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  1. Kusuke didn't offer much of a response, given that he had been laid out unconscious on the roof from the aftermath of the blast. He hadn't expected Calvera to try and do some sort of beam clash with him inches away from Somatostatin, much less for said clash to result in the sudden, violent explosion that it had. The last thing he remembered was a blinding light followed by the concussive wave that'd knocked him out, and being fairly upset that someone had decided that it was okay to fire gigantic fuck-you beams in his direction without warning. By now, the time manipulator was barely beginning to stir, a pained groan being the extent of his communication skills for the moment. It was probably for the best that he wasn't quite conscious enough to realize that he couldn't see anything whatsoever, despite his eyes beginning to flicker open.
  2. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Deceitful Turnabout [IC]

    "Sounds like a plan to me!" N9, more wind
  3. The Weatherlight

    Lucine, not having anyone particularly available, elects to take a nap. There was no bed available, but the day had been rather exhausting, so she instead cleaned up the magic circle and curled up in that; there was one beneath her bed at home, and she was finally figuring out why. Lucine attempts to upgrade her Restful Repose to be more effective if the user sleeps on or near a magic circle, and then uses it.
  4. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Deceitful Turnabout [IC]

    O11, make it breezy
  5. [IC] ANKL. Part I

    The silver-haired girl shrugged. "It could be worse, I guess. That reminds me, there was a book I was going to lend you once I had a chance to be done with the ridiculousness that was the rest of the students this year. Unfortunately that has lasted until. . . pretty much right now. Don't let me forget to give it to you once we get back." She didn't dread dodgeball as much as Kaede seemed to, but it didn't save her from being absolute garbage at it. She had a throwing arm that was only slightly better than the average toddler's. Arturia wasn't focused on that at the moment, though; she was still trying to come to terms with what she'd seen and heard last night. And wondering if Kallisto had actually heard her experimentally participating in prayer that morning (likely for the first time in years). It wasn't really for anything in particular; she just wanted to see if the goddess could actually hear them.
  6. Kusuke, once he shook the dust off, stood up one more time and attempted to catch himself up to Somatostatin, to buy a little more time. He could feel his stamina flagging already, but he'd somehow made the problem worse; he had to try to make it better, somehow. Kusuke uses a rapid succession of Blinks to catch up to Somatostatin, and then repeatedly attempts to Skip Somatostatin until the others can catch up.
  7. [IC] ANKL. Part I

    "I see. . ." This was a lot to take in. Goddesses are around, apparently, but not aware they're goddesses, except for the one. And she wasn't allowed to tell the others, because it would be too shocking or something. Or, well, couldn't prove herself or something. "This might, uh, be a bit of a weird question, but is there anything I can do to help? I mean, assuming you're not lying to me and actually trying to kill the others or something, but it's probably a bit much to try and make accusations at this point." She was blabbering a bit, and she knew it, but hey, it was a weird situation "The world is pretty screwy, honestly, and if you say you can fix it, then I'd be game."
  8. [IC] ANKL. Part I

    Arturia was quiet for a moment or two. The look of doubt seemed to have met an untimely end, at least. Were her tastes slightly different she probably would have taken a few extra moments to gawk - Katherine (Kallisto?) wasn't an unattractive woman, and she was wearing a ribbon. And a short skirt. ". . . Yeah that's pretty hard to argue with, not going to lie. Pardon me for a moment as I completely reassess my metaphysical belief system." So. The gods were real. She'd just implied that she was unhappy with them, though Kallisto seemed to be ignoring that for the time being. The numerous arguments she'd made founded on the illogic of a divine existence and, well, what a potential divinity would have to be like to create the world as it was were starting to make her feel equal parts embarrassed and deeply concerned. "So, uhm, yeah that's. . . ahem. I'm probably going to trust you on the ghost thing, which um, leaves the question of why the Goddess of Power needs to be protected from anything."
  9. The Weatherlight

    Lucine, after the glow of the ritual faded, was more than a little confused by what was left behind. "Foreigner. . .?" she asked nobody in particular. "What kind of class is that?" The name printed on the card didn't help, either. "And who is Kosi-chan supposed to be?" It didn't match any historical figure she knew of. Some sort of future Japanese Servant? Regardless, the unusual Class Card was probably helpful, so she carefully folded it away with the other spares she was accruing. She stretched a bit, taking a moment to relax before pursuing her next idea.
  10. The Weatherlight

    Lucine, after wandering about and being generally amazed by the Weatherlight and the complex systems it seemed to be made of (and slightly frustrated that she couldn't even begin to parse them,) decided to start setting up so she could do something she was familiar with. After popping her Herakles card out of Opal and tracking down Vitor to badger him for materials and usefulness, she headed back down to the power core room. The man hadn't said anything about potentially harmful energy coming off of the thing, so she figured setting up a circle on it was the best place possible. Infinite energy, right? She carefully set up a general-use magic circle, intended to have the user change up the internal contents depending on the specific process. It went fairly well, Lucine mimicking the one carved underneath her bed at home with advice from Vitor. Almost immediately, she set about preparing her circle for a summoning ritual - they were traveling between worlds, right? So she should probably get something interesting,. Lucine performs a Class Card summoning ritual, with no catalyst beyond their current location between worlds.
  11. [ISG] Darkness Redeemed: Friend of the Court

    Offer to help John-John in return for help out of the wastes.
  12. Fire Emblem On The Forums: Ashes (OOC/Recruitment)

    Hoshiko buys a Steel Longbow
  13. "I'm going to try and fix this one more time. If it doesn't work, we're going to have to. . . try something else." Maybe Lucille could do something? Or Proditor? He wasn't for killing when he didn't have to, much less killing someone (or something) that used to be a teammate. Assuming nobody stops him, Kusuke tries one more time to rewind Soma to before all the shit went down.
  14. Fire Emblem On The Forums: Ashes (IC)

    Hoshiko beamed. She struck a pose with her bow held horizontally above her head, high in the air, almost like it was lifting her up. "Hah! I knew I could inspire you to aid the cause of justice across the land!" She relaxed into a more normal standing position after a moment. "I'm glad to have your help, and the help of the rest of Caelum."