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  1. Our cat is annoying


    Keeps jumping up on me, he is almost 25lbs so it hurts and he digs in with claws don't know how to stop him though

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    2. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      I generally sleep right on the edge of the bed he can see me but chooses to jump up anyways, I tend to sleep on edge cause we share a bed and it barely fits us both. He never used to do this, it just started about 1-2 months ago

    3. ZEL


      Ah yeah, finding the right toy for your cat can be a hassle. A lot of cats love pointers and the rods, but of course there's tons of other options to explore. (I can make Pepp happy just by wiggling a belt like a snake, zzz).
      If he's a rather young cat then he may also just Be Like That for a bit, they all have that age where they are full of energy especially if they're intact.
      But in any case, if he is jumping you and clawing at you you'll be wanting to positively redirect that energy elsewhere. If he shreds toys a lot, it at least sounds like he has the motivation 😄 If you can get him into a routine he might even get used to waiting for his designated playtime the same way he'd wait for food.

      Alternatively he might have to be kept out of the room until a specific time of the day, though this is only really a useful option if his jumping is because he wants to sleep on you/the bed, and not for attention.

    4. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      @ZEL he is rather old being near 10 years of age

      He only really plays when things are doused in catnip or that have a dangling feeling to them as far as we have tried though he also seems to be having fun recently in small doses of tissue paper falling on him. When on the bed he is constantly nudging you, he won't cuddle nor will he lay down long enough to attempt sleeping I try petting him for 5-10 minutes which I think is a good length especially so early in the morning but I also can't close my door as he can open it anyways as the latch doesn't quite work also our room is the one with the AC for upstairs

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