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  1. Waittt....Hold up I know this is going very off topic, but I've never really understood why Radomus got so much hate, And why everyone wants to kill him. Can somebody pls explain why?
  2. I. KNOW.RIGHT.(ToT)(ToT) OH WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE TAKA The romantic storyline that was going SO DAMN WELL was just cut short, and when taka disappeared, I knew something was going to happen....... I wish Taka comes back in ep 19 cuz like I saw A development post a while ago (the labradorra booty contest I think) and it had TAKAS PICTURE AS ONE OF THE PARTICIPANTS. LETS HOPE AND PRAY
  3. "Showstopping, Amazing, The Bomb, Never the same, Always Spectacular!" I think Lady Gaga specifically made this comment for your pet
  4. Lorane2234


    Banned for writing a rap that involves Garbodor
  5. That's so good! Personally I think I'd prefer them dying and then experiencing a Shadowy Hellscape. I would like to see what their 'worst' fears look like. Also a question. Are you going to base your fanfiction on a Character in Reborn? Thanks again for writing this! I would really love if there were more fabrications about Reborn out there.
  6. I don't understand wat is that but he looks kinda cute, 8/10
  7. Oh that helps a lot thankszzz But my question is:
  8. Wynaaaaaauuuuuut (Imo, wynaut looks like a Pokèmon that has darker secrets than anybody could ever imagine) Ooooh
  9. that was EXACTLY what I was waiting for, Thank you~~~
  10. Hi people! So it has been AGES since I have last played Pokèmon reborn (so sorry ame XD) And I remember in my last playthrough that eventually: (continued in spoiler) THANKS A LOT IN ADVANCE!!
  11. HI im from India! The land of trishaws and spices and wat not Although there is no South Asia (yet), I did accidentally vote for South-East Asia T_T... I'm sorry but I absolutely have to make a Very Bad Joke (VBJ) here I guess andracass is from space That's why her sense of humour is so alien wow. I myself am not sure if that was a joke or not oOPs
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