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  1. Hidden behind the trees and forestry off road, Baldur watched the cart in question approach the first group then come to a halt. Turning back to the second group and whispering in a hushed tone, "Group one has made contact with the cart with Mink at its head. We should be clear to approach on your order Phoenix."
  2. "I-in the back? N-never! It's a common battle tactic to flank from behind! It is much safer staying in the middle! At least there are bodies all around to hide behind!" The tiny bee proclaimed keeping her arms close to her chest. Though it did make her feel more comfortable that she and Bend weren't the only ones at least a little afraid of combat in the group.
  3. Baldur listen intenetly to the job ahead of them with his arms crossed nodding along with the important points, "I'm not the best when it comes to talking information out of someone or distractions. Therefore, I think it be best if I went along with you Kane. Someone has to be there to bail you out of hot water if all goes amiss." Baldur hadn't really let the Ferdy incident get to him. Not like he was guilt free of causing a scene anyways.
  4. "B-... B-but..." The tiny bee looks about ready to cry at this point, "What are we even going to do on this expedition? I don't think I'd be of much help even if I did go. I'm no good in a fight either!" Stardust begins shivering in her boots, "I... I don't wanna fight again... never ever again!"
  5. "L-long-term process? Years!? You have to be kidding me here!" The bee girl starts panicking a bit, "I... I already have some research findings though! Isn't there any way to speed up the process! I can't put my things on hold for multiple years! Especially when certain things only occur once every couple of years!"
  6. "Pancakes? But isn't that usually a breakfast food and not dinner?"
  7. To say Baldur was surprised to me smacked and then immediately lectured would be an understatement. His eyes widened before putting his hand on the place he was smacked. The butler visibly winced and leaned back slightly at every emphasis the tiny archer had made. "B-but..." He stopped himself from trying to rebuttal any further. "... Yes ma'am..." He spoke sounding a bit defeated. . . . Though he did feel a bit better... as strange as that might be.
  8. "Its precisely because I wasn't prepared that everything happened. If I only considered everything before letting my emotions get to me and jumping at Famine maybe things could have gone differently. If I was stronger I could have freed myself from Death's grip. If I was more adept with my staff I could get rid of your scar. When it matters most, I can't protect anyone. Let alone myself. Then the people I care for get hurt... or worse..." He clenches his teeth and his cheeks turn a shade pinker as he tries to bottle of a torrent of repressed emotions but he couldn't stop himself from continuing, "I... I have to protect everyone from any possible danger! Even if it costs me my life! Even if I can cook or I can help in other ways its meaningless if everyone falls around me for my failures! I'm a broken tool! Nothing more than garbage that should be tossed aside for someone who could do my job better!"
  9. The butler felt a bit off put by the laughter. She thought this was funny? His eyes drifted away once more as to avoid looking her in the eyes, "But... My only purpose here is to protect everyone and I failed in that purpose that night in quite the grand fashion. How could you not hold resentment for one who could not fulfill their one simple task? I am... not worth forgiving..."
  10. Automated Movement Ignacio to J5 [Enemy Phase] "If you wish to have a taste of my full might very well. However, do not blame me for what happens." The Minotaur raises his axe in preparation. Asterios attacks Aristotle Beneath his feet Aristotle would feel great tremors before a geyser of magma spouts underneath him engulfing the man in flames. However, through his sheer will power he manages to maintain his form but unable to stay on his feet as he falls to the ground. The bull puffs without saying another word to the warrior as he clangs to the ground. Aristotle is downed! Bowaton A moves to F4 and attacks Owena! The skeleton takes advantage of the situation and cackles before sniping Owena out of the sky! Owena is downed! Revenant S moves to G4 and attacks Argos A revenant manages to waddle on by unnoticed and gets a hard chomp onto Argos. Though he is then met with a giant sword to the gut in return. Revenants move and more are summoned! A snap echoes through you, the player's mind and small strange puffs of purple smoke appear on all six Runes before flowing into them. All Runes are now activated! Turn 10 [Player Phase] Argos regains 4 HP! EXP: 98/100 Cheat Sheet:
  11. "Please, there is hardly anything to be thanking me for. I am simply following up on the promises I've made. That is maintaining the well being of the members of Virtuous as well as a direct order from Kane that no harm should come to her under our care. Though, I do agree it takes a great amount of courage to do what she did. Which I can respect enough to give her the benefit of the doubt for now." The topic then changed to the rest of the Icons of Sin and Baldur's face quickly turned to a grimace. Occasionally his eye would drift to focus on the scar on the apothecary's face. "R-right, that night by the lake..." He locks his right arm across his chest before going into a slight bow. His eyes gaze never once leaving the ground, "I-I'm sorry. No words or actions could make up for what I allowed to happen to you that night. Because of that, you now bear that scar on your face. It... it will be another regretful failure I shall carry with me until the end..."
  12. "ALLLRIIIGHT! LETS DO THIS!" Argos said with a fist pump before weaving his way to the front! The boy held his sword out before spinning like a tornado towards the skeleton. He may have been spinning fast but not moving towards his enemy fast enough to get more than one hit in. As the metal blade smashes into the bonefiend, its body parts fly everywhere. "Heh heeeeh! Nice job Aya!" The prince said holding his hand up for a high five. However, meanwhile the body parts begin to float back to where the skeleton was standing previously and reform back together! "Now is not the time to be celebrating! The enemy is not dead yet!" EXP: 91/100 Cheat Sheet:
  13. Coming into this confrontation with only the worst of expectations he did not expect this. "C-cute." He did not expect to find that brief instant of a smile from Lucy to be that adorable. It took him a couple of seconds to realize Pestilence asked a question. "Uhhh... y-yes we should. I don’t have anything further to ask."
  14. Baldur let out a long sigh of relief. If there was anything he could relate to Ferdy with, it was having a hard time working with anyone who was involved with their respective gruesome incident. "Ah ha ha ha... so you don’t know. I suppose I’ll just have to get more information from Famine himself then. Look at me getting all worked up over nothing..." A weight seemed lifted off the butler’s shoulders. "Thank you either way. I really do appreciate what you’ve told me. I know it must be tough for you to be here so if you need anything feel free to ask me. Whether it be a hot cup of tea or anything else."
  15. "Very well, come with me outside then." He led the way out the back and just a little ways from the base. Enough to be out of earshot. It takes in a deep breath before asking the big one, "Who among the Icons of Sin, if any, was involved of the poisoning of House Valdis of Perus? I can pretty much surmise Famine crafted the poison but I do not know if he was the one who planted it or if it was a third party. Would you or your brother happen to be involved in that?"
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