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  1. Sennaton

    i need help

    Emulator: https://www.nogba.com/ open game, go to cheats choose ar or action replay or something similar, paste this: B2101D40 00000000DA000000 000233ECD4000000 00000001D3000000 00000000D7000000 02FFFD0092FFFD00 000001EDD5000000 00000001D0000000 00000000B2101D40 00000000C0000000 0000000BD7000000 000233ECDC000000 00000006D2000000 00000000
  2. Sennaton

    Trading Center

    anyone got a female eevee?
  3. Sennaton

    Online Usernames

    Username: Sennaton13244 Trainer name: Sennaton
  4. Sennaton

    Looking for Battle Master Thread

    Online username: Sennaton13244 available mostly sun-thu usually 12pm-10pm Random field, I play competitively and casually
  5. Sennaton

    Follower Pokemon for E17

    "Our" battle cry sounds like you're part of a team, just remove the a from there
  6. Sennaton

    Episode 18: Void-kissed, now available!

    awesome! now I can enact my grand scheme to get an egg from the slums area(and not mess with my party when getting eggs from the daycare man)
  7. need help making trainer sprites and their vs sprites, also need help making vs sprites for certain legendary pokemon(starting with the lake trio for testing purposes), also need help with story if anyone's interested
  8. Sennaton

    the finer parts of chaos, chipped away

    darn, now i might just restart (again) just for the train bit XD
  9. Sennaton

    So Here I am Again

    ooh! as for the earthquake issue, you'll at least get one turn without having to worry with the ballon item, it breaks when hit with a non-ground move though
  10. Sennaton

    So Here I am Again

    jolteon with thunder (and discharge for lightning rod) ,with the ability volt absorb, pair it with raichu in double battles XD provided no one knows earthquake
  11. Sennaton

    Jank and the Memestalk

    hate to ruin your day.... but i caught a bug using WINE where if you revive a fainted pokemon during a double battle while already on your last Pokemon(singular) then the newly revived pokemon won't appear on-screen