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  1. [IC] Trespassers of the Multiverse: Director's Cut

    A few thoughts flit through Kusuke's mind. The first was to try some sort of grand breaking-up of the fight club, but something tells me that pissing off a roomful of white supremacists was probably a bad plan. Especially with two recognizable capes in the crowd, plus who knew how many lurking. The second. . . Something about signing up for a fight in this place felt off, but what he really wanted to do was beat the shit out of somebody and not feel bad about it. He looked around for any sort of signup location, and slipped toward it, pondering what name he should use along the way.
  2. [IC] Trespassers of the Multiverse: Director's Cut

    Kusuke simply nodded, and walked up to the bouncer, doing his best to imitate the mannerisms of the others going in. He said the password just loud enough for the man to hear, and then proceeded inward - assuming nothing stopped him, of course.
  3. Welcome to the Apocalypse - Director's Cut IC

    Nadine whirled about and, well, ran away with a short scream, trying to get away from the morbidly obese Demi-Servant. "Opal, take over again, please just get us out of here!" Right as she spoke, her mannerisms changed again, going from the somewhat clumsy run of a girl who spent a lot of time sitting around on the internet to a much more efficient-looking quick stride, her eyes scanning the area as she moved. Loadout
  4. Welcome to the Apocalypse - Director's Cut IC

    "Um, I'm Lucine Nadine. Please don't threaten to stab me again." She followed after the man, listening to his explanation on the way. The girl seemed somewhat nervous and hesitant for someone wielding two hand cannons that were nearly the size of her arms. She tried to think of the magical power sources she knew of. He wasn't a mage, and it didn't sound like he always had magic, so he wasn't like her either. Nadine supposed he could have some sort of Mystic Code that either stored power or let him tap leylines directly. Nadine pushed her hair back as she spoke. "I could try to help figure out where his mana is coming from."
  5. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Deceitful Turnabout [IC]

    "I don't want to leave anyone behind if I can help it." E10, attack
  6. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    "You see that!? Who's next!? I've got plenty more for ya!"
  7. Fire Emblem on the Forums: Sea of Crossroads [IC]

    "Bastard! You've got Ecquis in there! Only thing that's gonna save your ass from me is someone else killing it!" With an angry shout, she rushed at the guard once again. Attack
  8. [IC] Neon Exodus Evangelion Act 1 - Promised Land

    Kyou quickly slipped on the clothes she found in the locker; blessedly, the outerwear was a simple t-shirt and jeans. Evidently the staff hadn't had the time or inclination to get cute with her. She pulled them over herself with a clearly hurried manner before quickly walking back out of the locker room. If no one stopped her, her first task would be digging her communicator out of her still-sopping discarded clothing and checking it - unless someone had already taken care of such.
  9. [IC] Trespassers of the Multiverse: Director's Cut

    "I got something entirely different. I'll wait." Kusuke tried to keep out of sight; it wouldn't be good for violent criminals to catch him skulking. Or maybe it would. . . Regardless of how badly he wanted to get into a fight at the moment, he continued to bide his time. If the password kept changing, though, he would just stroll up, offer the password he'd overheard earlier, and force his way in if the guy decided he didn't like it.
  10. Welcome to the Apocalypse - Director's Cut IC

    Lucine was not particularly fond of anything occuring at the moment. While she had experienced summer heat before, it was usually when she had the leisure to prepare for it, and generally a Romanian summer did not compare to an Australian one. This served as a backdrop to the myriad other unpleasantries occuring; namely the sounds of what was apparently a warzone, a man being hooked to some sort of unfortunate fate, and now a person pointing a magical spear at her with a sort of signature she associated with her cards. Lucine froze up, her hands immediately going up. However. . . "Opal!" "Understood," the strange device replied, with an abnormally serious tone. It . . . broke apart, into two almost comically oversized boxy hand cannons, which flew into both of Lucine's hands. Her body glowed for a moment, and she was suddenly in some sort of elaborate dress in a color of a slightly more subdued shade than her hair. "Combat protocols: initialized," the girl said in an eerily robotic-sounding voice as she dropped into a position that, while clearly made for fighting, made it ambiguous as to whether she intended to use the weapons in her hands as guns or clubs. However, as the stranger dismissed his weapons, she immediately pulled back up into a more neutral stance. "Disengaging combat protocols temporarily." She stayed in the outfit, but there was a noticeable shift in her manner back to a more natural one. "Fueh. . . huh? We didn't fight?" She sounded somewhat happy about that prospect, if rather confused, as she glanced around at her surroundings.
  11. Welcome to the Apocalypse - Director's Cut IC

    "Lucine Nadine Einzbern Yggdmillenia." She performed another small faux-curtsy. "I'm from Trifas, in Romania. My dad is German, though." Nadine leaned over slightly, an expression of frustration flickering across her face when she couldn't get a good look at whatever video the hacker had been showing. "Um, the Internet is something that computers use to talk to each other." She pushed her hair back again. "Uh, do you have computers. . .?"
  12. [IC] Trespassers of the Multiverse: Director's Cut

    Kusuke attempts to eavesdrop on whatever exchange he can, getting away with it by jumping slightly backward in time if at all possible. If successful, he'll attempt to get in the same way. If not, he'll just start to barge in as if he belongs there and see what happens. If that goes immediately, horribly south, he'll reset, circle around and try to find a view into the building, and blink in where (hopefully) nobody has a sightline on him.
  13. Welcome to the Apocalypse - Director's Cut IC

    "The Internet, mostly. Sometimes I convinced dad to buy me guns to take apart, too. And I'm not ten, I'm, uh, twelve." Her speech hitched slightly, but noticeably. She'd been told a number of times to tell people she was twelve years old if asked; she was physically and mentally about that age (if a bit odd due to various factors,) but strictly speaking she had only been alive for six. "I don't think your country exists in my world. . . at least, I've never heard of it before. I guess I could look it up later." She patted her jeans, only to realize that she had, in fact, left her cellphone at home. I wasn't going to get reception anyway, was I. . .
  14. [IC] Trespassers of the Multiverse: Director's Cut

    "I see. Perfect." Kusuke started to walk out of the alleyway, then stopped. "I don't suppose you can point me in the right direction? I can do a lot of things, but the whole 'sensing' thing isn't one of them. At least. . . nevermind." His head still hurt, and he wasn't sure why. He had a theory, but he had no idea of whether it was true or not, or how to broach the topic with someone else without sounding like a complete lunatic. He wasn't sure if being from an entirely different world would make it sound better or worse. . .
  15. Welcome to the Apocalypse - Director's Cut IC

    "Oh." She almost sounded. . . disappointed. "Is there a reason you haven't adopted something like the FN MAG? It has three hundred more yards of effective range when tripod mounted and fires the same caliber of rounds with probably better accuracy. Plus it'd be easier to service, since I've never heard of a Sorraia, so I doubt you'd be able to find parts for it easily. . ." She did notice the man's seeming confusion at her interest, but this didn't serve to slow her down.