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  1. I think Yugi has a nordic problem.



  2. Started to watch the serie The Man in the high Castle and it's very nice. As a WW2 historically passionated , it's interesting to see how could have been the world if Hitler had won it ( and yes , cause this dick could have done it ). I recommend it 

  3. " No one can oppose me , not even my own parents " Akashi.






    " The only one who can beat me is myself. " Aomine.


    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "aomine gif"



    " Weaks opponents... it make me want to crush them. " Murasakibara


    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "murasakibara gif"



    " Mans proposes , God disposes " Midorima.



    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "midorima gif"



    " Once you look up to someone , you can't overtake them " Kise. 



    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "ryota kise gif"








    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "teiko team gif"


    From Kuroko no Basket ❤️ 









  4. Zarc

    Yugioh Vrains

    Could be good if next Yu Gi Oh protagonist is a female , for change
  5. Did you guys knew it ? You can jump from a plane without parachute , but only once in your life.

    1. Skull Servant

      Skull Servant

      of course that also depends on whether or not the plane has taken off already.

  6. When you have to pay 35 euros for a medical visit but they do it for free because your father is doctor ahaha , best day ever.

  7. Well , this is it : i'm starting to work on a museum on November. My first " proper " job of my life and i will probably do what i'm passionated for. Let's hope for the best ! 

    1. Business Casual Kobayashi
    2. Maqqy


      Best of luck Zarc! Happy for u.

    3. Zarc


      Thank you guys ! Everything is going to be allright i hope hehe 😃 Have a very nice day ! 

  8. Zarc

    Yugioh Vrains

    Well , everyone has his own opinion indeed. To me Arc V is probably the best yu gi oh anime : - lot of actions - a protagonist who not always win , which turn his duels more attractive ( what's the point to watch Yusei or Playmaker if you already know they won't loose any single time ? ) - multiple summon methods and " war " between them ( every summon is interesting but it's fun to see which one could win at the end ) - somes characters from olders yu gi oh animes , nostalgia - An interesting protagonist ( when you notice he has a darkside inside him , you're starting to guess it will bring to a very interesting plot ) - The protagonist's close friends who are notable duelists ( if you compare with Yuma for example , his friends are almost never dueling ) And others good things Of course it has , like every yu gi oh anime , somes disadvantages. What they totally failed on Arc V is the end , they rushed it and it lead absolutely nowhere. But except that , it's really one of the best yu gi oh anime , in my opinion.
  9. Hi it's Akashi  Zarc , maybe i will start to be a bit active again here , who knows. 

  10. Zarc

    Yugioh Vrains

    1. Good , loved the new link summon mechanic 2. Revolver by far , very interesting rival with a powerfull archetype 3. Maybe Revolver vs Lightning despite the fact Lighting cheated and so Revolver would have won , i loved how Lighting was too confident and get rekted at the end so i wasn't expecting Bohman to be the final antagonist of this arc. 4. AI being the antagonist of final season 5. Meh , could have been more longer indeed 6. Same answer as Rising Emperor. 7. One thing i particularly hated : Yuzaku being a Yusei bis and didn't lost any duel of the entire serie
  11. @MegaMew Ah yes indeed , thank you for the help !
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