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  1. Kamu

    Dragon scale Please!

    When will you be on next @kai2801
  2. Kamu

    Dragon scale Please!

    I've got one. When are you available? @kai2801 edit: gone to bed but you can always @ me and we can work something up. my timezone is est
  3. Kamu

    Alternate Form Pack v0.3.2 [E18.1]

    The original post says you take suggestions but I just want to go "do you take suggestions?" to be polite so; do you take suggestions? I think giving Typhlosion Earth Power on Level Up would be a nice addition. Maybe even Mud Slap. It's just weird that he learns none naturally when he's now a Ground-type with that branch and has no moves to take advantage of it but suffers all of the weaknesses. Also if we create one of our own would you add it into the mod? I love the idea of adding branching paths to existing Pokémon without removing them as an option and wouldn't mind giving a crack at theorycrafting some variants of 'mons.
  4. Since it persists between saves I would try deleting the reborn folder and just unzipping it again. Maybe a file got messed up while saving/SRing.
  5. Kamu

    Need sentret for pokedex

    :] @peden
  6. Kamu

    Need sentret for pokedex

    Game.rxdata @peden Yeah it gets around timezones and terrible schedules, that's why I usually use it for trades if I ever get the time to browse the forums.
  7. Kamu

    Need sentret for pokedex

    I'm so sorry; I did not expect to be out so long with work and stuff. Could you just send your save file here and I'll do the trade using the shared PC mod and then post your file back? @peden my schedule is extremely volatile.
  8. Kamu

    Need sentret for pokedex

    I won't be able to trade until tomorrow after work at around 10pm EST or so maybe later :c
  9. Kamu

    Need sentret for pokedex

    Still need one?
  10. Matches depend solely on port priority Metagame that can evolve Choose one.
  11. Kamu

    last member of my team

    You get an Emolga for free and can cover both
  12. Thank you for the compliment about my avatar 

  13. Kamu

    Incompatible marshall file

    Have you tried reDLing the game? It says "Script 'Settings'" so maybe it's a script error.
  14. Kamu

    Favorite Season

    I know almost everyone is a fan of summer but I'm the opposite. I like winter and fall a lot more. Snow's beautiful and the cold weather is comforting.
  15. Kamu

    Game freezes at LCCC...

    As long as you go to a save file that was BEFORE you altered any variables it should be fine @Thorny_D