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Found 5 results

  1. Just popped in my mind: Which member of Team Meteor would you be together? Have fun....
  2. So I was wondering, what could happen if... Elena Molinar (Corey's Wife/ Heather's mom was alive) was survived the attack back then? I would like to see, what kind of impact would had for the story and for her family. Feel free to share your thoughs for that.
  3. basically what the title says I did see a lot of [review] post, and I really hope that's the reason I got no review/critics at all T.T Anyway, all about Years Before, from review/critic/beta-in-search/QA is done here :3 I'm still in self-denial, so don't worry about it guys~
  4. “The sky looks really blue” thinking of such obvious thing, I finally managed to drag my head away from the window, the soft noise of ongoing train on its rail still in my ear. It probably have been around two hour since I board this train from my home region “Ya new or sumthin’ kid?” the man that sit beside me said, looking at me while doing so “calm ya sel’ kid, d’is far from amazin’” now that I’ve look closely, this man seems to be around his twenty, with a tan skin, half-closed eyes and the huge pack that’s the form of his bag. “A Hiker” I think of the obvious answer of the way he dressed before I reply “Really? I never leave Johto before, so this is quite new for me” That answer seems to give the Hiker a good laugh “I see, I see” doing some nodding, he then raise his hand and give me quite a HARD. “Then ya didn’ choose a wron’ one kid! Reborn’s one of de best Region!” flinching a bit at the powerful hit of the Hiker, I tried my best to remain civil and nod at his statement “of course, this is one of the Region that have every Pokemon known, even rare Pokemon that is said to never appear together could be found on this land” The Hiker’s smile become even brighter “Ya right on dat one kid! In fac’, I hav’ sumthing ta show ya!” the big man then start to rummage his bag, which is really messy from the sound of colliding items “Look at dis!” the man then take out a piece of paper, which almost looks useless. Almost is the key word Wonder plaster itself on my face, as what I just see on the piece of paper this man have show me. I quickly snatch the paper to look at it. The paper is nothing but a picture, a picture that shown a small pink being, a small pink being that is known as the one which create what Pokemon is. A picture that shown a Pink Pokemon known as Mew, in a city that is filled with tree “I managed to get a quick snatch of that Pokemon” the man said, this time grinning wide “And which I don’t know where it is now, it is there” this time, he point toward the region ahead of us, the region that I will travel, the region known as Reborn This will be a long journey, and I know, deep inside my mind “I won’t regret this” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First off, hey, nice to meet you all, my (user)name is Twin Judge of Gemini, and welcome to this small topic where I post my small story on. Thank you for wasting your time to read this short and new story I managed to rack my brain to write full of grammatical error as well, and I hope whoever reading this can either give me their support and critic for me to make this story better Moving on, I don't own Pokemon Reborn, Ame own them(I know that everyone know this, but disclaimer is a must), and I thank Dobby for his support. The fact that he is the one that inspire me to write this story is even more, so thank you again Dobby for supporting me and giving me this idea Also, this story take place around decade before Pokemon Reborn start, so Reborn is not as messed up as it is currently, and it will be lighter than the generally dark story of Reborn(until it goes downhill anyway). Some Gym Leader(sadly) need to be an OC, so forgive me from doing this as this is the only road I can go beside ass pulling myself so hard I make something crazy like Noel being the gym leader before he is born For whoever that interested, I am in need of someone to correct my grammar(which is like the worst thing you'll probably ever read, brain bleach yourself if you think your eye's scarred), so please PM me Again, if you were so kind, please give me your review and critic, that will help me out a lot Thank you, Twin Judge of Gemini P.S: this message is almost as long as the fic, great job me :v
  5. #151: Mew ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When Arceus created the world, it is said that the very first Pokemon He created is the Dimensional trio, Palkia, Dialga and Giratina That is both false and true, as while He did created those Pokemon to create the world, the actual first Pokemon He have made is Mew. It is through the note left by the scientist on Pokemon Mansion that we managed to learn that every Pokemon, from a mere Ratata to even the old preserved DNA in the ruin of Him, Arceus, have at least one single DNA identical to that of Mew. Scientist have long tried to create Mew themselves, from extracting the little bit of DNA and mix them together, and even capture Mew by the help of the former Kanto Champion, Giovanni, learning and taking the very Cell of the Ancestor of Pokemon. The first one create the failed experiment known as Ditto, a God and Nothing on its own right, which have reside in this very world, vast of Pokemon and enjoying itself But the latter, have created another Mew, yet so twisted by its own creation, made it into something else. Its name is Mewtwo, and it have learn peace from the help of a young boy with his Pikachu, helped by the Origin of its creation. The very place of Mew is unknown for now, as the very war of both the Original and Copy have split their part Rumors have said that Mew is spotted in the Region I'm currently heading, Reborn ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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