an Assault Vest) who tanked a Devastating Drake with 1/2 HP, Thunders the fuck out of that Kingdra (underwater field helped) 6. Lapras - Switch back to Bronzong, Light Screen again who faints and switch back to Serperior - final Leaf Storm and Giga Drain takes it out Second try, after I made the mistake of trying to take on the Ludicolo with Serperior. Just doesn't happen xD Now to attempt the doubles version, probably going to be a bigger pain in the ass It was really annoying since all of her mons were both bulky AND fast - every single one of them was capable of outspeeding my fastest Pokemon, Wishiwashi included
  15. Good lord the amount of things I have to consider is giving me a headache... Thanks.
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