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  1. Episode 20 of Rejuvenation Of Awesomeness! is up! It's time to travel with Aelita to Goldenleaf Town!... AT LEAST I WOULD IF SHE DIDN'T LEAVE EARLY IN THE MORNING! Ugh! Ohh well. I'll just meet her- GAH! MORE PEOPLE TO WASTE MY TIME! OK! Time to keep moving n- WHO IS THIS WEIRD DANCING WEIRDO AND WHY IS HE OBSESSED WITH ME?! Good! He's gone! We're almost th- Ren's here! Sweet! Now I ca- DID HE JUST BLOCK THE PATH TO GET TO GOLDENLEAF TOWN?! REN! REEEEEN! Ok! It's ok! Just time to get Venam and it's all be- DAMNIT! Well looks like I gotta go to the Abandoned Sewers and get- I GIVE UP! LOOKS LIKE VENAME, HER FRIENDS AND I ARE BREAKING INTO A MANSION! Please Read & Enjoy! 😄



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