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  1. In a regular pokemon metagame? Of course not (although, debatable, pincurchin is actually lowkey good lol). In a game such a Rejuv pincurchin would be absolutely bonkers, yes. I would always want terrain setters on my teams regardless of their power levels, and yes i'd rather have a pincurchin over a garchomp in many many battles. It's just way too disruptive for AI strategies, completely blocks most of their seed usage, would make most of their movepools which are tailored to abuse fields a lot worse, etc. I think the abilities should be kept to post-game, not the mons themselves. They might be balanced in a regular pokemon metagame but they certainly are not given the importance of terrains in games like Reborn or Rejuv. It's the same reason you'd almost never use moves like Grassy Terrain/Electric Terrain/etc in regular games, but in Rejuv it's not exactly unusual to keep those moves around. Even end-game 'minibosses' can be completely destroyed by a single mon on the correct terrain, as a matter of fact Gogoat with Grassy Terrain/Bulk Up/Horn Leech totally destroys the kingdra battle 1v6 for example and there are many similar battles that would be completely trivialized if you could setup electric terrain or whatever for free. It goes way, way beyond just having a speed boost blaziken or w/e OP mon. Adapting to fields and/or finding ways to change them into fields more suitable for your team is, imo, the bulk of the fun of battles in rejuv compared to regular pokemon games, and adding the ability to just negate fields for free in every single battle would destroy that.
  2. I'd be genuinely concerned if terrain setters weren't kept for post-game. Maybe a more elegant solution could be to enable access to hidden abilities during post-game (for these specific mons at least, maybe even in general) Terrain gimmicks are what keep fights interesting. Imagine fighting Souta or Adam without their terrains lmao, at least right now if you want to change terrains you need to waste some turns.
  3. Echoed Voice is not working properly. It's basically working as Fury Cutter 2.0 atm, when it should work completely differently. The counter should not be on a pokemon-per-pokemon basis - it should increase as long as it was used by any pokemon the turn before (misses, immunities, etc, still work to increase the counter). That means that if you outspeed, use it, then faint, send a new pokemon and use it again, it should deal additional damage as if the chain was uninterrupted. It means that if the opponent used it last turn, and you use it the following turn, you get increased damage. If your partner used it in a double battle last turn, the mon that didn't use it should get increased damage the following turn regardless.
  4. Kowapugunga whatever the whale in a sidequest. And all the goomy formes. Big Betty might have custom stats too? It felt stronger than a regular Emboar, maybe it just has busted EVs instead. Also this Tuff-Puff stuff is very very interesting!
  5. What about machines? Claydol/Magneton/Golurk/Sigilyph? I had a magneton tank a +4 Surf from Clamperl with a Deep Sea Tooth with comfortable health, that's Blissey level of bulk.
  6. I can't use crests on my baby pokemon I wish they applied to the entire line. On a conceptual level I'm not a big fan of the Leafeon/Glaceon ones, or Torterra one. I haven't figured out a way to know in advance if a mon has a crest or not (is there?), and it feels like swapping resistances without telling the player is a bit unfair. I love the Infernape one, as basic as it is, because Infernape always had a great defensive underused movepool (Will-O, Bulk Up, CM, Slack Off, SR), would be even better if it could give some kind of defensive ability like Regenerator instead of blaze/iron fist to really fit the theme I have no idea what the Spiritomb one *really* does but it sounds cool. Claydol is cool too finally giving it the offensive pressure it needs. I also don't think I have all crests unlocked yet since I see some mentioned that I don't know about xD
  7. The imbalance is part of the fun. It's Pokemon (aka glorified rock paper scissors) versus an AI that can be outsmarted and predicted, you can win even with completely garbage useless pokemon (see: my LC run with 0 items). Removing the 'option' to just steamroll enemies by simply spamming appropriate stab moves on strong attackers is not removing options, it actually opens up a lot of different various strategies and lets a lot of moves/mons shine that would otherwise be completely pointless to use.
  8. I'm surprised there's nothing for beating the machines attacking you in the Pyramid, or for beating Aelita/Melia when teamed up with Naganadel. Karma? Could you elaborate :o?
  9. After finishing v12, it seems all the timesplicer crystals are destroyed (other than the one to go back to Nymiera's house, which is a pretty limited zone) Is there any way to go back in time in order to cut/plant the Sheridan tree atm? I can't find the fisherman on route 2 for Adrienn's quest at all on my version of the route and I suspect the fisherman is only there on the other version edit: timesplicer in rose theatre wasnt destroyed, there goes an answer to my own question
  10. That's my main squad. Evolutions are cheating anyway :^)
  11. Finally got around to play v12, enjoyed it all. The part where Aelita is trying to get through a fence screaming 'LET ME INNNNNNN' made me chuckle a lot, and I loved a certain character growing up a lot. The new musics are awesome too. Thanks again for a great episode!
  12. Hello, experiencing a hangup script on this battle, the very first battle in the sewers at the start of the game Also experiencing the Nidoran issue already reported above in Oceana Pier edit: I could get past that battle and the rest of the sewers somehow (a lot of delay between turns, but it worked out), but it's doing the same behavior on goldenwood forest. seems to do that every time i'm teamed up with someone so far) edit2: currently stuck on the battle with melia against eli and sharon, managed to sneak my way around other double battles but this one is unskippable. i imagine there's probably something wrong with partner AI given that every other battle seems fine
  13. I was waiting for e11 to start a new run, thank you so much for the early present!
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