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  1. Ok, got a few more. Goodra Crest: Gains water type. Sets up rain upon being sent out. Boosts special moves in rain by 33% Floatzel Crest: Attack is boosted by 15%. When in rain, all special moves become physical. Samurott Crest: Uses swords dance upon being sent out, if its in its moveset. Sword/slash/cut moves do 20% more damage. If it lands a super-effective move, the opponent gets one random stat lowered. If it lands a not-very-effective move, its gets one of its stats lowered. If it gets a crit, regardless of effectiveness, the oppnent's defence gets lowered. Stoutland Crest: Us
  2. A few ideas for my favorites Jolteon Crest: Special moves are boosted by 10%. Makes all physical moves with a power of 80 or lower special. Luxray Crest: Gives Dark type. Switches Sp. Atk and Speed. All biting moves have 1+ priority. Roserade Crest: Boosts damage from absorbing moves and changes the amount healed to 67%. Also heals status effects if it heals more than 33% of its health.
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