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  1. It is me, Sardines. Also known as Papa Fish. Tempy?
  2. You were expecting Micky, but it was ME, Sardines. I'll guess...Micky next
  3. 0/10. Needs more segmentation faults
  4. Happy Birthday @Commander . It is always nice talking to you. I have learnt a lot about Essentials and RPGXP from you and would probably have taken a lot longer to understanding it without you. And I always appreciate a person who knows his dank memes. Hope you have a great day and a great year ahead And I don't want to over-do it but (one last time) I think this would be a fitting gift for you: Enjoy
  5. Banned for calling themselves Gary in Discord but not smelling me later
  6. Heal Amaria, Burn Shelly Amaria: 5 (+1) Shelly: 4 (-2) Cause why not
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