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  1. Juliett swoops down once more and skewers right through the cursed. The dark magic flowing through it's claw slowly begins to dissipate and it lies unmoving on the ground. EXP: 73/100 Cheat Sheet:
  2. "I'm sorry but that is one request that I cannot keep. I cannot in good conscious leave someone such as yourself in such a state. Not only would it not be gentlemanly, but one must always maintain their top form. Walking on the edge is no way to fight, its two parts reckless and dangerous. If someone is in danger, I'll walk through hell and back to help them."
  3. Juliett swoops down and attacks the feral one. Learning from last time, she is able to dodge it's dark claw. Galen follows up after Juliett, his leg attack knocking the cursed off balanced and it stumbles around. Nicolos finishes off the spear wielding curse with one overhead slash. He turns to the pegasus rider behind him with determination and conviction. "Come on Juliett! I know you can finish him off! Give it everything you got!" Nicolos uses Press the Assault on Juliett! EXP: 68/100 Cheat Sheet:
  4. Owena launches her ax at the cursed creature, It falls off the bride in defeat. Galen Holds [Enemy Phase] Shaman D attacks Owena The feral cursed once again tries to upchuck a blast of dark magic at the group. However, it takes too long and is too slow to work a second time as Owena is easily able to dodge it and counter attack. Shaman B to K8 and attacks Arissell The cursed claw glows with dark energy as it walks past Nicolos launches 3 blades of dark magic towards the half-fae. Arissell hides behind the trunk of a tree however, and it's hurt. Though he trips on a root trying to make a counter attack and launches his wind magic right above the cursed Soldier B to I7 and attacks Nicolos The cursed charges forward and Nicolos prepares to dodge and counter. Attacks from both sides barely hit their mark. Archer A to H7 and attacks Nicolos As Nicolos is busy dealing with the spearman, a cursed weilding a bow approaches and crudely knocks an arrow into it. It manages to fly short and pierces the wooden bridge. Nicolos is unable to properly aim his counter attack after focusing too much on the soldier and a ball a flame gets sent into the river as it makes a cloud of steam where it lands Fighter B moves to F8 Shaman C moves to E8 Myrmidon B moves to D8 Fighter D moves to M13 Soldier D moves to M14 Archer B moves to M15 Myrmidon D moves to H15 Shaman E moves to G16 Large Cursed moves to G15 [Turn 4] [Player Phase] EXP: 60/100 Cheat Sheet:
  5. The butler's gaze turns to the mage with disgust. Whatever, he'll show him up (once he promotes) someday. For now he should go back to making sure everyone is alright. Going back to the swordswoman, he should should make sure she's alright as well. "Please hold still, this should only be a second." Baldur speaks gently while he spins his staff around in front of him, shower the Reiko in lively sparkles and he makes sure all her wounds close up properly. "Alright, that should do it! You're all good to go now, just please be more careful in the future. I don't want to see you collapse from careless wounds, alright?" With that he bows to the lady with a smile. Baldur quickly to C-14, heal Reiko
  6. Baldur wanted to feel sorry for Shin but he did sneak up on the lady (as well as other things that generally urk the butler). He should just ignore it to avoid any more confrontation. Yea, that's what he'll go with. However, he should just return to fixing up the injured. His vision moves towards... Lizaveta. Was this really necessary at the moment? He could always heal the swordswoman first, even if her aliment is still a mystery. No, Kane would get angry if Liz were to get seriously injured. "Tch..." He made his way up to the brat as slow as he could to somehow delay the inevitable. His glare was razor sharp and he tried to keep his line of sight from being sullied as much as possible by looking at her minimally. "Oh, please forgive me for what I'm about to do..." He half-haphazardly flicked his left wrist and the healing sparkles unceremoniously drooped onto her. The entire time his face was reading "I really wish I wasn't here right now". He didn't even check to make sure he got everything. Whatever he did was more than enough. More than she deserved. Afterwards he quickly started moving away to end this as quickly as possible. Baldur to C-12 & reluctantly heal Liz Crimson to D-11, blast Soldier D, press the assault on Baldur
  7. Vivi heals Galen, Galen is maxed out! Nicolos heals 10 HP from the vulnerary. Nicolos is maxed out! Juliett heals 10 HP from the vulnerary. Arissell hides within the safety of the nearby trees before launching a blade of wind magic that cuts directly across the cursed's chest. EXP: 49/100 Cheat Sheet:
  8. [Enemy Phase] Soldier C moves to M11 and attacks Brinda The cursed charges forward, across the bridge attacking the first creature it sees which happens to be Brinda. However, she is able to leave a mark on her attacker with her incantations. Shaman D moves to M12 and attacks Brinda This cursed's chest almost seems to inflate as it crosses the bridge however, it was really it charging it's own attack. It hucks the condensed ball of dark magic up in the air like a mortar and it lands directly onto Brinda exploding and leaving her on the floor. Brinda is down! Fighter A moves to I8 and attacks Nicolos Myrmidon A moves to I8 and attacks Nicolos Seeing Brinda fall made Nicolos' blood boil. While she may have joined... differently than the rest, she was still a comrade in arms. As he rage grew, so too did the passion and intensity of his flames. With little time to to regain composure two cursed charged at the captain. His eyes locked to both. First an ax-man approached, he swiftly sidestepped the crude swing before making an attack of his own. Two quick blade slashes were enough to catch the cursed a flame leaving it's charred body on the bridge. Unfortunely he was unable to avoid the wild swings and claw slashes of the other cursed. He grit through whatever pain it cause before stabbing the feral creature in the chest and unleashing a torrent of flame which launched the cursed blazing upstream and lifeless. "Someone help Brinda up! Quickly, more of them are coming!" He shouted down at the lower group. Shaman B moves to G8 Soldier B moves to F7 Archer A moves to E7 Fighter B moves to C8 Shaman C moves to B8 Myrmidon B moves to A8 Fighter D moves to L15 Archer B moves to L16 Soldier D moves to K15 Myrmidon C moves to F15 Shaman E moves to D16 Large Cursed moves to D15 Turn 3 [Player Phase] EXP: 45/100 Cheat Sheet:
  9. Arissell effortlessly finishes off the feral one with one blade of wind magic. EXP: 34/100 Cheat Sheet:
  10. After ceasing his laughter, Argos raises he blade towards the other fighter hiding in the trees. "You're next pal! Say your prayers!" He sword glimmers in the sunlight as he unleashes his mighty swings. Argos move to Y23 and attack Fighter 2 with the Unsigned Blade
  11. Owena successfully chucks the ax at the curse, getting a nice hit before returning back to her. EXP: 29/100 Cheat Sheet:
  12. Baldur grumbles as he begins to pretend to adjust his right sleeve. Really he was just sliding back whatever he pulled out before, but unless you were closely behind him you couldn't tell. He keeps his staff in his left hand however, just in case. He makes sure to keep a watchful eye on the red-haired man as he moves forward. Baldur moves to C15
  13. Baldur approaches the man who just attempted to blast his comrade with flames. He was about ready to jump in front of the flames before the ax from one of their members stopped it. He glares straight at the red-haired and well-dressed barbarian. "Look here, bastard. I don't know who the HELL you think you are but let me tell you one thing. " He moves his staff to his left hand and the people behind him can see something almost slide down the back of his right arm. "We just came to help your sorry ass and THIS is how repay our kindness!? Not only that you attempt to harm one of my teammates and you ridicule the rest. Were it not for my orders I'd end your sorry life right here and now. BUT, if I ever see you try and harm us again, I don't think I could restrain myself making you lie in a pool the same color as the trash heap you call your hair. GOT IT!?"
  14. Baldur looks down at Shin covered in rubble and lying on the ground. He pinches the bridge of his nose and lets out a sigh before continuing forward. Baldur to D18 Crimson to E13 Kane O21, unlock door
  15. Unfortunately, due to Brinda not focusing on aiming her shot, the feral cursed somehow stumbled out of the way. EXP: 27/100 Cheat Sheet:
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