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This is a club about Yu-Gi-Oh!. Be it the Anime, the TCG the Manga or even Duel Links. If it's Yu-Gi-Oh!, it's found here!
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  2. I always wanted to see Jim Croocidle's fossil deck and guess what? 14 Yrs later, we officalliy have some cards. This give me hope that more architypes from past yugioh series/manga would be release
  3. So there are many fanmade cards online. Are there any cards you would like to play with? Are they too strong or are they fair? I start with this card: Supreme King Zrains is a way too strong card in my opinion but the fact that Link Monster can also be Pendelum Monster is so good since you can special Summon from your Extra Deck in their linked Zones even when they are in the Pendelum Scale.
  4. I hope the Evil Hero archetype gets boosted since they are very cool but hard to use, since there are no search effects for Dark Fusion. And Superstrong Samurais, i love them but they don't have Link Support and without it it's kinda hard to play them...
  5. We all have out favorite gimmicks in yugioh. Some archetypal gimmicks are potent to the point of being meta, and others are forgotten due to time and such. So, what is your favorite and would you like Konami to one day try the gimmick again? For me, it has to be LV monsters. I love how they get progressively stronger by achieving certain criteria and how occasionally their own effects can be quite good. Sadly the gimmick itself isn't that great due to said criteria and of course it being quite slow to set up. I do think Konami could manage to get a pretty decent archetype out of LV monsters if they put some work into it. Maybe a retrain to Horus a d an archetype surrounding that line, or something?
  6. Gotta go with the classic, it was the card Yami used to beat Pegasus after all
  7. While I want to go for the Brothers, Sphere has quickly become my favorite in both design and function.
  8. "Linkuribo. If all you say is "Kuri Kuri Kuri". I can't understand you!"
  9. Across yugioh series, anime or manga, main characters, support cast or even rivals have used the critter known as Kuriboh. Each unique in their own right but which is one your favorite? Only the manga or anime apperances count and forms won't be separated. If you need a refresfer or an intruduction I have a nice picture of each below. 1. Kuriboh 2. Clear Kuriboh 3. The Kuriboh brothers 4. Winged Kuriboh 5. Kuribon 6. Junkuriboh 7. Kuriphoton 8. Kurivolt 9. Rainbow Kuriboh 10. Performapal Kuriborder 11. Sphere Kuriboh 12. Linkurboh
  10. Well they are quite close but the barian onslaught is slightly better. Nash is my favorite villain and the fact that there were some real casualties made it the better arc. What the dark signer however had, was motivation and personal conflict : characters like carly, misty, bommer, sayer, kiryu all had personal reasons to fight as had the signers. The barians' reasons were like, we are barians or we are mind controlled let's fight. Luckely Nash and vector had some motivation otherwhise the roles would have been switched. The yugioh anime is not about dueling but about conflict, duels are just a way to visualise it.
  11. True, Jack does deserve a big win vs Yusei, but then again, seeing Junk Warrior deal that final Scrap Fist never gets old. and his first duel vs Antinome could have been a good loss, but that would probably have made Bruno's death even sadder (like we need that T.T)
  12. Yeah of course , the main duels against vilains , it's perfectly logical. But he could have lost against Antinomy for example during their first duel , no pression on the story. He could have lost against Jack at the end , same , no pression , and Jack deserved to beat Yusei just for once..
  13. I still say Yusei actually lost that duel to Kiryu, because there was nothing he could have done there. His D-wheel breaking saved his life, but not the duel. But then again, outside of I think 3 duels (maybe fewer) all of Yusei's duels were high-stakes. Like Dark Game stakes. Would he have lost to Ushio once? He's in jail and the series would end. Lost to Aki? Can't get back at Jack. Lost t that bug guy in ep 2? lost his D-wheel and series end.
  14. In my opinion 5d's > Zexal , and i think a lot of people are agree with it. Starting with the main protagonist , Yusei is clearly far away above Yuma ( not difficult tho ). Concerning cards , 5d's ones are more interesting , we saw so many things ( dark synchro , earthbound , meklord etc... ) while Zexal is almost only focused on xyz cards ( which are very interesting too , look at galaxy eyes cards ). Concerning stories , i think they are kinda equal. As i said previously , i prefered the barian war cause more suspens. In 5d's , Yusei never lost a duel ( he should have lost against his first duel against Kalin but his LP never reached 0 ). That's the main thing i don't like in 5d's , no suspens. On each Yusei's duel you already knew who was gonna win at the end ^^ And finally , i would say that 5d's was more emotional. As we can see as Yusei who grew up with almost nothing and reach the top. And alone , i mean with his friends of course , but not with a spirit to help him on each duel. Or with the " death " of certains characters.
  15. true. honestly this brings my mind to the debate of ZeXaL vs 5D's. While ZeXaL's peak have not yet been bested IMO, 5d's was good for most of, if not all the way through. ZeXaL had moments that make 5D's seem lighthearted, but 5d's had a more dark and gloomy feel the whole way through. peaks vs consistancy
  16. the thing with this question, for me, is that both arcs are, with ease, the best of their respective series. and both are extremely good
  17. As much as i enjoyed the dark signer arc in 5d's , i have a preference for the barian arc for many reasons : - barian war was much longer and battles were very nice ( not saying that battles in dark signer arc weren't tho ). - barian characters were more charismatic than dark signers ( i only found Kalin and Carly as a charismatic vilain ) - finally , and this is probably the most important point to me : there was more suspens in barian war duels. For example , every battles in the signer vs dark signer were won by signers all the time , no suspens at all , each signers defeated his dark signer opponent everytime. While in barian war , first barians striked theirs all theirs opponents , i mean once Nash showed up. I absolutely loved the duels Nash-IV and Mizar-Trey/Quinton. And furthermore , they were duels betweens barians themselfs , which was very interesting ( Vector vs Durbe/Merag and Alito/Girag ). This is only my opinion , i know you Wolfox prefered the dark signer arc and it's perfectly normal as it was very nice
  18. 5D's and ZeXaL... two juggernauts in the Yugioh franchise. Both of theme amazing in their own right (though ZeXaL did take a little while to get there). I was thinking the other day "Between the Dark Signer's Arc and the Barian Onslaught arc, which one would be better?" So, Let's find out! Which of these two arcs do you like best? I personally prefer the Dark Signer arc, if anything because Kiryu just steals the show every frame he's animated in this arc. the Fall of the Arcadia Movement, Aki's backstory, Yusei second-guessing himself... it's just that good
  19. Someone managed to find a use for Neos. I can only aplaude
  20. Meh monster reborn is'nt that good. Mind you revivng a monster is always good but it is not broken anymore. Level eater however can be used to linkspam to ridiculous boards.
  21. How do you feel about Monster Reborn getting unbanned but Level Eater getting banned? not sure how much Lv eater did but I guess it was enough?
  22. interest has been peeked. I think I know a few cards that might sufice
  23. I’m in. But i’m currently not at home , i will return soon. Also , let me time to understand the game
  24. We all know the anime trope: no card is useless. The player gets the card one way or another and gets mocked for playing such a weak card. He then proceeds to kick ass with that card. So what if you are the protaginist? How would you kick ass with said card? The more anime-ish the better. So the rules: - The antagonist can select a card. - The protagonists can each come up with a few scenarios (max 3) which use the card each in a different post (hopefully the mods will accept the double posting). - People (antgonist,protagonist or spectator) can like the post, this means that they approve of this scenario. - The first post that gets enough likes (let's test with 3), becomes an antognist and can select a new card. - If after 2 days the designated amount of likes is not acumulated by anyone the post with the most likes wins. - In case of contention the earlier post wins. I'm willing to try this out. So who's game? I'll start with a simple one. Buten:

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