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  1. Breathe in, breath out... GOOOOD IT'S HERE! FINALLYYYYYYYY!!!! * have an heartattack and collapses on the floor* ... Just kidding, i'm alive. For every people who allow the return of Pokemon Desolation, thank you. You are heroes, now. Congratulations.
  2. Ok ok calm down. Stay still. That's just soon the release. ... ... AAAAAAAAAAAH I CAN'T WAAAAAAIIIIIITTT... Geez, it's gonna be difficult.
  3. Oww, she's cute. Well done for that.
  4. Oh god!!! I think i fell in love of your art. Such a great job, perfect for an anime.
  5. Ow, yes yes yes, that's just perfect!!!! Good job and keep it up.
  6. What's the real name of the track "Battle - Grunt" ?
  7. Yeah!!! I love it so much. I can't wait to see more.
  8. I have so many problem with this game. Each time i finish a battle, i have an error message with the script... i have many messages but i post an exemple of one of them. Is anyone who could help me please?
  9. This is the HQ of Team Xen, i think. But i suppose we can't move further in the arena until the next update.
  10. I have a bug. Amy was supposed to go in Penthouse. I'm stuck now. Help me please?
  11. I've finished too. This is really good. I've seen not glitchs so keep it up. I can't wait to play of E1.
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