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  1. Happy birthday, Xiri!

    Happy Birthday Xiri you wonderful korean you .
  2. I legitimately thought my screen was acting up when i entered the forums. But nice effect anyway. 

  3. 11 days too late - Appreciation by Ody

    Hi Ody. Im doing fine Ody. You didn't annoy me when you did that, Ody. Haha sorry about that cause i didn't know about the circumstance but i guess its become our own running joke. Take care man :).
  4. Sun and Moon Tier Discussion [WARNING: SPOILERS]

    You have a point, but Comfey who has a better healing move which gains priority (+3) thanks to triage and aromatherapy which definitely helps with status moves would make it a better support mon. Granted ribombee is faster with some good stab offensive moves as well as the capability of having aromatherapy as well, it's bug typing gives it a slight disadvantage comparing it to comfey because of the additional weaknesses which are more apparent in the meta of rock sliding heat waving spammers. While Ribombee may have the advantage in its god tier `124 base speed' its more frail than Comfey comparing its 60/60/70 defences to 51/90/110 defences of Comfey. Comfey also has access to Grassy Terrain which can help to remove the terrain brought by other Tapu's barring Bulu, but most importantly it can remove the annoying psychic terrain of Tapu Lele at will which could be valuable depending on the situation. Fun note - a stupid combo i came across while trying out BSdoubles was running into a comfey with an AV mudsdale..... that mudsdale did not die ....
  5. When you take a walk in the park in the morning and all the old people look at you and say "Whats a youngin doing here at this time of the day?"

  6. exams over

    1. Ironbound


      Same, aren't we both free

  7. I Hate GLOBALIZATION class

    1. HughJ


      Then you'll love trump

    2. Caradius


      i mean i look forward on whats to come when america voted the reality tv star to be president :^)

    3. Cronos5010


      What's a globalization class?

  8. When you find out you do better on an assignment than expected.

  9. Stranger things was fun.

    1. pyrromanis


      "fun"? I would say amazing! The plot, the characters, the 80s style are all increadible!

  10. Yay for shotgun assignment writing :D

  11. My Class found out what is it like to be with 3hr sleep Colin

    1. Sheep


      Being 3 hour sleep Sheep is never fun.

    2. Wendel


      Sounds fun

  12. So got Monster Hunter Generations.... it begins

  13. So playing Final Fantasy Tatics again and just got TG Cid.... GG EVERYTHING

    1. GotWala


      If you have the patience and time to do it, try and playing the "re-balance hack" for FFT. It's such a fun ride, my man, haha.

  14. Pokemon Grand Order :^)

    1. TimTim


      Joke only FGO players know

    2. Sheep



  15. What're YOU listening to~?

    Idk how I got to it but