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  1. King Murdoc

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Ballroom (Travel Phase)

    "If you're positive it would not harm the sheath itself, then I see no harm in trying." She doubted, from what she knew of the snake woman's odd sort of magic, that it would do so, but she was rather protective of the sheath for obvious reasons. Mistakes and flukes happened every day, and it would weigh on her deeply if one of the souls within was harmed further by the process - nevermind the implications it had for her own survival.
  2. King Murdoc

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Ballroom (Travel Phase)

    Mitsurugi glanced between Dackly, the gun, and the pot dubiously. "You're positive this one won't come to life as well?" It was true that a powerful weapon would serve her well against similar foes, though with Gensokyo coming up in her thoughts in the way it had, she was reluctant to stop the usage of her current weapon. At the same time, further use would only continue to wear at the weapon. . . And dithering would serve no purpose. She didn't even know if a viable replacement was available yet.
  3. King Murdoc

    FE on the Forums: Scarlet Crown [IC]

    "By not getting killed for not paying attention." She didn't exactly mind the praise, and her tone had a fair bit less bite to it than normal. . . but she was still hurting from magic that'd struck her earlier and simple exhaustion.
  4. King Murdoc

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Ballroom (Travel Phase)

    The laughter seemed to have summoned an actual god, as Mitsurugi came into view around a corner. "Dare I ask what, exactly, you've done over here?" Generally, a mortal claiming godly power in such a fashion was followed up with actions necessitating a good smiting by proper godly powers, or at the very least ones that would sorely tempt an individual with the ability. The person doing the claiming was one known for her rather. . . unorthodox magics, as well, which made the goddess doubly worried about what was going on.
  5. King Murdoc

    [IC] TotMV:G2: Throne Hall (Travel Phase)

    "Defend?" Mitsurugi was about to continue a response when she heard a vaguely familiar voice shouting from somewhere else in the castle. Something about godly power? If they needed that, there were at least two people they could just ask. . . And, if she was placing the voice correctly, this was probably going to result in a mess that needed cleaning up sooner rather than later. She suppressed a sigh - at least it was a distraction from this continued talk of home. "That shouting bears investigation, if you'll excuse me for a moment." Mitsurugi heads to the Ballroom.
  6. King Murdoc

    GoGo's Strange Journey Part 1: We're going to be friends

    Tarja watched the bolt fly through the air with more fascination than anything else, stepping sideways lightly as it whizzed past. "Are these the monster things people mentioned earlier? I was expecting something bigger." As she finished turning to face them, light crackled in one hand. "Besides, if they really wanted to hit something, why not just do this?" She gestured at the skeletal creature with her glowing hand. Sacred Flame on Black Skull Soldier 1.
  7. King Murdoc

    [IC] TotM:DC "Terraria: A fresh start"

    Recall Satomi, then attack the Siege Ogre twice.
  8. King Murdoc

    FE on the Forums: Scarlet Crown [IC]

    Rhian stalked forward, already drawing her bow as she moved. She didn't bother being subtle with her movement, because what was about to happen was a foregone conclusion. The mage, hearing the knight's approach, readied a spell, beginning to glow with arcane power - only for Rhian's bow to suddenly snap into position and let fly another arrow. The projectile struck the man in the chest, burying itself deep into his heart and lifting him off his feet. He flew backward until he collided with a tree, the arrow pinning him to it where he struck as he slumped over. "Anyone else wanna give me a try?"
  9. King Murdoc

    Fire Emblem On Forums: Mortal Transgressions (OOC)

    "♪Wherever I go, you'll be with me, my first thought and my last. . . ♪"
  10. King Murdoc

    FE on the Forums: Scarlet Crown [IC]

    K9 shoot
  11. King Murdoc

    [IC] TotMV:G2: Throne Hall (Travel Phase)

    Mitsurugi... well, the expression was only faintly displeased, but it was the closest the goddess had ever come to making a face. "If you knew the denizens of the moon, you would instead be wondering why such invasions do not happen more often." She glanced in the direction of Iowa. Was carrying a dictionary with oneself a common practice? "I do not believe the outside world has successfully colonized the moon, however; else they would have made even more of a nuisance of themselves." Mitsurugi had to stop herself from sighing. Complaining about the Lunarians was a common pastime, and perfectly valid as a distraction, but all this discussion of Gensokyo was making her feel so many complicated things. Her gaze wasn't quite focused on Iowa, as she drifted off into her thoughts.
  12. King Murdoc

    [IC] Trespassers DC: Tribal Times (Forgotten Realms Hunt)

    Lucine waved at the stranger hesitantly, not entirely certain how to respond. He was around her age, but, well, also an evil cultist of some variety. Were they really taking him with? "We should probably tell the villagers the cultists are gone, too." She wasn't going to voice her opinion of the boy quite yet; who knows, maybe they could actually get along?
  13. King Murdoc

    [IC] TotMV:G2: Throne Hall (Travel Phase)

    Mitsurugi's nose crinkled slightly at the odor. Western alcohol, much coarser stuff than sake, and this seemed to be coarse by even those standards. Still, it would be rude to refuse the drink. . . and, if she was being honest with herself, it would provide a welcome distraction from the tengu's line of questioning, and Empi's rather humiliating statements to her "benefit." She gave a slight bow of thanks to Iowa, then took the flask, somewhat regretting not having a dish or anything similar. She took a slight sip of the liquor, and judging by the sensation of the stuff on the tongue, decided it was of a variety best not tasted at all as it went down. "I must admit to being more familiar with a duller sort of fairy. Though it seems that even many of the more intelligent ones are less tactful than they might think."
  14. King Murdoc

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Suites (Travel Phase)

    Hiroki made a face at the suggestion. Maybe the snake tongue should have tipped her off about the man eating rats. . . "There's a kitchen in all, um, the living sections. The one here was probably for, um, cooking food for room service, um, or something." She also wasn't really sure what the value of cooking an apple was by itself. Was she responsible for watching this guy to make sure he didn't set anything on fire? He didn't seem particularly responsible himself, and apparently thought that random fruit needed to be cooked to be eaten. . .
  15. King Murdoc

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Suites (Travel Phase)

    "Each section has, um, its own section. The only wood you, um, will find is rotten beds." That was. . . she wouldn't say asinine out loud, yet, but it was highly questionable to just start a fire in an enclosed room rather than finding the kitchen a few doors down. She took the orange and peeled back a section slightly, nibbling it. Fresh fruit wasn't terribly common where she was from, either, with the main source of food being Gluttony and its icy farms. Not that she'd never encountered it; at the very least, the gods spent plenty of money on catering. "What do, um, you have to cook, anyway?"