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  1. Baldur was still in a sort daydream like trance even after being in combat for this long. It wasn't until War's bolt struck that he was finally brought back to reality. "Hmph, Fiscus' personal hygiene is more of a shock than any bolt of lightning you could conjure up." Though, it seems the shock was enough to get his remarks to start coming out again. The butler flipped his bangs with his left hand before twirling his staff to his right side, slamming the bottom end of it into the ground, "Now! Phoenix! Crimson! Let us strike!" All-Out-Attack Crimson move to Q14 and attack War with Wind Baldur move to P13 and attack War with a Shove infused Tenderizer strike Kane move to Q13 and finish off War with Iron Knife
  2. You know, when she puts what he said like that, it was more than just 'kinda harsh', "No! That's not what I-! Or... well it kinda was... but I didn't intend for it to-!" He stopped himself and put more space between the two of them before following it with a long sigh. It is probably best to stop while he's ahead, "Dammit Argos... you suuure are great at making people feel better aren't ya? Ugh, you really need to get better at that... but how does someone even get better at cheering people up? Is there like weight training... but for like... talking to people... or something? Nah that just sounds dumb..." The boy muttered to himself loud enough for Rhian to hear. It seems like even when the lad wants to keep quite he's still relatively loud. Though, looking back up at the archer, he could help but grow a grin of relief on his face. I mean, yea she was still not in the greatest of moods (to put it lightly) but at least she wasn't broken like before. While the guilt still lingered within him, a large portion of it was lifted seeing her not in such a shattered state. Plus, given the current situation, this is probably the best it's going to get. Well, unless someone better at cheering up people than he is shows up. Which is probably anyone.
  3. "No Rhian... my sin wasn't 'working too hard' or 'yelling', my sin was being born..." He brought his knees to chest and wrapped his arms around them to hug them closer. "This is gonna sound kinda harsh but, there comes a point where you realize that sitting around crying won't get you anywhere. If we want things to change we have to do it ourselves! My parents have been trying to fix the system for a while now, but with little progress. After a while, I decided was done with crying. I would become a strong warrior, strong enough so no one could ignore me. I would become strong enough to be pillar for those like me. I would become a hero and forge the change the world needs!" He scooched over in front of the sitting archer and lightly placed his hands her shoulders, his head pointed towards the ground. "So please, stop crying! Forge your own path like you always have!" He wanted to hug her so much, but he was a coward and could only manage to push himself to weakly keep her at arms length.
  4. "I... I can't say I know that feeling..." He really wants to relate to Rhian, to somehow be able to know exactly how to put her anguish at ease, but he can't. "I was... never given the chance to call this home. I've been an outcast all my life. The only place I can call home is the shop my mother runs down in Goya." His voice was soft and somber as he spoke, "At first I tried my hardest to make this a place where I could call home, but I was denied every step. When I was really little I thought, maybe I if I became a Dragon Knight... people would... accept me. Like me. Be a friend." He let out a little sniff before he continued, "I... I trained everyday for that test. Even though somewhere deep down I knew they would deny me on the spot, I kept training. I had this... unmovable notion that if I was good enough they'd accept me. I should have know I could never..." He realized he began to ramble on about himself and his cheeks grew a shade pinker, "A-anyways, I could never see this place as home but once I came to the Allied Guard everything changed. Everyone has been so... nice... most of the time anyways. Everyone was so strong in their own unique way. It was starting to feel like a sort of home since day one. The biggest strength I saw in you was how strong your will was, you never gave in no matter how bad it got. So, I can't stand seeing you like this. I know I can't understand how you feel about this being home or how things used to be, but... maybe the Allied Guard could be a new type of home..." After he said those last few words he shook his head in anger, "Argh! No! I shouldn't say that! It's not my place! I-I'll just make things worse again!" He lifted his arm from her shoulder and plopped back onto his bum grabbing his headband viciously, "I'm sorry, I'm just making things worse aren't I? I... I should just go, maybe then I won't screw everything up more!"
  5. Argos starred the unflinching into the wyvern's eye, almost like he has done thousands of times by now. After all he's been through, he can't exactly feel bad. Yea, it's awful that people died and he can relate to that sorrow. The people of the foundation never once tried to relate to him, so why should he to them. However, he isn't going to push Ceridwen any further. He feels worse about how Ceridwen is than ANY other Dragon Knight. "Great job, 'oh great hero'. You just love making everything worse don't you." Argos has to try and fix this somehow. He heads over to Rhian and gets on one knee since she seems to need attention the most at the moment. and he isn't exactly in the best mind to try and help Ceridwen He places his hand her shoulder, "Hey, it's okay. Deep breaths. I'm here if you need to get whatever is on your chest off."
  6. "Wait, 'we'? What's so important about that word...? Wait a moment... no..." And before the boy knew it, Rhian confirmed his suspicions. At that very moment, the strength in lad's arms began to decline as a wave of... relief? No that's not quite the right word. I suppose a way to put it would be, "A sense of brotherhood". But listening to what Ceridwen was saying, he could not help but disagree with it. He... had to say something. Something he has to left off his chest, if not for Rhian than himself. He released his arms completely and turned towards Ceridwen, "So what if she has a grudge against the Dragon Knights? She has every right to have one. Do you think the 'honorable knights' are not so quick to throw someone out just because they don't meet their standards? Are you saying it is okay to abandon and ridicule people for making one big mistake, or even a choice that was out of their control? No. While taking it out on a particular person is not okay, the grudge itself isn't. Rhian is right about the tradition of the Dragon Knights being a major blight upon the people as a whole. Honestly, this whole system is a complete sea of hogwash! If you don't follow the tradition to a T you're thrown out! Made an outcast! Become the literal scum of the earth! Don't even get me started on what happens if you had the audacity to be born off these mountains either! What it sounds like to me is that you're trying to write off how she feels because she's never experience this particular scenario. Well, you don't need to know every scenario to understand that there are major flaws around every corner!"
  7. Argos put a bit more force onto Ceridwen to increase the distance between the two once again. He legs shook like a plucked guitar string "O-okay guys. We can all agree that the deaths here were terrible, yea? Maybe instead of fighting about how they defended the Stronghold, we could find ways to make sure future attacks could be handled better? Doesn't that seem more productive than getting angry over something that's already happen...?"
  8. Baldur move to E16 and attack Hunter A with the shove infused tenderizer
  9. Argos was not expecting this kind of reaction from either of them. Okay well, maybe Rhian a liiiiiiittle bit but not to this extent. He was taken aback and momentarily stunned. What's worse it's beginning to get physical. This was his fault and now he has to fix it. He forcefully wedged himself between the ladies, using whatever force necessary to pry between and make some distance between them. His heart felt like it could burst out of his chest at any moment but he won't allow this to go any further! "Okay! Hold up! Just what is up with you two? This went from 0 to 100 real quick. Maybe I was out of line with my whole little attempt to try and bring up the mood a bit but still!" He turned his head towards Rhian, "First of all, Rhian, I want to make one thing clear. I don't idolize the Dragon Knights as a whole. Only my father holds my idolization, and what he chooses to use his strength for is his choice. Quite frankly, even when I get my wyvern I don't plan on ever joining the knights. I want what I've been unfairly denied and nothing more. Secondly," Argos turns to Ceridwen now, "I can't say I know what going on with you but Rhian is right about one thing, you have to stop wallowing. The past couple of hours I've been doing nothing but that, so I guess I'm being hypocritical here. But, I don't want to let it consume me and that's what I see happening to you! I'm not saying to feel nothing but don't regress into sunken version of yourself!" He was shaking in his boots but if he got anything right he was able to maintain his voice composure at least.
  10. "Hm?" Rhian was starring off into the distance but at what? "Man, Ceridwen has been acting pretty weird since the last mission. She hasn't gotten any better either..." Then a great idea popped into the lad's head! If Rhian was able to bring up his mood then they should be able to bring up Ceridwen's mood as well! "Oh, I know! Let's go bring up her mood!" Argos stowed his sword and grabbed the knight's arm and started dragging her along before she could respond, "Just follow my lead! It's gonna be great!" On his way forward he put up his hood and stopped in front of the sulking wyvern rider releasing Rhian from his grip a little bit beforehand. "Why so glum, chum? But never fear! For I, OVERALL ENTHUSIASM, am here to bring up that sour mood!" Argos then did an over exaggerated turn and looked back right at Rhian. He leans back and points at her, "Oh! But what is this! It's the great demon lord Misery! It seems like she wants your company but as we all know, Misery is bad at parties and will only bring down the mood more. Quickly! When I hold her off I need your biggest smile! For, only smiles and laughter can drive back the vile demon!" He then air boxes in front of Rhian, pretending to keep her back.
  11. "Guardian huh..." He places his sword back on his back. He then adjusts himself into something one could call a 'basic standing pose'. Making sure he was a safe distance anyway from anyone who was close by, before reciting once again with the same amount of enthusiasm and volume as last time, "I am ARGOS VON BODIN, INVOKER OF MAYHEM!" The lad draws his sword, this time giving it a few spins above his head before continuing, "and THIS is my sword! YMGELEDDWYR! THE GUARDIAN BLADE!" He rests his sword on his shoulder. "Yea... YEA... YEA!" Each 'yea' was followed by a fist pump with his free hand, "Awwwww, man! I'm really feelin' it! This name is perfect! Thanks Rhian! I knew coming to you was the right idea! I owe you one, seriously."
  12. Rhian's words somehow was able to put a smile back on the boys face and perk his head back up. Even when her distaste for the Dragon Knights became apparent, it made his smile bigger. "Ya know Rhian, you really are the coolest. Thank you." He gave her a big smile before continuing, "So wait, what exactly did Ymgeled- whatever mean? It sounded really cool!"
  13. "Ymge-? Yimge-? -Dwen? -dwry? What?" Argos could not understand what she was saying or what that name even meant. "What kinda name is that? I've never heard of anything like it." Then she mentioned orders and that soured is mood royally. "C-can we not talk about our current orders, I already feel useless enough being a burden on everyone during battle. It sucks that I can't help recruit anyone here. If the person they're trying to recruit saw me it'd probably only hinder the process..." His sword arm drooped along with his head.
  14. "I-I see..." Well, he wasn't expecting that kind of answer. Rhian seems to have a much more important goal for herself than he does. He wanted to say something but what could he? If anything, he'd probably make her annoyed again. "Hmmmm, well that's certainly a reason. " He put his hand on his chin, "Maybe I should go more basic and to the point then like you... If I'm going to be a Hero, then a Hero's job is to..." His hand then moved to the blade on his back and as he drew it he yelled at the top of his lungs, "BEHOLD MY BLADE, INNOCENTS!" He points his sword into the sky and holds it there for a moment before bringing it down, "No, that sounds super lame and doesn't flow off the tongue well." With his free hand, he placed it's palm on his forehead and clenched his fingers in frustration. "Ugh, do you have any ideas yourself? Anything at all, even if it's just from the top of your head." He asked the armored bow-user.
  15. The boy was hesitant to ask at first. This is probably going to make him seem super lame but oh well, "W-well, what is that you fight for? Or why do you fight?" He paused before elaborating, "Back at the Warrior Village I was given a sword and was told to name it after something or someone I'd swear my life to protect. But I don't know what to do. Fighting for me has always been just another part of life for me. I'm going to be a strong warrior like my father so I have to fight. With that strength I can protect the people I care about, prove that I am worthy for a wyvern as well as the people who can't defend themselves. The problem is, I can't name my blade multiple things and I don't know what is most important. S-so, I thought if I asked what you fight for most it could help me figure out what to name my blade... " He got embarrassed at that last part. What kind of hero doesn't know what he fights for most?
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