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  1. jbastian1

    Rounding out my team for Agate Circus

    Baneful Bunker is amazing. Also, I cannot tell you the amount of times Haze has nerfed all the buffs ive made so it is certainly a good mon. That being said, I rarely encountered myself losing due to the opponent buffing, so it might not be worth it. Cant hurt to have it though and you can always re-learn it if you think you need it for a specific fight.
  2. jbastian1

    Good place to train after City Restoration?

    Also the desert works well, Or the Once Upon a Somewhere (i think thats what it is called) before Titania's Gym. You can usually find a good mix of 60s through 90 there!
  3. jbastian1

    Favorite pokemon team, thoughts?

    Hey! So I love the team, glad to see you are putting that Naganadel to good use! I certainly think your team is solid! The only thing that slightly concerns me with the team is the doubling up on bug type between Heracross and Scizor. Both are amazing mons, but too much of one type can make things challenging. Then again, this is reborn, and sometimes you need to have a couple of the same type to take on an enemy lol I definitely think the steel type is kind of necessary for this game too.. Personally, I've been using my Magnezone since it was a wee Magnemite from Shades gym. Magnezone is a tank and with Study is perfect for getting that paralysis, lowering spc defense with metal sound, or tanking a hit and using magnet rise then healing up to sweep against anything that would use earthquake. Overall has been a literal beast on my team. That being said, you do you dude. You mentioned Aegislash too though and let me tell ya that thing is an absolute monster! You can swords dance and then shadow sneak for that priority move if that is something you like about Scizors Bullet punch. Plus that knights shield move is such a nerf to the enemy. I certainly think one would add to your team immensely and provide a bit more coverage for you when needed!
  4. jbastian1

    Rate and tips

    OH another very good fighting type is Scrafty, the Dark/Fighting Type. It gets access to great moves like High Jump Kick and can have the moxie ability to boost its attack each time you defeat a pokemon with it. In addition, if you want to take the time to breed it, you can get that thing with Drain Punch and even Dragon Dance!
  5. jbastian1

    Game Lag

    So I updated my computer again (Had to revert back to before I updated and install a more recent update) and the game is much better. It is not as fast, but certainly playable again. Only noticeable difference now is that when health is being lowered in battles, it is done at a normal rate, not too slow and not too fast, even when i've alt-boosted the speed.
  6. jbastian1

    Rate my team

    Ohhh I forgot that was the event Dratini. You could go for a Aqua Jet then for the priority move if you care that much. Also, Fire Punch could be useful for taking out Ice Types that could give it issues OR Steel Wing for Handling Fairies. Up to you! Also, I dont have spare Dratini's as I have yet to go catch one, but it sounds like the N1Dude has ya covered!
  7. jbastian1

    Rate my team

    I usually go for: Dragon Dance Dragon Claw (In case the opponent has fairies, you dont get locked into using Outrage again, which would cause your confusion and free attacks against you) Fly Extreme Speed (Priority move just incase you worry about the opponent having a priority attack against you You can always give your tank some leftovers so it will continue to heal, or sitrus berries if you have a common amount of them!
  8. jbastian1

    Rate and tips

    The movesets are alright, the only thing that stands out though is that you have no buff/debuff moves which can be critical for this game. For example, Metal Sound, which can be learned by Magnezone, harshly decreases the special defense of a pokemon making it much much easier to kill. Or Dragon Dance buffs attack and speed by one full stage making it much more of a threat on the battlefield. Things like that can be game changing. Even something as little as smokescreen can really mess up the enemies you'll face. That being said, the attacking moves you have for the most part seem alright. Magnet Rise is also good for Magnezone so you can avoid Earthquakes, but its not necessary. On your Heatmor, you probably dont need ALL those fire moves. Having one or two is fine, but you're limiting yourself with moves that he could learn to be more devastating to other opponents. One example of this is the move Stockpile that it can learn. This buffs all of its defenses. You could make your Heatmor incredibly hard to kill by stockpiling to make him a wall. Also, look at Swalot. It can learn some other types of moves, like body slam that can paralyze the target, but you have it pretty limited to only poison type moves. Feraligatr also should probably have an Ice Punch. It really helps deal with dragons, ground, flying, and grass types. Maybe in place of Hydro Pump as surf is also a practical move. When it comes to abilities, I'll break it down. Swalot is best to use either Sticky Hold or Gluttony Feraligatr should really be used with Sheer Force. It gets rid of added effects to the opponent, so no flinching etc. , but it increases the overall damage of the moves. Swoobat is best with Simple, as you can buff yourself for twice as much per move with that ability. The others are good. Lucario would be good, but you would be doubling up on steel type with your magnezone. Superpower is a great move on Ferligatr but at the same time it weakens it pretty brutally. Hawlucha is great too but then youd have multiple flying pokemon. You could always go for Machamp too if youre skeptical of Heracross, but let me tell you that Heracross is a force to be reckoned with.
  9. jbastian1

    Game Lag

    I think it is a Windows update as well because weather never affected my game before. I play it without anything else running too. Even in the area that used to lag like crazy back when I had a different laptop never lagged before until now. I just updated my computer again and hopefully it will fix it.
  10. jbastian1

    Game Lag

    Update: I deleted Rejuvenation off of my computer hoping that would help, but it did not.
  11. jbastian1

    Game Lag

    Hey Everyone, So I played through most of Episode 18. I haven't really bothered going against Hardy yet. I downloaded Pokemon Rejuvenation to play while I wait for the Episode 19. I went back to play Reborn again though and noticed the game lagging moreso than it ever has. So much so that when I alt to speed things up, it has been making the game run slower... I don't know where this came from and its extremely frustrating. Please help!
  12. jbastian1

    Please help with my team

    So Honchkrow with Superluck can be fantastic. You’ll get hella-crits. Plus the psychic immunity is nice to have and it can put a hurting on a couple of the upcoming gyms. I honestly would avoid utilizing Ribombee, it’s decent mid game, but once you reach agate circus it’s shelf life is over and it’s not really worth anything. If you’re looking for a steel type, Alolan Sandslash is pretty OP. With the right ability, after you pull off Hail, you will outspeed pretty much anything-even if they’ve buffed their speed. He also gets access to good steel and ice moves making him very versatile. Plus he will wreck a good amount of the upcoming leaders that you’ll face with the right move set. I agree that Dragalge can be a great Pokémon, but it’s very slow, perhaps consider a part member with Trick Room to offset this? Zebstrika is also pretty great given its high speed which makes it great for taking on Ciel and her flying gym, as well as Amaria and her water gym.
  13. jbastian1

    Rate and tips

    I’m not really understanding the use of Simisear. It’s honestly just not that great of a Pokémon beyond the first gym or so. Couple that with the fact that it has the move acrobatics, but it’s holding an item... It just doesn’t make sense to me to put time and effort into training that. Heatmore is great, so I’d stick to just him. I also noticed there are some types that are beneficial to have on the team that you’re lacking in. Fighting type, for example, is a very useful type to have in this game and comes in handy immensely against Titania and Hardy. Maybe look into some decent fighting type Pokémon? Off the top of my head, Regenerator Meinsheo is pretty amazing. Also Heracross is fantastic with Moxie! It would also provide you with something to take on Dark Pokémon with more ease as you don’t really have anything for that at the moment.
  14. jbastian1

    Rejuvenation Mono-Flying Run

    I have Charmander, but once I caught Fletchling, Talonflame will probably be the go to for fire type. I’m not a huge fan of using starter Pokémon in my main teams if I can avoid it.
  15. jbastian1

    Rounding out my team for Agate Circus

    Well you don’t really have anything with Flying moves, which can honestly sweep Samson (the fighting gym leader of Agate Circus). I’d recommend maybe getting a Vivillon? Vivillon can be terrifyingly powerful with the right move set. With the compound eyes ability and a wide lens she never misses a hurricane. Start off by sleep powdering the opponent, quiver dance a couple times and use hurricane to completely sweep teams. You can also use bug buzz to deal with pesky Psychic and Dark types from Radomas and Luna. When it comes to Silvally I’m not the best to recommend as I’ve never really used it before. Another Pokémon I’d recommend is Magnezone. You can pick up magnemite from Shades Gym and if you have the Yureyu Key (you may have to wait til after agate for that I don’t remember for sure, but either way Magneton is still great) you can evolve magneton in the locked room in the gym. Magneton is great for the dealing with Ciel and her flying type Pokémon. Also his sturdy ability is great for getting off revives, metal sound for added weaknesses, or anything you think may be beneficial. Lastly, aside from Flygon (if it uses dragon dance) your team doesn’t appear to be the quickest. It might be worth looking into Solrock/Lunatone as a Trick Room setter (or another Pokémon that can use it) so that way you can move first against the many speedy Pokémon you’ll be facing.