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  1. What point are you at in game? If you're past chapter 1 I don't think he's available. Though, feel free to double-check.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll try that out!
  3. Recently, I've been struggling to find a good team for Shelly, since the only member that seems efficient so far is Luxray, any suggestions? Btw, my current team is Luxray(M) Lvl 31 Roar Swagger Spark Bite Pachirisu(M) Lvl 33 Spark Bide Quick Attack Thunder Wave Ursaring(F) Lvl 33 Slash Cut Feint Attack Rock Smash Slugma(M) Lvl 32 Ancient Power Flame Burst Incinerate Rock Slide Growlithe(F) Lvl 32 Flame Burst Agility Retaliate Morning Sun Servine(M) Lvl 31 Mega Drain Leech Seed Slam Leaf Tornado
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