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  1. Usually event sequence breaks can be fixed by returning to then event you missed. Simply walking in and out of WTC would have saved you some time from loading a backup. Good catch though! Reborn's team tries very hard to avoid event sequence breaks, so nice for catching this one. It can be an easy fix by preventing you using Escape Rope in WTC
  2. After stumbling on a vid and searched in bulbapedia, it says Imposter/Transform fail against a transformed opponent. So yeah, not a bug! Sorry for falsely reporting without double checking...
  3. First of all, you need to give us more information about the problem. What kind of switches the AI is doing, who are you fighting etc. Also, the use of the Debug mode should not have any impact on how the AI works
  4. This is not a bug! Please don't report glitches when you use Debug, this would never happen under normal gameplay...
  5. If anyone is playing Pokemon Go and is willing to help me for a research, pls add me as a friend via the code: 4100 1833 8277

    Thanks in advance! 😄

  6. The best way to EV train is Des Teto's. It's easy, fast, non randomized and you only need to heal if you run out of PP. I like the Obsidia entrance which has the Woobat spot right as you enter the stairs and you just need to leave and re enter to reset it! As for moves, dual STAB ofc, QD is a must and in last slot you could run either Giga Drain when you got access to it or Heat Wave for double battles and destroying Fields. Recovery moves are not needed since you have to breed for Morning Sun and Roost TM is too late, and cause healing items are superior in every way. Another underrated option is Substitute which let's you set up easier vs more passive mons and don't have to worry about hax!
  7. Started PoGo almost a week ago and I have to say I expected a lot worse! I'm actually having fun while I return home from work now Some of the few problems I have with the game are the battle mechanics and the GPS tracking. The battles are a joke with no skill whatsoever, just tapping the screen as fast as possible. The GPS tracking is so frustrating, especially if you are on a bus! It always makes you miss the pokestops and in general it is ass even when you walk. For the things I like, I love that there is a way to grind anything, from coins to items and even candies by walking! I thought that some things would be accessible only by paying but I'm glad that there is a way to get what you want, even if that way is too obscure and time consuming. The other thing I like is the power up system. Stardust is easy to get and the leftover candies after evolving your mons are not wasted. If anyone is willing to help with some field researches by adding me as a friend here's my code: 4100 1833 8277 I also got some gifts laying aroynd willing to giveaway
  8. So far, ALL starters had a male/female rate of 87.5%/12.5% regardless of the starter's look, so I doubt they'll make any starter a gender exclusive. They did however changed the ratio of male/female to 88.1%/11.9% in gen8, but I think that happened cause the formula that calculated the gendered changed and this was the closer they could get to the previous one.
  9. Tbh, there is no point to do a speedrun in an unfinished game. Especially when with each update there are many parts earlier in the game that change
  10. Skrelp's Backsprite has a white pixel between its "antenna" thingy and its head when it whould be transparent. Only in normal colored sprite, not the shiny one
  11. Feebas is missing Oblivious from its available Abilities. Swift Swim and Adaptability both are listed as normal abilities and misses a HA (Note Adaptability is its HA normally). That also makes some junky stuff when a Feebas evolves into Milotic, messing up what ability it has
  12. I got from WT the following Dragonite BUT Extremespeed on Dragonite is currently unavailable cause you can only breed for it with an event Dratini that has Espeed (which currently Reborn doesn't have). So the legality check thought this is fine since it's an egg move, but in reality it shouldn't cause there is no way to get one! (I guess the same can happen with online battles, since it passes the legality check for that too)
  13. Try to use Fly/Dig/Teleport whatever to send back to a pokecenter/healing spot and see if the maps get load noramlly after that. If it doesn't work, post your save file and maybe someone can get you unstuck. Ofc there is also the option to load a backup save file, but people tend to either not activate it or refuse to go back and lose progress...
  14. First of all, both Manaphy and Phione don't come with guaranteed 3 max IVs probably cause they belong to Water 1 and Fairy egg groups, although they do in canon games. Second their egg sprites are a complete mess! Manaphy's egg sprite show up in the party menu when all the other eggs are just generic eggs But then, its in-status menu egg sprite is a generic egg sprite And for Phione egg, its in-status menu sprite it has Manaphys signature egg sprite
  15. I can't tell if this for ingame story or for online play. I'll rate assuming is for online play cause this is in victory road. First of all, your pokemon have illegal moves! Gliscor unfortunately can't have Earthquake as of now, cause it can only learn it from tm. Same with Swords Dance Mimikyu (if you use and is not slashed for when you get it) Personally, I prefer fire move on Hydrei over Earth Power, and specifically Heat Wave cause it can destroy so many fields, which Flamethrower unfportunately can't. And I would definately run Draco Meteor over Dragon Pulse, 2 Dracos are stronger than 2 Pulses. And you can even run Dragonium Z for maximum damage., Trick Room Mimikyu seems a bit off since your team is not that slow to take advantage of it. Unless you run it specifically for countering other TR. I would run Hone Claws instead or a 4th attacking move like Wood Hammer or Drain Punch. If you are running Blaziken without Bulk Up you are running Blaziken wrong. Its whole sell point is that can it can set up its speed with its attack at the same time. Also Flare Blitz is way stronger than Blaze Kick and the drop in damage output and netting OHKOs is significant. Metagross is fine, but you can experiment with other coverage over Thunderpunch or Hammer Arm, like Ice Punch, since you are lacking ice moves in your team in general. Rotom is also fine, although you can run Defog over Pain Split for opposing hazzards but your team is not that weak to rocks to be mandatory. Not a big fan of monoattacking Gliscor (especially when Bulldoze is its best legal option). I would run Knock Off or U-turn for utility purposes so it can cripple airborne opponents or get out of there and bring in a better suited pokemon. You can also experiment with other moves likes Taunt, Sub or Protect over Stealth Rocks and give Metagross rocks. The team also lacks speed control outside of Blaziken's Speed Boost and Gliscor's Bulldoze so a Tailwind on either Hydreigon or Gliscor could be usefull, but not a priority on the team.
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