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  1. You're a life-saver. Thank you very much! And thanks for the link, will check it out
  2. I only got half of that xD Is there a link to this event? I'd love to participate Btw, I'm available to trade. My username is RedAlert.
  3. I can give you a Shiny Rockruff which has 31 IVs in Attack and Speed and shiny Steelix and Ursaring. And yeah I can give you 2 heart scales and a focus sash if you'd like those. Thanks a lot, big help Edit: Btw, can you expand more on this Wonder Trade?
  4. I'm looking for 3 Pokemon that I've been unable to find to complete my Pokedex. They are: Solrock Fletchling Sigilyph Anyone willing to trade me those? In return, I can breed and give you anything you require if you give me some time Thanks!
  5. Can anyone trade me a Whismur? I Trying to complete the Pokedex but can't because I missed this encounter...

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    2. RedAlert




      Waiting for your request

    3. RedAlert
    4. seki108


      Enjoy you completed dex

  6. My starter is serperior and it's literally the mvp. Do u not have contrary on it? Leaf Storm + Glare set is fantastic, try it out
  7. Do u mean like a 31IV one? I'll have to breed one if so... For now, I have this one here:
  8. I'm trying to complete the Pokedex but it looks like I've missed my chance on Misdreavus... I've also been soft-resetting in front of a mining rock for days looking for an Odd Keystone. Can anyone help me out here? Willing to trade anything you want.
  9. Does Absol still have a chance of holding a Life Orb? I've been at it for 10 hours with Compound Eyes Scatterbug...

    1. not Azery

      not Azery

      Not as of gen 7 anymore.

    2. RedAlert


      Thank you for saving me from further anguish

  10. Happy Birthday hope you had a good day

    1. RedAlert


      I had a lovely day, hope you one as well 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

    1. RedAlert


      Thank you very much, hope you have a great day as well 😄

    2. LykosHand


      Thanks a lot 😄and you're welcome 😉

  12. I'm such an idiot. I've never played Spork before and I downloaded DDL, thinking it was the main game and finished it first. Was wondering what the hell was going on...
  13. Oh no, I've only recently started my intense run *gulps* Spirit keta is as far as ive gotten as of the moment, took a little bit of strategy to beat thanks to his assortment of stupidly powerful fully evolved mons. Seriously why the fuck does he need a Donphan and a frigging Gallade?!
  14. Lost a very important member of my team today - my Kricketune thanks to Fern's dreadful Dartrix.




    I was cocky and was sure I'd OHKO with my 5th Fury Cutter, but it still held on and demolished me 😞


    I wanted to take on Florinia today but no longer in the mood for it...

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