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  1. FEF: The Lost Lands [IC Thread]

    F6 axe mage
  2. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^

  3. FEF: The Lost Lands [IC Thread]

    Hatchet Speardude A
  4. [IC] ANKL. Part I

    Arturia wasn't really certain about the idea of guiding the girl by hand, but she'd already grabbed it and wasn't actually certain she'd continue to follow if she let go. And so, off the two went toward the edge of the crater and hopefully toward camp, with Arturia awkwardly gripping the smaller girl's hand and trying to stay calm. She let out a half-sigh, cutting it off midway as she glanced around; she'd rather not be taken unawares and rely on the mercy of her attacker a second time. "So, uhhh. . . This is the part where I'd try to make small talk to try and make this seem less crazy, if I was actually any good at small talk."
  5. FEF: The Lost Lands [IC Thread]

    "Seems like we've got more to worry about than bandits. Stay behind me, everyone." E6
  6. FEF: The Lost Lands [IC Thread]

    "Ah, that's a shame. You'd think you'd be able to clear a headache up easier than a stab wound." She shrugged, continuing to look around as she followed their commander. Lots of green, and she didn't mean the grass. Though her expression remained cheery, a certain tension showed in her posture, and in the way her hand kept drifting toward her axe or fiddling with her shield. A lot of young soldiers on a supposedly important mission, it made her worry for them. "Apology accepted." At least he wasn't going to try and drive up some kind of rivalry.
  7. FEF: The Lost Lands [IC Thread]

    "Focus? You think I'm not focused?" She scoffed a bit. "This isn't my first mission, son. I can crack a joke without losing track of things." Her tone was, if rather dismissive, not particularly hostile still. "Trust me, I know what happens when you're not paying attention."
  8. FEF: The Lost Lands [IC Thread]

    "Ah, we'll be alright. Just stick behind me and we'll get through whatever and whoever comes at us just fine." Alwine spoke cheerily, seemingly unfazed by the gravity of the others, though truth be told she wasn't sure if she was quite ready for an actual combat yet. She didn't feel particularly affected, but she also knew that she likely was. Still, she had squadmates to protect, and she wasn't about to sit down and neglect that duty. "The real threat's the hangovers you get after you try to find some entertainment; I don't suppose your magic can do anything about that, can it?"
  9. Fire Emblem On Forums: The Lost Lands [OOC/Recruiting]

    I'll take Ice.
  10. [IC] ANKL. Part I

    Whatever expletive Arturia was about to utter was cut off when Lilith seized her throat. Apparently the mix of pleading and fear in her widened eyes had convinced the goddess that she meant no harm, however. She collapsed backward, coughing a bit as she tried to regain her breath. "Kallisto's. . . rancid. . . ugh." Arturia rolled over and pushed herself back to her feet. "No, I'm not. . . no. Sorry." She took a short moment to collect herself and look about a bit, resisting various urges, including but not limited to "cry," "scream at Lilith," and "scream at nothing in particular." Hopefully the dust had settled enough that they could actually navigate back to camp; she didn't have a spectacular sense of direction in the first place, and being knocked out, blasted around, and strangled tended to have a somewhat disorienting effect. "Lilith, we need to get back to camp and talk to, uh, Miss Katherine. I think the girl that attacked us is gone, but it's still not safe out here." Not that she was convinced the camp would be entirely safe either, but it was a better option than languishing in the middle of the devastated forest. Arturia crouched in front of the girl, still transformed, and offered her a hand.
  11. [IC] Neon Exodus Evangelion Act 2 - Crossing

    Kyou stayed largely silent. Now she was being drafted to fight horrible alien monsters in their own homegrown monsters, in order to make sure that humanity itself wasn't extinguished, because they'd somehow managed to pick a planet infested with the things that caused the previous apocalypse. It didn't feel real, but she was terrified regardless, and it showed on her face. It was taking a lot of effort for her not to hyperventilate right there. Did it have to be her? Helping maintain the EVAs would be one thing, she'd be glad to do her part there - but piloting them? And on top of it, she had to lie to her father about what was happening.
  12. [IC] ANKL. Part I

    "Nayru's tits, what happened to you. . . ?" Arturia murmured. She'd thought that most of it was just unfounded rumors; sure, the Laylites were a bit odd, but to her they were just another Line, a Line she might have chosen had the circumstances in her life been different. She shook her head. Can't stop to treat her abuse now. Therapy later, right now I need to get her - and myself - back. Still, if she were the type, she'd have wanted to give Lilith a hug, poor thing. She hesitantly crept closer to Lilith until she was at arm's reach, and then slowly extended a hand, tapping on her shoulder and calling her name again, louder this time. If even that failed to elicit a response, she'd just grab the girl, gently but insistently, and try to pull her along.
  13. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    Idei's arrows were quickly followed up with a lance, as Myrdwyn flew up towards the scavenger with a rather threatening expression. G17, Iron Lance, canto to G16
  14. [IC] BNWL Day 1: Traces of Petrol

    "That thing looks nasty. Here, I've got an idea. . ." "It will fall like any other."