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  1. Here is my downloadable guide for Encounters, Deaths and maybe notes about the Deaths, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19i04CO9uP5B-LYYh43w-6Sv9wzHH3fiAfPfFS7S78wk/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Here's the Monotype guide sorted by type. Italics means the Pokemon evolves into that type or you must change the Pokemon’s Form for it to become that type Underline means the Pokemon loses that type Bold indicates Legendaries *Asterisks* means that the Pokemon has a Mega Evolution of the type Unobtainable Mons are the Pokemon that are not obtainable in-game, Including choices such as MEgg and Starters Bug Dark Dragon Electric Fairy Fighting Fire Flying Grass Ground Ghost Ice Normal Poison Psychic Rock Steel Water And That's it!, Comment If there are any mistakes. I'll try to edit it.
  3. Some things I would change- - Drain Punch over Brick Break on Gallade - Life Orb or Expert Belt over Garchompite (Factually better) on Garchomp - Shadow Sneak over Leech Life on Mimikyu - Recover over Dragon Pulse on Milotic (If not using items) Scald over Surf on Milotic
  4. For Right now, this is pretty decent however I would recommend swapping out: - Diggersby for Swampert (Excadrill for now) : It's got almost the same attack, but way bulkier and a water typing to add to it. (available around Ciel) - Scrafty for either Lucario/Hawlucha : It's really not that great unless you are running trick room, and 90 attack isn't the best. (Lucha is after Luna, Lucario is after Samson or Terra) You can even run a Power-up Punch set with Lucario. If you really want set up. Otherwise pretty good team!
  5. I think you get scarf/specs if you fully complete either the magma or aqua gang quests.
  6. yeah. what's your online play name? and do IVs or natures matter. (perfect or good)
  7. Happy Birthday Ame! Keep up the good work

  8. Noctowl Crest: Psychic type moves are STAB and all foes on the field get identified. Tropius Crest: Changes ability to Thick Fat and raises Sp. Attack by 1.5x. Also roost Heals 75% Electrode Crest: Self sacrificing moves like Explosion will deal 1/8th damage to all Pokemon on the Foe's Team. Kantonian Exeggutor Crest: All Powder moves and Leech Seed have 100% Accuracy but, Because of being focused on Non-Damage dealing moves Sp.Atk becomes 0.66x.
  9. So, it didn't work. All of the cutscenes in this house didn't work for me. I just get stuck. So, previously I had to debug past this house's cutscenes. Maybe it was the debug mod that did it?
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