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  1. nominating myself and Brave for Ember king. I'm already king of the mountain so maybe he'll have a chance at this one
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  3. since i've been on the discord more and someone of you may know my, this is me
  4. The fun skype calls we have: Silver: My parents are gone and i'm home alone. Me: Well call the hunnies over. Silver: Ya i'll call them right off from the street. Me: Well yea. Prostitution, the first pay to play game.
  5. i like you shoes jelly... give them to me.
  6. I nominate myself, Huggy/Flapjackal, as Polar Monarch because that name is freaking boss as sheeeet. I'll also nominate some other people i guess like Kaito for Snow Queen and Vex (now Menez) as Snow King.
  7. I tried all of them and everyone, but they all talk about Kiki.
  8. For the apophyll academy girl she only mentions how victoria is taking over now and won't ask about the tv.
  9. That feel when your ex roommate who you never really liked, leaves you party cause you fucked the girl he liked but wouldn't make a move on.
  10. I came back after a DC and decided to sing when i noticed i was the only one. (02:56:08) Connected to Server! (02:56:08) ±[1] Song of the Day: ahahaaha I'm free!!! (02:56:08) ±[2] Welcome!~: Welcome to the Reborn Server! Please enjoy your stay and have fun. We're currently working on tiers and getting the league running again. Do mind the rules, you can check them by using /rules. There is also a FAQ page to look at. Any further questions don't hesitate to ask the auth!~ (02:56:19) Bagel: all (02:56:20) Bagel: by (02:56:22) Bagel: my (02:56:25) Bagel: self.... (02:56:34) Bagel: i dont wanna be (02:56:36) Bagel: all (02:56:37) Bagel: by (02:56:39) Bagel: my (02:56:42) Bagel: self... Then Nyu came on two seconds later lol
  11. Just something neat that my friend figured out, we all know that in order to get the third pokemon you need to have beat the e4 and be online at the same time as your friend, what i didn't know is that you need all three pokemon for ANY of your safari pokemon to get their hidden abilities!
  12. I have added Shushup and Phanpy cause i want Pupitar and those sweet gooey dittos.
  13. Technically it's i made a joke about aryans which is nordic, and a german ideology. Also this is the internet.
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