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  1. "When did I ever say Fiscus and why are you counting on...?" Baldur grumbled as he watched the rider catch up with them. He let out an annoyed sigh, "Ugh fine, whatever, just don't be a nuisance." He walked through the doorway and noticed a small number of soldiers coming up the hallway. "Heads up, a scum quartet is approaching." Baldur to C10 Arthur to C9 Kane to B9
  2. "Phoenix, Crimson, come with me. We're going to secure the treasure and possibly gank our assailants." The butler spoke helping drag along crimson with his magic Crimson move to G5 Baldur move to H5 and shove Crimson to F5 Baldur move to D6, Shove Crimson to E5
  3. Nicolos lets out a sigh, "Focus on your own safety before the enemy's. I understand that you may have close ties to some of them but don't let your sentimentality hinder you. I don't want to see anyone dying over hesitation."
  4. "Excuse me Captain, but I will not stand back and watch as our enemies tear into our comrades." As he speaks he glares at the two men on horseback up ahead seemingly unfazed by the blood spatters. He raises his crimson soaked blade at the two enemies, "You two are next to face my blade! I'll even take both of you on at once!"
  5. "rrrrrrrRRRRRGGGGGGAAAAAAAHHHHH! DIE YOU BASTARD!" Seeing both Rhian and Dulcibella lying on the ground. The swordsman charged forth blind with rage and anger. Aiming to chop off the man's head he takes a hefty swing. Argos move to S25 and execute Scholar 3 with the Unsigned Blade
  6. "Don't plaster your own specific reasons for joining Virtuous as being everyone's. Not once did I think about protecting only 'the less powerful'. I joined virtuous to change the world for the better for EVERYONE, not for just some peasantry, not for stuck up nobles nor for a specific nation. We're labeled as criminals to a large majority of the public, I doubt that a slight change to that title will make much difference to how people view us. I can't speak for everyone, but I never once considered the thoughts of the others in the world. Whether the world viewed us as aligned to a nation or unaligned it matters not. My focus has always been to make this world a better place. If achieving that means to work with a Queen of a nation, I'd do that in a heartbeat. Her rank in society and what land the Queen is affiliated has NOTHING to do with what she wants to accomplish."
  7. Lizaveta is opening her mouth again. Gods every time she does I feel like I'm loosing brain cells. But rather than stroke the flame he turns to Lenore and speaks, "I only got on Shin to prevent careless actions like that in future. I know personally how fickle some nobles can be and a simple blunder like that could make all the difference in making a deal. Haveing due etiquette is an absolute nessessity. Not only that, but it can be seen as disrespectful. It's all for precautionary measures." Then they revealed their markings to everyone. It was here that the butler was convicted of their sincerity. "Your Majesty... it honors me that you would trust me with such a secret. It makes me relieved that there are rulers such as yourself still left in this world." Baldur bows to the queen as a sign of respect before turning back to the entire group, "Mu vote goes to takeing the queen up on her offer."
  8. Baldur lets out a sigh. He really is hopeless isn't he. Forgetting things so quickly at that, it amazes him that the guy has made it this far, "I doubt the queen will throw you into the dungeon for this, BUT others might. Just... make sure you learn manners to avoid something like that from happening, Fiscus. The last thing I want to be dealing with is a prison break for another member."
  9. Baldur pats Crimson on the shoulder, he had heard the stories about Stella but he always thought they were a bit far fetched. "Should I get a pot of tea ready? It'll be chamomile like last time." He paused and looked at Stella, "If you want my opinion, I would be alright with taking her Majesty on her offer. The queen is one of the few who is still good in this world and one who I can still have some modicum of trust." He glance then turns to Albert, "As one servant to another, you have my word that should we go to the castle I will do all in my power to keep her Majesty life safe. If... that at all eases some concerns." His glare then turned to Shin, "FISCUS! You are in the presence of the QUEEN! At least show some modicum of respect for her Majesty! Know your place!"
  10. "You're missing the point here Justine. What if she was planning on us letting our guard down before she attacked. Your hasty actions could have led to you opening the door and then immediately being attacked." The Butler said taking his mask from underneath his jacket and putting it on. "What I'm trying to get through your thick skull is to at least THINK before you act. Not everyone are as they seem and some are quite okay with shoving a dagger in your back. Having unwavering trust in someone like that is only going to get you killed someday. Even if she is the Queen of Ceda, never let your guard down."
  11. Baldur felt kinda... bad watching Liz trying to help. She definitely needs to gain some strength and stop being cooped up all the time Once he closed the door his grip from the dancer ceased. He wasn't at all surprised by everyone's reactions but he knew what he was getting into when he did that. He didn't seemed fazed either when the blade was pointed at his throat. "First of all Justine, your actions not only put yourself at risk but EVERYONE in virtuous. Just opening the door without second thought is not only reckless but also asking for a blade in the gut. Second, Kane I wouldn't have to this if you just stopped her in the first place. Third, you do realize that we are the enemy to most governing bodies right? If you knew that a queen was waiting outside the door why in the hell would you open it? I fully expect with most rulers of the world they bring an army with them as well. What we should be doing is figuring out why in the hell she's here and whether or not everyone's in danger BEFORE we start charging outside. I don't care what any of you think of me. As long as no one ends up dead right now I'm alright with any outcome." He groans. She did say she was the queen of Ceda. In her defense she's probably one of the best rulers the wandering onto their door step. His glare looks towards Crimson, "Crimson, since you did bring them I have but one question for you. I just want a short 'Yes' or 'No', would you trust that woman with your life?"
  12. Baldur will take all three: Kane, Arthur, and Tabitha!
  13. Baldur looks impressed at what Simeon has given him. "Ah yes, this will do swimmingly. Thank you very much Simeon." He tries out the the shove staff on the blade and it does seem he can rotate it on top of the staff. "Talk to me if you ever desire a delicious hand crafted meal or a new set of clothes." Baldur heard the female voice from the door, and it had a certain ring to it. It was quite familiar. The butler glared at Arthur, he didn't know whether or not he was telling the truth here. He then noticed the dancer darting for door, even flinging it open. He let out a sigh using his shove staff to move her from the doorway. And holds her back. "Sorry, she is no leader of mine and is quite a bit jumpy. Excuse her." He bows to them before closing the door once more. "So Kane what should we do? We can't just leave them there, we should at least let them inside."
  14. "Splendid. I don't mind your assistance at all. Let me drop this off in my room first then I shall get the spices ready for the omelette. Meanwhile, you should start making the bacon. A breakfast is not complete without crispy bacon after all." The butler gives a light chuckle.
  15. "Who? What?" Baldur raised his eyebrow, was there somebody who needed replacing? "Anyways, it is breakfast time. How do you like your eggs? I feel like I should make amends for almost bumping into you and having you nearly fall down the stairs."
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