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  1. Move to J21, Stab the Mage (it too tiny for me to see number UwU)
  2. Linshi, the Rotting Protector "Um... Hi! I'm Linshi, but you can call me Li! I like sunshine, flowers and hopping! I hope we get along! ...Oh, and, uh, if you see me looking at you while drooling, it's... probably just your imagination, okay?"
  3. "My destination, is it? In truth, I'm seeking an answer for that myself. Both physically and spiritually." Shiro wondered how much it was safe to tell this stranger. After all, they had only just met, so there was no real reason to tell this woman anything of actual importance. Well, the first half of the question was probably harmless, in any case. "My journey has lasted a considerable amount of time. This year would mark the 5th year since I began my wanderings."
  4. What a strange question. How did anyone end up anywhere? We are all adrift in the sea of destiny... we do naught but follow the tides. The intention of the tides is beyond our understanding. Shiro pondered the question for a while, but decided that this armored woman was probably asking about her physical presence in the village rather than her place in the larger context of the universe. "I was just passing through that hamlet. I've been wandering for... some time now. I feel no particular attachment to this land, but I am not crass enough to stay my blade when innocent lives are in danger."
  5. Class you're promoting to: Sakura (aka Soldier) First class PS: Unrelenting Torrent ( it's on the sheet ) Weapon proficiency choices if applicable: Polearm (C), Lance (D) Preferred stat choices if applicable: Should be Skl and Def from class, Spd from Maturity. Additional 5% growth: Skl, thanks. Optional but helpful is promotion bonuses: HP+2 STR+1 MAG+0 SKL+2 LUK+0 DEF+1 RES+0 SPD+1 CON+3 AID+3 MOV: 5
  6. Shiro's sphere of silence was broken by the shifting sounds of armor moving on armor. Heavy footsteps resounded behind her. She did not stir. She did not move. The person asked her a question. She responded without moving from her spot. "I'm not thinking about anything at all. I'm also thinking of everything at once. Everything expands to nothing. Nothing belies everything. By embracing the void of nothingness, I step closer to complete internal unity." She was a traveller with no destination. She was a walker with no path. The question of where she was headed... Shiro wondered if her newfound conversation partner had an answer for her. It was not chance that had led her here. All was predetermined. All was as destiny dictated. Everything that could happen, had already happened. It was the part of those in the world to carry out the roles their destiny demanded. Shiro wondered how their threads of destiny, her own thread and this person's thread, were interconnected. She continued the conversation with her eyes still closed. "What about yourself? What whim of fate brought you here, to speak to me?"
  7. Shiro sat cross-legged at the bow of the ship, her spear laid across her lap as she slowly breathed in and out, centering herself and clearing her mind. Somehow she had been dragged along on this ship, despite merely wishing to protect those who were in danger. Well, the commander had promised rewards and transport from Opus, so it wouldn't prove much of an impediment to her travels. The problem was, where were her travels taking her? It had been almost three years since she had begun her pointless wandering, moving all across the land in search of... something, She didn't know what. She didn't know why she was searching. She was lost. She wanted to find her way. Her way to where? After they arrived at Opus, where would she go? She didn't know.
  8. Shiro to O14, stab Marine C. IF Marine C is already dead, move to M14 and attack ArchD instead.
  9. "Hm. Aid would certainly be much appreciated, but you seem to have your hands full. Allow us to alleviate some of your burden." Move to M6, skewer the archer.
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