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    Stats changes: Spa 75>95 HP 60>70 (maybe 95 spa would be too much) Abilities: Sand Force --> Levitate Here is, everyone's favorite Pokémon! Probopass is just another Pokemon with really good defensive stats, but suffers with no-reliable recovery and a bad-defensive typing. Probopass also has a decently offensive movepool/typing/ability that is almost perfect to trap steel types, but why isn't perfect? Simple many physical steel types have ground coverage, normally Earthquake, so why not giving Levitate to it (Fits very well with it)?Even it couldn't trap steel types if it uses Levitate it would make it a generally better mon, walling so many things that relies on ground moves to hit Steel/Rock types, and if you still want to trap and kill steel types Magnet Pull still is available, and with a good Spa boost to make it more reliable. (I think giving reliable recovery would be also too much, and there isn't any that fits well) However not everything is good, a weakness to the common Fighthing and Water moves, and a ground weakness Vs Gravity, Mold breaker or Zygarde (and Zydog) and the fact that it cannot much against grass types also hurts. And in monotype would be a excellent choice to mono rocks, looking for a sand rush excadrill check that actually can hold a iron head. Trapper Bulky Levitate Pivot Both sets could use 0 speed IVs and a Quiet nature to (check) Trick Room teams

    V10 - Rejuvenation Bug Reporting Thread

    Wasn't supposed to Cloud Nine remove the weather in Sky field? Because Vs Souta I tried a cloud nine swablu and it didn't removed the strong winds...

    Delibird (Yes, Delibird)

    @Tacos actually I found one in Celestine Cave B2 for some reason ( I thought that was B1...)

    Delibird (Yes, Delibird)

    Well, I'm doing a Mono Ice and I'm searching for a Delibird just to beat Sampson in a very fun way and I want to get one before that Agate part, so I got to the Locations Guide and it said that is possible to get one before Randomus in Celestine Mountain BF2, but I'm really not finding a way to get to BF2, the only entrance that I see is the one from North Aventurine Woods(The place with the Glaceon Icy Stone and the Ice Stone), but its impossible to reach the BF2 right now...

    What mono run should I do?

    Well Bug sounds funny because the early game is great with many fully evolved mons and volcarona/venomoth quiver dance later and even later m-pinsir
  6. Well, I'm doing a Dragon Run and I just want to switch the Mystery Egg to Axew and change the Pyrous Mountain Event to Turtonator, if isn't already of course Game.rxdata Edit: http://prntscr.com/jzaoq6 Wonder Trade OP (but I still want the Turtonator as event)

    Doing a Dragon Run and I need help (maybe)

    @GriffinO1 in-battle altered forms aren't allowed in Monoruns and Char-Y Isn't dragon

    Doing a Dragon Run and I need help (maybe)

    @St0mpa yes I know, but I wanted to know what Dragon are essential to a Mono Dragon (Like Dragalge for Faries)
  9. I just need to know what I really should have in a Mono Dragon My team is now: Goomy(ChooseStarter mod) and Noibat And I intend to use: Dragalge, Exeggutor-Alola, Drampa Any suggestions? And also: what would be a good EV spread for him? (The power lens is from my other save)

    A E12 compatible save

    I was trying to make the "TM breeding" thing but all saves files that I tried were incompatible , so I'm here waiting to someone gently gives me a Game.rxdata compatible with E12 I WILL DELETE THIS POST IF THAT ISN'T ALLOWED OKAY?

    Life orb?

    Is still possible to get a life orb from absol? if isn't there is any way easier that doesn't need strenght and waterfall?

    SpeedBreed [E18] [Updated 2018/08/16]

    Is possible to make a Rejuvenation version of this?

    Rejuvenation Version of SWM Modpack [V10 patch 2]

    The Scripts.RXdata is bugged and everytime that I try to use it my game crashes ;-;

    V10 - Rejuvenation Bug Reporting Thread

    I was making a Shiny Hunt for Qwilfish in Sheridan Village, I saved, and now this error occurs everytime that I try to load the game http://prntscr.com/jomwpf Edit: The problem was with SharedPC mod and I had to delete it