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  1. Qaaz

    The E16 protips guide [no spoilers:]

    Starting a new game is always a good choise too I had some struggle with all those changes since EP9 that I started and lot of things will change again until the final episode. Even on Rejuvenation I had to make a new game b/c I had a bug with Narcissa
  2. Qaaz

    E16 Public Release now available!

    So Public is up but since I have already thanking everyone on the Community Release all I WANT to do is to thank Sleppu for this amazing wallpaper. It's really marvelus!! Also gotta go download this one for the bugs fixes. DIS GONNA BI GUD
  3. Yoooooo (It's ok to post here? seems like no one have post anything for hours, I feel weird....) I really feel like AZ, you all know Not only because of the E16 release but also because it's been sooo long since that I was active in this one forum. Lot things have changed and stuff but the community seems even bigger. May I was not active but I've played the game (short off, I only played rushed E15 last month) and i've really was waiting for E16 (not for so long as some others :P, life and personal stuff had priority) but here I'm again and propably I'll stay. Well enough bubbling, of course I must need every and all new and old members of dev, stuff and forum/moding team for this great game/job they doing. I will try the game on the next 1-2 days after I finish some personall stuffs so I will have a opinion in next week or so to share with everyone. I hope will have more stuff to talk about also in next weeks Have nice day and play everyone Smell ya later~
  4. Qaaz

    What Murks Below...

    Oh look at this... coming back after almost 3 weeks and new field effect showcase and episode coming soon too nice
  5. Qaaz

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Well u have Drapion and some good fires on ur box grab Drapion (toxic spikes tho, Cross Poison tho) and some fire with either Flame Burst or Lava Plume and u are fine Groagunk and Scraggy can help u too
  6. Qaaz

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Nope, you will have to face his substitute later (If u go to Grand Hall u will learn about that)EDIT: DAMN THOSE NINJA'S
  7. Qaaz

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    You can get it even before Gym 1
  8. Qaaz

    14.6 Bug Fixes.

    I think she fixed more that the double battle issues on 14.6.2
  9. Qaaz

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Get some fire with moves like Lava Plume or Flame Burst to set the field on fire Get Magneton/Excadrill Use toxic Spikes too Granbull and Hariyama can't help u alot b/c of the types
  10. Qaaz

    14.6 Bug Fixes.

    Ok, lets dowlonad it once more
  11. Qaaz

    14.6 Bug Fixes.

    Now lets see dis guy ------------------------------------ No, 14.5 its not necessary and you can just run the game.exe from the folder or make some shortcut
  12. Qaaz

    Reborn 14.5 Update

    It's a bug go back on 14.1.1 and use the link stone
  13. Qaaz

    A wild fanart appeared!

    Fiore, Vanhanen, Belrose, Whitaker are the only names we know
  14. Qaaz

    A wild fanart appeared!

    Empoleon with Vero
  15. Qaaz

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Iolia Valley is good for u to train