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This is a club about Yu-Gi-Oh!. Be it the Anime, the TCG the Manga or even Duel Links. If it's Yu-Gi-Oh!, it's found here!

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  2. I always wanted to see Jim Croocidle's fossil deck and guess what? 14 Yrs later, we officalliy have some cards. This give me hope that more architypes from past yugioh series/manga would be release
  3. I hope the Evil Hero archetype gets boosted since they are very cool but hard to use, since there are no search effects for Dark Fusion. And Superstrong Samurais, i love them but they don't have Link Support and without it it's kinda hard to play them...
  4. We all have out favorite gimmicks in yugioh. Some archetypal gimmicks are potent to the point of being meta, and others are forgotten due to time and such. So, what is your favorite and would you like Konami to one day try the gimmick again? For me, it has to be LV monsters. I love how they get progressively stronger by achieving certain criteria and how occasionally their own effects can be quite good. Sadly the gimmick itself isn't that great due to said criteria and of course it being quite slow to set up. I do think Konami could manage to get a pretty decent archetype out of LV monsters if they put some work into it. Maybe a retrain to Horus a d an archetype surrounding that line, or something?

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