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  1. So My Awesome Pokemon Adventure will be returning sometime this week or earlier next week (and will be updated throughout the rest of this month until around Christmas) but I thought I'd give a little teaser on what is to be expected of the next episode and have everyone maybe guess what happens.


    I must join a gang in order to get access to 7th Street. I join a gang but 1st must help them take out another gang. The 1st mission goes without a hitch. The 2nd mission also goes almost as easily but when I defeat the leader in battle he retaliates and someone or something defends me but is heavily damaged and will never look the same again. Despite that though, I am given the info about 7th Street and continue towards our quest of rescuing Luna.

    1. J-Awesome_One


      Just a heads up, prob not gonna record the big battle between whoever is the leader of whichever gang because I will no doubt obliterate them. And that's not worth like a minute video.

  2. J-Awesome_One

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Here it is dudes and dudettes!
  3. J-Awesome_One

    Pokémon Floral Tempus - Episode 2.1.3 Released!

    Deff gonna be doing a playthrough of this soon. Looks really interesting.
  4. J-Awesome_One

    Pokemon Full Moon Reaction Run

    Ok... I know this is gonna suck but I thought it would be better that I just say it instead of people waiting for this to come back. Since the last time I did this, I just haven't had the same itch to come back and do this. And trust me I've tried. I've tried multiple times to sit down, screenshot the game, take pics of my face, upload them to imgur and post them here... but I just don't have fun with it anymore. I don't want to feel like I'm letting you guys down but... this won't be returning again. I know some of you were looking forward to this coming back but I just can't force myself to do it if I'm not having fun with it. Maybe someday, I'll be able to get a microphone and at least do commentary on the game as I do a playthrough of it but as far as the reaction run goes, it's just not for me. So I'm sorry but this is being discontinued.