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  1. Argos was surprised that his maneuver didn't work, he was sure that it would be surefire! He surprise was met with a nice knock onto his noggin which just turned his shock to rage. Maybe the lad had a thick skull because he didn't seem discombobulated from the blow at all. Pushing through the throbbing in his head he turned towards Kris gritting his teeth, before jumping in the air and trying to stab her with his blade held upside down the tip pointing to the ground.
  2. Heh, she's a slippery one for sure but that knife of her's isn't gonna do much unless she gets close. This was exactly what Argos was expecting. Noting the direction of her movements he did not attempt to try and stop his blade, rather he spun with it going with the momentum. Bringing his blade back and pointing it up towards the sky, he crouched low to the ground. The lad felt a rush of air above his head, which was probably another one of Kris' attacks, before extending his right leg trying to sweep the lady off her feet. He had to release one hand from his sword, however, to keep himself up and not fall back.
  3. The lad was confused, why was she approaching him like that? However, he kept his guard up. His father always warned him to never loose focus on one's opponent. If only he could've taught him some sword techniques. When Kris' sudden attack came for him he had to rely on instinct in order to keep his eye. He didn't even have time to make any surprised gasps. Luckily for the swordsman fighting on instinct was his specialty. He moved his head away from the incoming blade however, the knife did make a tiny slice on the edge of his ear. Enough to make it bleed but not enough to scar. He follows up by swinging his blade horizontally towards the rogue while taking a step back. It was quite the rugged swing with no apparent form to it, but what it lacked in finesse it made up for with its power and speed as it made a whoosh through the air.
  4. Still sitting at the dinner table, Baldur really had nothing more to add. He sighed placing his fork besides his practically untouched plate of food. However, some peculiar chatter caught his ear and he turned towards the source. It came from Mim and Simeon and with those words a flood of emotions came pouring in. One couldn't tell at a glance, only the guy had been angrily gritting his teeth in their direction. He got up from his seat and exited the room heading in no specific direction. He was surprised this hadn't shown of sooner, especially with what happened today. Once he found a location that seemed devoid of people he shuffled of his canteen once more before trying to drown out all these pent up frustrations. "Worthless..." He had to drink in such an awkward way in order to keep his mask on while doing so.
  5. "That doesn't mean he hasn't done wrong before. He's a mega poopy jerk butt. Like, if he had the chance to kill everyone just to get 5 more minutes of time to work on his music I bet he'd do it in a heartbeat." The feline whispered in the spooky lad's ear, "Come oooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I've got your back on this, okay!"
  6. "Tch, I never said you were dumb..." The muttered before taking in a big sniff. Hearing her threaten to slander his name across the land only brought visions of Fless into his mind. If the guy hears that Argos ran away, Argos would betray the trust and the blade he gave to him. He can't let that happen! He must honor his promises! He rubbed both of his eyes with his right arm before grabbing his wooden blade again. "However, as a warrior I cannot refuse a challenge from any opponent." He tone shifted from a depressed one to a more stalwart one. He slowly rose to his feet before taking a few paces back and assuming a fighting stance, "Alright then, you make the first move!"
  7. Baldur sat upright with his arms crossed as Stella unloaded all this secret information onto them. While he did attempt to eat the food on his plate earlier, he gave up trying as he valued keeping his mask clean more than getting his fill of food. He let out a deep sigh before giving his own two cents, "While I love the thought of dropping everything to collect these relics of yours, I really do, I also think that it is quite a huge waste of everyone's time and effort." He unhooked his right arm and waved his hand dismissively, his right elbow resting on his left hand. "Tell me, what exactly do you plan to do if we collect all of them anyways? Meekly ask the gods, 'Why? Why are you doing nothing to help the world?' You wanna know what they'll do? They'll give some excuse and continue to do nothing. Unless you plan to beg and grovel at their feet which I have no intention of doing. Instead risking not only our safety as well as potentially starting another great war, we should rather focus on fixing everything ourselves." He paused for a moment before adding, "Oh, and also, my mask stays on."
  8. "Oh... so you don't have any hobbies huh? Wow, you almost sound like a certain SOMEONE I know! Yorrie!" The cat said taking a jab at the swordsman before pondering for a moment. He then gives off a quite, sinister chuckle before whispering into Nil's ear. "Hey, you see Fuefuki over on that branch over there? Could by chance sneak some light over to his face and then spook him with a flash? He's a jerk sometimes so its okay! Doooooo ittttttttt!"
  9. "Huh, zat muss really shuck." He swallowed before continuing, "But hey, at least you can write with that cool trick of yours! Whenever I try to write stuff with my powers it always melts a couple seconds later. Its sooooo lame." Finished with his meal, Ivoh'to decided to jump onto Nil's shoulder. He had to use his claws to pull himself up at first so that may have pricked a bit. He wraps around behind his neck and lays on both shoulders. "So what else can you do? Or what do you like to do?"
  10. "I mean, your form could use work but yea that's about it. Also scratching underneath my jaw is good spot too. Oh! As well as head pets!" It wasn't long before a nice chunk of deer meat was tossed to him, "Oh yea! Thanks Yorrie!" Ivoh'to began to chow down before looking back towards Nil, meat still in his mouth, "Sow, dew yew juss not like talking or are ya tchrying tew be fansea?"
  11. The cat sighed in disappointment, "Look pal, you're not making it easy to put a smile on your face. You're suppose to pet me back got it!" He seemed to be completely unfazed by what he saw underneath Nil's hood. Though those splotches of blood are a weird fashion statement to say the least. But hey, whatever he likes to wear is his choice. Though he could also use a fresh cloak. Maybe the next caravan would have one.
  12. "Hmph, you'll have to catch me first and I doubt those stubby legs of yours could keep up." The feline spoke continuing to clean his face. Not wanting to egg that brute on any further, the cat tried to find something else to do. Unfortunately, he's alreadt read all the books he's 'borrowed' already, shame. He then notice the other newbie just kinda... being a downer. He can't let that stay for long! He stood up on the branch stretching out forward bum and two tails going up in the air before he leapt down onto the ground. He casually walked over the the black robed yokai before rubbing his head against his leg and purring as he did so. He looked up at the man and tilted his head as if waiting for something.
  13. The cat with the affinity for all things cold rests on a nearby tree's branch. He was licking his paw before rubbing said paw across his face. His head popped up when he heard reference to him, "Aaah, ya caught me. It is I who is the cause of all this cold. Truly only one of great power could do this!" Ivoh'to said playfully. He then put his head back down after the armored one spoke, "Is fighting the only thing you care about? And before you ask, no I still won't spar with you! Ever!" He really wasn't interested in nor liked their new member. Fighting, fighting, always with the fighting.
  14. "I-I told you its just training! No more no less! I have to train constantly if I want to be the greatest!" The boy said with a more forceful tone. "Besides, weapons can't talk! They can't speak because they're just metal or wood! Even if they could speak I'd not want to hear a single word! Since whatever they'd have to say I already know! So if you're gonna take them, then just do it and I'll leave! Everything would probably be better that way too. I'll make my way back to Goya and just run the shop with Ma like she always wanted me to!" Argos seemed to be on the verge of tears, holding them back no matter the cost to save what little pride and dignity he has left.
  15. "Without actually checking out Queen Stella's room there are no other leads at this moment." The butler said more than a little disappointed, "However, even if we did go to her room I doubt they'd have left anything major behind. Nevertheless I have come to certain conclusions about our assailants." Baldur makes sure to check his surroundings before continuing on, "Tell me, have you heard the tragedy of King Cyrus of Vini?"
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