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  1. Happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it ! 

  2. No idea , but even with 4 great episodes i say yes ! Especially if we see the Saphira vs Lin duel
  3. Just imagine Reborn as an anime. Just imagine the success. Nothing to do with Ash and his friends. Swap Misty and Brock with Amaria and Titania for example , swap Team Rocket with Team Meteor and see the difference Oo And yeah , imo fangames are definitely better than officials games ( not in term of graphisms ofc cause it's impossible as they are not professionals ) , Reborn is the proof.
  4. Yes yes , i know it's Sword and Shield hype , but let's just take a look at the Age of Empire 4 trailer too !



  5. So... today everyone is gonna get Sword and Shield except me ? 😞 I guess i won't be available to avoid spoilers anyway 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Zarc


      Same , i don't even have a switch , and i didn't even played to Let's Go XD

    3. Raion


      Well, i just pissed off my dad until he said that i get a switch at Christmas 2018😂

    4. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      We will be getting it but not today a few of our friends have switches gonna play it on thier systems

  6. Zarc

    Yugioh Decks

    There are somes animes cards aswell , such as orichalcos , numeron ( not working tho and it's sad ) , ancient gear dogs , dark synchro monsters...
  7. Zarc

    Yugioh Decks

    Nope she isn't sadly , she is not even on YgoproPercy ( where all anime cards are )
  8. Zarc

    Yugioh Decks

    A bit of time , maybe 15 min
  9. Zarc

    Yugioh Decks

    Wait , i'm gonna give you a link to Ygopro2 where Ignister archetype is actually complete : https://github.com/duelists-unite/YGOPro2/releases I think its the correct link edit : and this to dl all cards pics : ( put the launcher into the main folder ) https://drive.google.com/open?id=16EUgmNXWl8wV0ZTmnuB6WE0F2RryeQNZ
  10. Zarc

    Yugioh Decks

    This game is still in progress and might have somes bugs but it's more than playable ^^
  11. Zarc

    Yugioh Decks

    No problem at all
  12. Zarc

    Yugioh Decks

    As i said : i never played the newest version of Legacy of the Duelist ( link evolution ) , i only have the old one. TDOANE = The Dawn of a New Era game https://ygopro.org/
  13. Zarc

    Yugioh Decks

    Idk , i never played the newest version ( link evolution ) , but on TDOANE there are all salamangreat cards including the broken one ( Pyro Phoenix )
  14. Zarc

    Yugioh Decks

    Or maybe it already joined xD Salamangreat is really strong !
  15. Oh but... my former secretary became a Global Mod i didn't even notice xD Nice work ! 🙂 

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    2. Zarc


      I wish you good continuation Snorlax ! ahaha 🙂 

    3. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      XD, though Snorlax is my trade name most people just call me Starry. Snorlax was originally going to be a shared trade name but Whiskers ended up making his own

    4. Zarc


      Ahaha okay ! ^^

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