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  1. Hey everyone, I guess it's been quite awhile. 


    I don't really have a good excuse why I haven't at least logged in to let everyone know I was alright with Covid having been with up for at least a year and half. I'm honestly sorry about that.


    I'm not really sure if I'll be on that much but I think I'll at least try now that I'm finally getting the awkward return out of the way. I've typed this quite a few different ways before, but I think just typing it quickly before I overthink and talk myself out again might be for the best. Thank you for messaging me @Gheist 


    While a part of leaving had to do with me distancing myself with SwSh discourse while it was still fresh (and much of Pokemon for a bit), I did have some real life stuff to deal with. By the time everything was settled down, it felt a bit awkward to just come back.....so I procrastinated like usual and then kept at it. Not sure if I'll fully return, but I'll try to at least pop in more often.


    Again, sorry if I genuinely worried anyone.


    Still haven't finished Rejuvenation 13, despite starting it months ago. Pupppet Dance Performance SOD's new Extended mod took my attention there.

    1. Shadow Angel

      Shadow Angel

      I haven't finished V13 either, am only on Chapter 8 (halfway).

    2. Candy


      Hello~ Glad to see you on the forums again :3 I also don't really come here unless it's to update my thread and these days it's even less frequent cause I'm stuck in the Genshin hole 😅 I'm still not done with Rejuv either and Idk where I even left off cause that was a big whale ago haha

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