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  1. The current quest you're on should be put on hold for a second, do some of the others, then eventually a quest will unlock that involves getting Rayquaza, meaning you can then go back to this one.
  2. You get Cosmog by fishing in the starry lake with a super rod and I think the mining stones are there so that you have an infinite supply of them, since they respawn after you mine them. You're supposed to interact with glowing crystals and orbs to break them, and some can only be used if the weather is snowing or clear, which you change by talking to the pokemon on the way. Yeah, you may have to put his off for later since more Z-cells appear in the later areas in later quests, because you don't need to complete this one to get to the next set of quests.
  3. I don't think this is a bug, since that's how its been for a while, so it probably would have been changed it if it was wrong. Also, it could be kind of broken if you got to set-up multiple cosmic powers and end up being almost invincible, and really powerful.
  4. Possibly because the black box she comes from was stolen from the lab Xara and Jean used under Axis High, and those two have some connections to Team Xen.
  5. iirc, Nim also needs life force to live, she just gets it from absorbing it from others. She still has a body somewhat resembling human biology. I'll admit, it is a stretch to assume that these androids cannot be affected by Nihilego, but I highly doubt they use the same kind of energy that a living being would.
  6. They did have their essence absorbed by Nihilego and turned into statues.
  7. Tried doing it at 50 thousand and nothing. It has to be EXACTLY 10k, no more, no less.
  8. You need the HM to fly. Neither fly on Pokemon that learn it naturally, or the wings work before getting it.
  9. I'd like to add that it's possible that the other castle near Blacksteeple could be the "Yveltal" castle or Yvven (since each castle name is tied to a legendary, like Zygara: Zygarde), so it's possible we know of 5 castles. Also, Griselda mentioned Tiempa and Spacea's kingdoms being called Time and Space, which could be actual kingdoms that are just called Time and Space, or names very close to those, or it's more metaphorical, and they reside in pocket dimensions.
  10. I had a theory where Clear and Kieran's Master was running around in the Madame X armor, not necessarily to impersonate her, but to use it's probable universal deletion protection, and that's why we've seen Clear and Kieran teaming up with Madame X, even the duo isn't affiliated with Team Xen.
  11. I would try to lead with Zangoose and Butterfree, Sleep Powder Rotom, Return/Close Combat Mamoswine (I don't know which one would be better), send out Absol, Sucker Punch and Quick Attack when Beartic comes out, then Close Combat and Superpower when Walrein appears. From there, it should be 2v1 so it should be fine.
  12. Well, I'm glad that got cleared up. That does bring back the question of how people are starting to remember things from the ruined future, but that's a subject for another thread.
  13. You're implying that Cosmia was posing as Mosely when she went to the mart, and that Cosmia knew what happened at Blacksteeple in the ruined future. Would you like to elaborate on this?
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