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  1. Well, for starters, I should probably get to finally playing through Ep 16 at least
  2. No. It's Papa Fish Spine?
  3. Not him, sorry Isa?
  4. It's Fish. But that was a good one Isa. Looks like you've been hit by, you've been struck by a smooth criminal Any more Isa?
  5. ven a mi hermano Cow matriarch?
  6. I have been called. Isa?
  7. What's a bot to a programmer. What's a programmer to a seg fault. What's a seg fault to a non-programmer. It's me Sardines and hoping to allocate memory without encountering seg faults. Micky?
  8. And here is my handwriting. I should write more cause it sucks when you feel yourself getting slower in it
  9. Nope, only Papa Fish. Mon ami, Isa?
  10. Yes (and in a sense no). I play Fire Emblem Heroes. So, yes. But this is the first and only Fire Emblem game that I've played. However, this makes me want to play the other games. Do you play any RTS (real time strategy) games? (and if I may add, if your answer is yes, which ones and what would you recommend)
  11. No, only Fishy Lugruf?
  12. No micky here mom of cows?
  13. Everybody's business is fishy when I'm around. is cowmom = hungry caterpillar?