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  1. i understand good thing i gave you 2 ice stones edit: btw have a good day or night and i hope you have fun playing the game
  2. no it was me welp hope it made you happy btw did the ice stone work?
  3. btw if the ice stone worked tell me edit: if it didnt i just gave you the ninetales that you wanted
  4. done i added a little gift from me to one of the pokemon you wanted Game.rxdata
  5. save file? and what level do you want them to be? edit: sorry not used to the site
  6. just past it where you find the game you know like the game file you use to open it past it next to it
  7. guys i need help i get another glitch or something it wont let me use my save files so here what it say this application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way please contact the application's support team for more information Edit: forget to say all i did is update the game and this happend to me Edit: bruh i can't even play the game because of this glitch or whatever it is welp if this thing get fixed tell me
  8. hey just wanna know can you use debug to make it day/night time in the game?
  9. no problem pal just had the same thing and it's pain so i wanted to help anyone so they don't have to feel the same pain
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