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  1. This 194 turn battle was fucking annoying and boring... SO I JIGGLED MY WAY WITH MY BUTTOCKS AND LENNY FACE http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7monotype-518012872
  2. Came out to all my family and frineds. Got hit by several quotes from the bible by my grandma and got called an abomination. Everyone else support me. Even my grandma's twin.

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    2. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      its at least good that everyone else supports you, right?

    3. Maelstrom


      I will light a bible on fire in your honor.

    4. mde2001


      Sorry your grandma is being so unpleasant. Hopefully she'll come around, but if she is unable too after a while try to cut her out of your life. It isn't worth being around such a toxic person who won't accept you for being who you are. 

  3. This new forum is cool!! So many shiny new things!!!

  4. Primarina is the new Greninja

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    2. Etesian


      No Protean, no speed, actual bulk; it only gets stabs, ice beam and energy ball (and psychic and shadow ball, but only psychic types run that).

      I'm not seeing it.

    3. Alistair


      Water Gardevoir seems most accurate among these propositions

    4. OpalWardMusicFan


      Water Gardevoir more like it.

  5. Sun and Moon has an amazing soundtrack. I'm having eargasms all over the place.

  6. Sun and Moon spoils everywhere on youtube. Damn Game Freak. Whatcha gonna do now?

    1. Gyaradoskiller


      You think that's bad? You need to check out /vp/.

    2. Hiss13


      All these people who have illegal access to a game that has not been released...

  7. What's on your mind?

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    2. Another Felix

      Another Felix

      The sandwich I just ate. And the classes I need to sigh up for. And calling my grandma to thank her for my birthday present.

    3. PBX5
    4. Hycrox
  8. Yaaaaaasss I got me an internship!!!

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    2. ArmoredGuardian


      I'm working in the IT department of a law firm.

    3. Sunbean


      ooh, nice! congrats.

    4. Motomiya



      lets GOOO

  9. HAYYYYYYYYYYY YO -Alola Region

  10. If you give me love, I'll give you love.

  11. I'm stuck in your computer

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    2. Sr.F


      ... My computer had a short circuit few days ago, so please get out of my computer that I don´t want troubles again. ¬_¬ :)

    3. Maelstrom


      *has a priest visit and perform an exorcism*

    4. Tacos


      what a shame

  12. Apples > Oranges. Blueberries < Rasberries. Pancakes < Waffles

  13. Clown sightings make me want to slap them

    1. AeroWraith


      Yeah, these clown shenanigans need to stop. It's so stupid. Now my little siblings are afraid to go out

  14. 5/10 I don't know what it is and it looks like it needs a bath. Also it's non-animeish
  15. -sips tea-

    1. Ironbound


      Disgusting. Coffee is the only way, you know.

    2. Tacos


      Fuck no tea is the ultimate hot beverage.

    3. dan2


      i have a tea addiction that flares up during school and i need help

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