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  1. It takes all of Alunda's might to suppress her frustration with the prince. "I had a feeling something like this would happen so I checked your room and found these on top of your dresser." She pulls out the keys in question and jingles them a bit for emphasis. An awkward stare down between servant and master occurs before the winged woman proceeds to unlock all the cuffs. As soon as the lock clinks open it feels like a huge weight that you've long come accustom is released. These cuffs definitely have some magical properties to them. Soon all requested weapons are handed out as well as a small pouch of high-grade medicine is handed to everyone. "Well, its good to see everything is in order." Turning towards the door another new figure comes in waving to the group, was this Thanatos? "I don't have much time before Hades catches wind of my disappearance so I'll keep this brief." He was leaning on the door frame, his body concealed under a large cloak "Straight to business, eh Thanny? Is my father working you to the bone as usual." Argos cuts off the man, approaching him before extending his fist out. "Heh, well apparently there's no rest for the bringer of death." He follows up by completing a fist bump with the prince and a small chuckle follows. Thanatos adjusts his cloak and straightens up, "Back to the point, I've set up a riot inside the facility. Soon they'll start getting all the guard's attention, or well all of them loyal to Hades. During that time Alunda will lead everyone down a route devoid of any interferences, since I doubt Argos committed the path to memory. Unfortunately, I won't be able to assist you since Hades would get suspicious if natural death suddenly started ceasing for an extended period of time. However, should everything go according to plan you all should slip out without a hint of trouble. Alunda, I'm sure you know where the rest stop is once you're far from the Sotiria. Stay there until I manage to get under the radar once more." His head perks up, "It should be about time now anyways. Good luck." He waves goodbye before disappearing in white light and black smoke. "Alright everyone! You heard the man! Let's head out!" With that the group makes their way through the winding corridors, however as we all know nothing goes according to plan. Entering the center of the Sotiria they're met with a large glowing crystal that extends from the floor to the ceiling. Not only that but a platoon of guards set up in a defensive position. "So... you're actually going through with this." Emerging from behind the crystal a towering Minotaur with a large axe appears. The prince looks in shock, "T-teach! What are you doing here!? What's with all these guards!?" The bull-man grunts. "Think of it like a final test to see if you're ready to leave out on your own. I promised your mother I wouldn't let you do anything beyond your league." "Okay but how did you know about all this and what's with all these guards? What if I decided to go alone, I would've be floor'd!" "You've been my pupil since you were but a child, I know when you're plotting something." He grunts as if somehow offended, "If you decided to not round up a group you'd be a bigger fool than I thought you were. This beating would've been a good wake up call. Enough talk however, your diversion won't last long right?" "Grrrr... Fine! Everyone, looks like we're fighting our way through here! Get ready for combat!" He does an exaggerated arm motion forward before drawing his sword. Objective: All Escape or Defeat Asterios Loose condition: All Party Members Fall Additional Goals: Destroy the Power Cyrstal EXP: 0/100 Cheat Sheet: THE LOWER RED RUNES BEGIN TO GLOW
  2. "Ugh... My head... Where am I? Why is there this immense feeling of guilt?"
  3. "Ah heh heh heh..." An awkward laughter was all the came from the underworld prince a he glances towards the direction of Korinna. Alunda, meanwhile, just keeps silent and stares at the ground in embarrassment. "Oh right! I totally forgot about those. Luckily for you the keys should be riiiiiight here!" He dramatically reaches into his inside coat pocket and his expression turns from one of confidence to confusion to panic. He frantically starts going through all the pockets he has before slowly turning back to Aya "Say... Aya. You wouldn't have happened to take the shackles keys? Did you?" You could practically see the sweat dripping down the swordsman's face at this point.
  4. At the sound of 'Lund-' her glare immediately transferred to Aya, "'a little messy' is an understatement. Do you want word to get to Hades before we even set foot outside the compound and I thought I told you to never call me that! I'm your senior and you will address me as such! Also another thing, you empowering him to these idiotic things isn't helping!" By now the succubus has long released the prince from her grasp and has been closing the distance between her and the newbie. Argos put himself between the two, mainly just facing Alunda, "Alright Alunda, I understand. I'm sorry for getting a bit too riled up but we weren't wrong about everyone agreeing to join! I also know you're just trying to keep me safe and I thank you for that, so lets just settle down." She grips the bridge of her nose and lets out a long sigh filled with a lot of pent up emotions. "You're right, I'm... sorry for bursting out like that." She grabs her shoulder and droops her head in embarrassment, she then remembered something important, "Oh, Lord Thanatos said he'll be here in a few moments." "That's good to here, he's better at explaining stuff than I am."
  5. His confidence was reinforced seeing the thumbs up from his assistant in the corner of the room, however, his composure was just as quickly broken from Eulalia's comment. "R-really? I don't really know what this sattire thing is but a play about me would be awesome! Though, it probably won't be able to capture all my glory!" He spoke flustered at first before pounding his chest with his fist. When Aristotle confirmed a wash of relief then excitement coursed through the boy's face not noticing any hint of sarcasm in his voice, "Ah hell yea Ari!" The boy instinctually did a small hop a swung his fist in the air, "I can't wait to see you in action! Truth be told I've always wanted to spar against another person going by the name 'Bull'! We definitely have to do that sometime!" Now turning towards Korinna, he shrugged, "Sorry, thats gonna be a 'no way' from me chum." He follows that up by doing another flip in place and crossing his arms, "That's just the Invoker style, you get me? Heh heh." He said that last part with the cheekiest of grins. "Wow, Vlassis, you're a more mellow fellow than one would think coming from a man called the wandering demon. Not that it is a bad thing, Welcome aboard!" The boy followed with a warm smile. "and the sibling duo joins us as well! With that we have just enough to make the trip through to the surface! Nice! However, there's still one more..." The boy just starred awkwardly at the squid man. It was hard enough to decode what he was saying let alone understand his meaning, "I... don't know what the other gods have to do about this, this whole thing isn't really for anyone of them. All I want to do is stop all the unnecessary deaths happening. But I'm glad you're coming all the same." He gave an awkward thumbs thumbs up to the squid before looking everyone over. "I think thats everyone... yea it is! Yes!" A noticeable easing of the muscles and a sigh of relief come from the prince of the underworld, "Phew, I was afraid no one would join. Guess I was worried for nothing huh?" Before anyone could respond the sound of metal clanging and loud stomps echo through the door. Then out from the doorway is what seems like a woman wearing holy attire but with demon-like wings and a tail standing there both in equal amounts flabbergasted an enraged. "First, I'm forced to buy all the weapons for the group, one of which is a giant cursed fucking anchor. Then with those said weapons, sneak around this temple with 2 giant winged animals with the rattling of metal following us. And what to I hear coming from this room? The sound of a door slamming off its hinges and music echoing through the halls. What part of KEEPING HIDDEN doesn't get through your thick skull!?" She storms over to the prince, pinches him by the ear and drags his head down. "OW OW OW! I'm sorry okay? I've just been practicing this for 3 weeks and I wanted to show it off!" "Oh? So you're perfectly fine practicing useless theatrics but when it comes down to actual studying you can't even garner a spec of focus or drive huh?" Still glaring down at the son of Hades with the occasional eye lock-on to Aya as well. She speaks a bit more loudly as if addressing the entire group. "Your supplies are inside the gangs strapped to the animals, I'm sure you all know what you ordered and can find it." While you would love to do exactly that, the problem of your bindings is still present as no one exactly released them yet. Yea... definitely not the most organized group. Good luck with that.
  6. The tiny astrologist looked at their current situation. Remembering the Hive Battle tactics that were shoved down her throat when applying for her position at the Bee's Guard they lacked the man power to maintain their foot hold. If they could only get one more person to... Her mind stopped thinking for a moment remembering the light tablet she brought with her just in case she needed to defend herself. She never intended on bringing it out, let alone use it on someone. She rustled it out from her satchel and brushed off the dust that clung to it. She then realizes that she never actually fired magic it at a target before. Channeling and releasing was not a problem, but actually hitting where she wanted to? She takes a big gulp. "Okay Stardust, this is the only way to get out of here! Its you or them and you have much more important things to accomplish than lying in the dirt!" She out from behind bend and makes her way through the grass hiding behind one of it's blades and trying really hard to ignore the now dead bug by her feet. She placed the palm of her right hand in the center of tablet as white energy began to glow from its surface. Lifting her hand light energy began to droop from her finger tips, like lifting your hand out of a jar of viscous honey, before coagulating into a sphere of pure energy which rainbow flickers would occasionally shoot out due to inexperience in control. The sphere condenses even smaller to the point where it looks like the brightest star twinkling in the night sky. Closing her fingers, save for her pointer and thumb forming a finger gun shape with the magic star at the tip of the finger that now points to the axe wielder. Visibly shaking everywhere, the tiny bug aims for the bug's knee to try and incapacitate rather than kill him. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please don't kill! Please don't kill!" She mutters to herself frantically before releasing two bullets of light energy towards the bandit. Stardust move to C8 and shoot the Raider in the knee
  7. The butler let out a sigh of relief seeing that Lizaveta wasn't going to be stubborn. Alright, time to access the situation... "Crimson, take care of that swordsman and Phoenix clear a path to that mage in the back!" Baldur proclaims shooting his arm forward to emphasize his point before preparing himself to follow-up after Arthur. "Don't fuck up. Don't fuck up. Don't fuck up." Arthur move to I18 and Wind Fencer B, Press the Assault on Reiko Kane attack Fighter A Baldur move to J16 and attack Scholar A with a shove empowered tenderizer strike
  8. As chatter began to rise, it was abruptly interrupted by the sound of the door slamming open and some kind of odd music being played by the only person not cuffed. Someone had just jump kicked the door open, the hinges definitely didn't like it either as the door now leans over. Momentum still carrying the figure forward it goes into a series of front flips and twirls, somehow not hitting anyone, all the way to the other end of the room. The figure then stands with its back facing the group, a hood up, its left hand making a claw-like shape in front of its face with the right wrapping around its chest. Something about that coat is familiar. "I see you're all here, good." Yep, that voice is totally that boys voice. "As promised I've assembled you all here and I will make true of my offer. However... the climb out of the underworld will not be an easy one. Scorching fields, tornadoes of fire, seas of magma and hellish fiends lie between us and the surface. That's the easy part, however, as we also have a war to stop and a weapon to destroy! All of these are daunting tasks I know, and I will not fault anyone who does not feel up to the task. If you are getting cold feet do not worry, I shall have someone escort you out of the place and you can enjoy Asphodel to your hearts content. However, should you yearn for justice and peace then know that..." The boy dramatically takes off his hood as he says those last few words, before turning around halfway, his coat trailing behind him, and giving an over exaggerated point towards the group, "Then know that I, ARGOS VON BODIN! 'THE INVOKER OF MAYHEM', also known as THE SON OF HADES and often addressed as THE UNDERWORLDLY PRINCE, shall accompany you to that surface and help ensure justice for all!" He twirls his pointed finger into a fist pump, "What say you all!? Who's with me!?" His eyes glance towards the one playing the music, almost as if asking 'How am I doing? Am I doing good?'.
  9. Chapter 1: Break Out! Teacher vs Pupil! Year 1420, Month ??? Day ??? Your endless toil continues. After that strange boy talked to you no short time ago, nothing happened. Was he just some sort of lost soul who went mad? Maybe it was just your imagination. Either way, this doesn’t change your current situation. Those physically able help lug huge slabs of hellstone bricks into place, some help chisel out said bricks or cast them into molds, and others toil away at the ground making the ground level and fit for construction.There is no time for rest as all souls are whipped and forced to work at full speed. Underworldly wretches keep all in check, tightening chains, whips of fire, and all means of “motivation”. After some unknown time, a break is issued as collapsed workers always lead to delays. Your body’s have become all too used to these long hours followed by short breaks. However, your break comes to you strangely early as its jarring on an instinctual level. Your soul prepared for another long session is shaken up by this sudden course. You’re led individually to an area of the Sotiria you’ve not yet been before. You are given clean views of the looming castle of Tartarus, where the Chthonic gods reside, before being brought inside the Sotiria itself. The air feels much fresher in here, or maybe it's the lack of ash and the smell of burning charcoal. Your journey ends in a small room whose purpose is yet unknown as it's quite empty, devoid of any furnishings whatsoever. Slowly, more and more folks trickle in, each colorful in their own unique way yet all are still in shackles. Well, save for one girl. What’s going to happen? Every moment of silence feels like an eternity in this silent room, especially with the stares of everyone in the room. Maybe someone should break the ice? . . . Or don’t and let it be lame and awkward. I can’t force y’all to have fun. ALL ACCEPTED PC'S ARE FREE TO INTERACT!
  10. Movement Plan Left: Kane move to H18, equip iron knife Ferdy move to H17, Jav the fencer Cecily move to U20 J20
  11. I have received requests to extend the application date due to life circumstances. I'm increasing it by 4 days to Wednesday 11:59 PM PST, March 25.
  12. Baldur was still out of it coming into the castle, lost in his own thoughts. He was going on auto pilot, silently following the group as he lagged behind. It wasn't until the sound of comat rang through his ears that he was brought back to earth and he already noticed Lizaveta was fucking up. "Great, I can't take my eyes off her for one second." Shaking off whatever was eating away at him, he focused his energy on the scholar forming a glowing light on the back of her collar before dragging her back forceably. "Scarlet, don't rush in so carelessly. We both know you're not one for taking an axe to the face. Crimson cover her!" He gestured his free arm forward to the fire mage's attention Baldur move to K20, Shove Lizaveta down to K18 Crimson move to K17 and Fire the Fencer
  13. Oh no no no no! She's gonna end up dead here and that bird rider is right. Everyone on the ground is dead and there's nothing she can do about it. She can't join them! She won't join them! She quickly runs over to the armored flute player and grabs him by the wrist. "You're coming with me!" She then drags the ant forward with her before stopping in front of Pinecone and adjusting Bend's position so his back would be to her and he would be facing the enemies. The tiny bee then proceeded to wrap a cloth with healing ointment around her brother's cut hand. "Stupid marauders, throwing away their stupid lives just to kill us for some stupid reason." Once she finishes with that she points to the enemies ahead of them. "Go stop them from harming me! But please try not to kill them!" Afterwards, she placed both hands on Bend's back, got behind him and peaked around his left side giving a sort of pouty face to the bandits. 1. Stardust to B10, Vuln her meat shield stupid idiot brother 2. Bend forceably to C10, serenade for Stardust 3. Stardust engage Aqua-ing (Charisma+)
  14. "I... Charon... . . . Shop..." Current Funds: 0,000g Physical Weapons: Magic, Staffs & Performances: Consumable Items: Equipables: Special/Limited Time:
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