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  1. After I defeated Adam in the tournament and was told to board the ship, I decided to use fly to do the Gearen Restoration quests. Once I was done, I tried to return to the Grand Dream Stadium using the Route 9 train, but the only options are Grand Dream Station (which is unavailable because of the lockdown) and... Route 9? I tried selecting Route 9, hoping that it was a text error that still led to the Stadium, but the train deposits me at Route 9 as though I had arrived from taking the Grand Dream Station train. I can't fly to anywhere in GDC, including the Stadium, but even if I get in via Claydol, there's no way (to my knowledge) to get to the Stadium on foot, amd if there is, it might be blocked off by the lockdown. Can anyone help? Game_2.rxdata
  2. Hi, I am currently coming back to Rejuvenation after several months and I am now totally lost. The last thing I remember was the boy (I forgot his name) telling me to go somewhere in the GDC Penthouse, but I don't remember where to go.
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