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  1. Do you remember that function that let you keep a mon you just captured by sending another to the PC ? Guess what, it works also when you're playing with another character. I'm now happy to have two perfectly breeded silvally and greninja in my team
  2. 1. Replacement mommy 2. Bestie 3. Couldn't choose between our mother and our spiritual son, it would have been too heartbreaking
  3. I agree with your 6 main choices, maybe Karrina instead of Crescent Don't read what is under this line, if you didn't finish a certain sidequest with Karen in V12.
  4. I can follow your thoughts on Madame X being Nymiera brainwashed by Indriad. But there's something that doesn't add up. If that's the case, why would she warn Maria in the prologue?
  5. It's clearly Madame X, as it is stated just a few lines before that she is wearing a full suit of armor.
  6. You have to download the second patch(available on the first page of this topic).
  7. It would be perfect thanks a lot!!! Here is what you need: Character name: Rob Character: The one with short red hair I used 9 pokemon and they were all EV trained, i didn't care a lot about the nature. They were all at Adam's level cap. Lycanroc: tough claws 252 Speed 252 Attack Accelerock Rock Slide Thrash Crunch Greninja: protean 252 Speed 252 Sp.Atk Surf Water Shuriken Extrasensory Spikes Medicham: Huge Power 252 HP 252 Atk High Jump Kick Fake Out Ice Punch Psy
  8. I tried it but it seems i've disabled the backups for this run somehow... Last thing I tried is to remove the patch and come back to the first problem with the hanging script. Can you do something from there ? Game - 1654 - Rob - 70h 8m - 13 badges.rxdataGame.rxdata.bakGame.rxdata
  9. I know how to use my backup saves, the problem is there are not in my "saved games" folder and I can't find them. I have backups for my past playthroughs but not for this one. Is there really nothing I can do ?
  10. Hello, I didn't download the patch and I started up a new version, so i've encountered the bug with the bladestar transimission. So I downoloaded the patch a few minutes ago. Problem is, I saved just after the fight against Adam and the game is bugged now. (and I didn't find my backups) Here iGame.rxdatas the save file.
  11. Perfect Jan it works Thanks for all
  12. I have the same problem, and I kept quiet.
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