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  1. You know what's heartbreaking? Everyone keeps asking "what happened to Dorcas?" but not "how is Dorcas?"

    1. Commander


      But...what happened to Dorcas?

    2. Gentleman Jaggi

      Gentleman Jaggi

      "I ate some bad mutton, but otherwise I feel alright."

  2. Where you found Reborn from

    A random 9gag post, in the summer of 2016, with a screenshot of Reborn (specifically, the starter room). And in true 9gag fashion, game wasn't mentioned in title, it just said something like "A great Pokemon game, and it's made by fans" or something along those lines. But thankfully plenty of comments and people mentioning that it is "Pokemon Reborn"
  3. no one like this post

  4. What I Think Each Member Sounds Like

    I is curious uwu
  5. PBS Files for the game?

    Here is his About Me: http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/profile/48130-jan/&tab=field_core_pfield_14 Just scroll down a bit and you'll see a link to the PBS files
  6. A bit extreme, don't you think? While it can be inconvenient to not have the appropriate description, I think that may be a bit too dramatic. For all we know, Jan may have just forgot to put that bit of information given that he is also working on a lot of other things in the game (excluding the dev team he got now, Rejuv was mainly a solo project). I see it as more of a "bug" where players who used the move and saw the issue should tell in the bug-reporting thread (or whatever medium there is). I'm sure Jan would add that small bit of description ("It reduces the target's Speed.") if he knew of the mistake.
  7. Today I Learned

    TIL that Rejuv uses the normal surf sprite when lava surfing. And I can't stop laughing at the thought of a water pokemon going on lava, melting as it surfs across and saying "it's fine"
  8. Hi guys, thought your friendly Xenogene scripter could give an update on how things progressing. A lot of neat features planned on being implemented into the game such as a Ready Menu in the style of BW/B2W2 among a whole decent set of features, some small some noticeably bigger. Or that would be the case. But unfortunately, I also come with some bad news. One of the spriters, Atticus, was fiddling around with the OW (overworld) sprites, and broke Xenogene. Zumi is crying, I've given up, and Might Gai (another one of the spriters) is working on the scripts for some reason. He believes he can fix it. So, all the best to him. Sadly, this also means we cannot guarantee if a demo will be released this year, if at all.
  9. i picked charmander as starter but i want arceus. edit save file of vidya gaem pls 

  10. fella

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    2. Bibs


      for the sake of humanity, I also believe it is a wise choice not to pass azerys genes on.

    3. Azeria


      I'm boutta get yo ass

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      azery I wanna report abuse by user @Nice Day

  11. Happy Birthday, Jan

    Hey man, Happy Birthday! Have a great day and hope you have an awesome year ahead. Make sure to take care of yourself and rest a little every now and then
  12. Happy Birthday Sheep

    Hey, Sheep, happy birthday my dude! Have a great one
  13. Do you wear shoes and/or socks indoors?

    Slippers indoors, never shoes. And I'll wear socks depending on how cold it is
  14. JERIICHOO :)

    Happy bday Jericho! Have a great day and year ahead.