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  1. Made in like half an hour because i'm still half asleep and honestly wish i could think of better ones to put
  2. If i can add my reccomendation: I seriously suggest giving Grookey a try. Why exactly? Two words: Grassy Surge. Having access to a 'mon that can just outright remove most annoying field effects since the start of the game can turn a lot of difficult battles into a cakewalk. (Looking at you, Valarie. And at you too, Angie. And don't think i forgot about you, Saki.) Rillaboom also hits like a truck, and gets access to a lot of strong moves like Wood Hammer and Knock Off just by levelling. For comparison's sage: The only other 'mons that have access to the Surge abilities (other than the Tapus, who we obviously won't be getting for a long while) Are Indeedee, Pincurchin and Galarian Weezing. The only one i could find so far is Indeedee (Can be gotten in Chapter 9), and i still found myself using Rillaboom anyway due to its' sky-high attack and amazing synergy with the Grassy Field. Also: Its' Rejuv custom shiny is themed after Donkey Kong. You can't top that. So yeah, give Grookey a shot. It opens up a lot of different strategies on how to approach certain fights just by having access to Grassy Surge since the start of the game.
  3. More or less how is the process of creating a Gym Leader/Boss' team? I remember Valarie in particular being so broken back in the day not only did her team have to get nerfed, her field had to get changed too. When exactly is the moment where you just end up saying "Yeah, this is a bit too much, gotta tone it down a bit"?
  4. Glynda

    Dear Melia: I am very saddened today because my city's government has been taken out and- REPLACED BY THE GLORIOUS BLADESTAR REGIME. WE ALL LOVE FLORA AND HER BEAUTIFUL PLANTS. EVERYTHING IS FINE. REGARDS FROM: TRAINER

    1. Ilovepotatoes25


      yeaaa boi!

      or gurl for the term "no offense"


  5. I don't know if it's a bug or i'm forgetting something, but when i enter Keta's House i get a "The cameras suddenly focus on you" message, and i can do nothing when i interact with him. I don't know if i forgot to do something, Keta won't do anything, he'll just stand there in the middle of the room. He won't talk or do anything at all.
  6. Yeah, i figured it out. Turns out i was in the wrong path... Not gonna say anything else so i don't spoil it.
  7. I have the same problem with the Color puzzle, only with Teal though. It shows the color Teal, but the game won't accept it as the correct answer.
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