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  1. Lorane2234


    im berry curious. Please enlighten us with what that line might be. Pls PLS PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAA- anyways thanks a lot for tis new update! Hope for more less new updates so that you guys can chill!
  2. heyy... So yeah it didn't work. I didn't even get to step 4. I trird to switch it on afyer replacing the files, but it just gave some weird error that I suppose was using the wrong game. Honestly, I think Debug might be to blame as everything was going smoothly beforr it, but after it everything just went downhill... Is there any other solution for this problem? Thanks! Edit: I didn't notice it because I'm at the underground rn, but it ACTUALLY WORKED. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
  3. Hello guys! I recently downloaded Rejevunation and then i downloaded the SVM Modpack for it, and its been really fun...uptil a certain point. I don't remember the point, but suddenly out of nowhere the ItemFinder mod started acting up and i got this message that crashes the gane everytime: I tried a reinstall as well, but it still refuses the work. Please help me! (P.S: I use the debug mod for the game cuz i think the menu's really neat hehe)
  4. ilLUmINaTIon~~~ Inteleon
  5. Lorane2234


    Banned for being THE darkness
  6. how does taka look like a readhead to u ( i mean its upto your imagination, im not complainin'~) i guess a terra 2.0 would be noice (That was totally random oOps)
  7. Tis a yellow headed anime (?) boy. Shiny Charizard?????
  8. 463 (admin do boo) (okay nvm do NOT do boo)
  9. Hey guiazos! So during this time I know a lot of y'all are 'free' (so to say hehehe) and I've been surfing a LOT around the web. Hours I ago I stumbled upon this cute( dont worry itz a pun youll get it later heh) website which basically has the all the sites' technical information, Sort of like a Wikipedia of websites, I guess. And, naturally, one thing came to mind. REBAWRN. And then I had this idea, why don't I make a thread where all sorts of quirky stuff can be posted about reborn, and we can all have a great time laughing! Or puzzled! Or crying(?)! yAY sOme Rules: 1. Post with a number like dis: Quirk #1 2. You're freee to pass any comments or conversations regarding this(or any quirk for that matter) That's it. Heh. without further ado: LET THE QUIRKINESS BEGIN. Quirk #1: That.is.insane. PLS RIP YOURSELVES AND YOUR EYES FOR SEEING THIS. THANK YOU.
  10. Lorane2234

    18.3 beta

    Okay I am stoopid. I forgot to ask the app on which you played Reborn. Please tell me!!
  11. Lorane2234

    18.3 beta

    . . . . . . . . I am sp33chless How what why yay im so happy cant contai- DEEP BRETHZ okay so I just had a teeny tiny lil' question inside of meh. Where are the .rxdata files stored? (I mean the ones that control the savedata) thanks andracass=saviour
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