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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. Hello is this thing on?

  3. Water, if you couldn't tell by my name. It's a long story, but I really love the type, the pokemon with the type, and blue has been the colour I am most attracted to.
  4. Made a new friend from a wrong number text. Funny how some things turn out.

  5. and now to actually post something
  6. Since it's what I've been saying as a greeting to people recently I must say it here... Yo

  7. My family's vacation is over so they'll be home later at night. This also means my vacation is ending, so goodbye freedom

    1. Tringus


      Oh I LOVE those kinds of vacations! Me and my twin were home alone for an entire week, and we got to do whatever we wanted. We even had a small party of four: Me, him, and our two best friends who are also twins.

  8. If only I had enough rupees to change my name on here. (Yo, this is me asking you lovely people for donations to the poor little me)

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    2. Isa-Chu


      I understand you, my friend. I thought about a pseudonym way too late.

    3. Bearadactyl
    4. Aqua Severwill

      Aqua Severwill

      Thanks people. c:

  9. It's fun to forget to sleep

  10. Sweet Dreams. May you all be a sugar-happy-sweet-tooth in all your dreams.

  11. Setting up a Suicune makes me feel like I need to be very sorry for my opponent

    1. Bearadactyl


      If you can successfully set up, you should be sorry for them.

      If only Suicune was as good as it was in the old days, without need of setup.

  12. Hello everyone, I'm new here Just don't look at my profile so you can't call me a liar I enjoy a good RP, so I'm joining up here. I've sent in my character, Azure, but with no partner to make a mech with, (kind of the reason I'm posting this early in the morning). If you just so happen to also still be looking for a partner, then I'll be here. Thanks Pyon Pyon.
  13. What's on my mind? Absolutely nothing, thanks for asking little text bar with a question inside it.

    1. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      aqua pls stay I miss you

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