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  1. fella

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    2. Nice Day

      Nice Day

      for the sake of humanity, I also believe it is a wise choice not to pass azerys genes on.

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      Doug Dimmadome

      I'm boutta get yo ass

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      azery I wanna report abuse by user @Nice Day

  2. Happy Birthday, Jan

    Hey man, Happy Birthday! Have a great day and hope you have an awesome year ahead. Make sure to take care of yourself and rest a little every now and then
  3. Happy Birthday Sheep

    Hey, Sheep, happy birthday my dude! Have a great one
  4. Do you wear shoes and/or socks indoors?

    Slippers indoors, never shoes. And I'll wear socks depending on how cold it is

    Happy bday Jericho! Have a great day and year ahead.
  6. Hello Reborn!

    Hello and welcome o/ As Arkhi has said, there are plenty of people from different countries. You may definitely find someone from your own. And plenty of friendly folk around here, so don't be afraid to chime in if there is a discussion that picks your fancy. And you may also wanna check out the discord as plenty of people frequent it and tend to be there. Hope you enjoy your stay here
  7. What is your favorite/lucky number?

    I see what you did there :^) I like multiples of 5, they feel wholesome. But as a computer scientist, 2 also feels like a very wholesome number. And multiples of such numbers are better. E.g. 10, 20. But powers of them are even better (10 = 2^1 x 5^1, 100 = 2^2 x 5^2, 1000 = 2^3 x 5^3)
  8. I have been really enjoying your written run, especially the small quips in brackets. But for some reason, the above statement just made me lose it. Hope you continue your run, and your thoughts on it. Insightful and very enjoyable
  9. Bazzy Boozy its time to shine^^

    Happy birthday Baz Have a great day and a great year ahead
  10. The day has finally come, lets Celebrate :)

    Happy Birthday Dan. Hope you have a great day and a great year ahead. Don't forget to take care of yourself and enjoy
  11. The 'That Feel When' topic

    tfw you have time and wanna play games but realize you have no motivation to play them
  12. Predict the Next Person to Post

    Oh looky, I've been summoned Anstane?
  13. Get to know your fellow Members!

    Name: Saad Age: 24 Birthday: 25th February Location: New Jersey, USA (currently) Height: 5'10" Hair Color: Black (and some white hair thanks to stress) Eye Color: Brown Live With: With my flatmates Pets?: None Relationships?: Nope Crushes lately?: Not any currently Dream Job: Game development, but Google would be pretty freaking cool tbh Currently Playing: Overwatch Favourite Food: I love all kinds of foods. But lately quite partial to pastas. Favourite Drink: Water Favourite Color: Green or Blue, but generally favour green more Favourite kind of Music: Depends more on the tune, but I generally prefer rock and metal Favourite Band: Don't really have any but lately been listening to a lot of Waggaki Band Favourite Album: None tbh Favourite Game: pokemon platinum Favourite Genre of Game: adventure, rpg, tactical rpg, and rts Favourite Hobbies: watching anime, and playing games with friends Favourite Movies: Eh, don't really have a specific favourite Favourite Shows: Code Geass
  14. Predict the Next Person to Post

    No. Anstane?