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  1. Just need a ritual borreload monster to complete the family as a new borreload fusion monster got released

  2. Yeah yeah happy Easter , but happy GoT too ! Ep 2 let's go 😄

  3. Happy Easter everyone ! Have a very nice day 🙂 

  4. what a visionnary i am : i was having fun with valkyrie deck yersterday and they just released 3 new valkyrie cards this morning 

    1. Wolfox


      The French Rata

  5. The valkyrie deck ( yu gi oh ) is 50/50 but so funny to play 

  6. Little GoT humor




  7. Revolver is definitely the best character in Vrains

  8. What a sad moment to see one of the most historical / emblematic building of France burning like this... 

    1. Q-Jei


      That's clearly a very sad day for France! One of the worst historical moments ever. I feel revolted when I hear that it's nine centuries of history that will get burned away in one night. This is so, so, so disgusting! But seriously, am I the only one who find it strange that this happens during a Holy Week? France should not let another piece of the past get wrecked like this! And this is even more unbearable when you know that there was a renovation. There should have been a better supervision of this monument. Don't let another cultural heritage burning, France! Stay strong and beautiful like you've always been!


      Pry for Paris, pry for Notre-Dame 🙏

  9. Watch first episode of GoT season 8.... done ! Thx @Sayia 🙂 

    1. Sayia


      Hehe 😄 You're welcome Zarc ^^ One day we re-watch together 😉 

  10. Zarc

    Yugi Oh.

    YgoproPercy contain almost all cards , including anime ones. But no Ai mode right now.
  11. One day left before Games of Thrones last season ! 


    Lâimage contient peut-être : 1 personne, mème et texte

    1. Maqqy


      Currently rewatching the whole series rn



    2. Wolfox


      Winter is here



  12. Sing of his final stand , long live Carolus ~







  13. Zarc

    " If we cannot be linked by love... then we will be linked by hate. " 







  14. Hodor ? 



  15. Listen... i get it we cannot pass snorlax when he is blocking the way , but this ?...



    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Hey, if the PC can't climb over a 1 ft. ledge, what hope do they have of getting past a lotad without waking it up?


      ...In all seriousness, this gives BW2's random line of dancers a run for their money. They probably need it after neglecting their actual jobs for so long

    2. Vinnie


      Squash it! Step on it and squash it!


      But that would be pokemon cruelty. 

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